Written by unknown

20 Feb 2009

it started a few months ago i am in the airforce and we bought ourselves a web cam my wife was never into computers but i can be away up to 6 months at a time so we bought one so we could keep close contact and as usual for our pleasure , kate learnt how to use it ( the cam ) and we have had many many good nights playing online together.

about 3 weeks ago i was home on leave & was going through the mail etc on the pc and found a load of different mailing addresses i did'nt know, as i rad through them straight away i knew something was going on as kate didn't know how to delete her past pc history as i read them i started to get aroused at some of the things suggested and obviously things that had already gone on.

i was out with mates one night and came home early to find the office lamp on as i approached the door i could hear kate moaning and a dull buzzing noise as i looked through the gap in the door there she was dressing gown wide open friggging herself and playing with her tits then a voice saying put the vibe in again as she did throwing her head back i knew she was doing this for someone on line i was fucking horny as hell as i flung the door open she clicked the pc off and said what are you doing back early with a sheepish look on her face i walked straight over and stuck two fingers into he gaping wet gash and said who were you wanking to online she said just a stranger there was nothing in it and started to cry i said kate it's fine and told her how turned on i was, she said after doing it with me she noticed chat lines and started to chat with girls and guys one night she got talking to a guy who had a web cam and started to chat and look at one another after an hour or so he started to give her the come on and she started to get aroused he then showed her his cock and asked to see her tits after a while she gave in and got them out she said she was fingering herself knowing & seeing this starnger wanking himself off over her and thats how it started and she's been doing it ever since with different guy's and regulars but she said she has never met anyone.

so now i sit there watching her with these guys of all ages telling her what they want her to do ( i'm out of sight obviously ) watching them shooting there load over the web cam etc i've told her to arrange a meeting for my next leave so we can try it for real. i'll let you know how it goes.