Written by upforitintheday

28 Feb 2007

isnt it exciting when....you know she likes you, she knows you like her, n your looking at each other all night? mm, well, im at a conference n having dinner, these signals have been going on all night, im merry, few pints n wines etc, we have a little dance n shes touching me, dirty bitch im thinking, dirty (love to fuck her) bitch, lol, we sit back down n shes touching me under the table, (shes my bosses p.a)how god damn dreamy is that? espec as my boss fancies the knickers off her, im really hard now, i can feel the pre cum, i stroke her thighs, n oh godd ammit....sussies, just love em, im thinking "she is so gonna get it" but cant believe my luck, couple of hours later sense is kicking in,,....dont do it steve, so i chat to my mates, go to bed after a few more me thinks, n make my way to the lift....just like out of a film the shutters start to shut, she gets in, within seconds we both know it...tongue down the throat n im inside her, yes still in the lift, its over in seconds, we retire to my room n have non stop touching, stroking, everything sex, the funny part wos breakfast sat opposite the boss "good night?" he says, n im so sore i blurt out yyyes, lol,