Written by torbaytigger

20 Dec 2006

I am a professional masseur with 11 years experience in massage and complementary therapies. I have to be very careful when a client comes for a massage as one misunderstanding can cost me my job and my business. Most of the time I do other therapies, when I am asked to do a massage I enjoy it as it relaxes me as well as the client.

A few months ago, a client who comes for other therapies asked if she could have a massage I said yes, she came back. I had the room ready, gentle music, candles etc. a good massage takes at least one and a half hours.

I always tell people that they are in charge, if I massage somewhere they don't want me to, tell me or move my hand, the same if I miss somewhere that they do want me to massage. They start off face down with a towel over their bottoms and I start from the feet.

I started as usual with the feet, worked my way up the legs, and then started to massage her bottom. This is usual as the bottom contains some major muscles and to miss it out would not be very good. As I massaged her bottom she pushed her hips up toward me, I thought this strange but still carried on. She then started to moan gently. I have to control my sexual feelings a lot and usually can lock them tightly away but, this was beginning to affect me. I let the towel fall to the floor, not unusual most ladies push the towel off anyway. She was still moaning and writhing, when I looked between her legs the paper on the couch was starting to get wet, as she was so damp!

I massaged her inner thigh and this made things worse so I carried on up her back, shoulders and neck to try to let things cool down. She then turned over, I massaged her arms, shoulders and then across her chest. I massaged her breasts, again many women like this to be done but if I drew conclusions from this, I would be in trouble!

I worked my way across her tummy, then her upper legs, she started to moan and push her hips up toward me. I can't help it I am a weak male and am defenceless when it comes to such an obvious situation. I massaged her inner thighs and proceeded upward. I asked her if she was ok and she said 'fine, don't stop!' She came with a gasp and again, I then massaged her with my tongue! And she came several more times.

After we had finished we discussed it, she said she didn't have a full time partner and did not want one at the moment. She trusted me and she was very happy and pleased with the situation. She has since been back about once a month, I can't charge her, how can I, I enjoy myself as well?! I still have to be very careful about other women that I massage.

I joined this website because I thought that other ladies may enjoy a similar experience, enjoyment with no strings attached. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Why not contact me, I would like to receive sexy e-mails, we can swap photos if you like. See you soon xx