Written by ecosse1909

12 Feb 2006

My girlfriend and I were on the way to see a film, except on this occasion there was no plan on actually going to watch what was being shown. We went into the building and opted to see a late night showing of a not so popular film knowing fine well that the theatre would be virtually empty.

After purchasing the tickets and a bag of popcorn for effect we headed to the screening entering the dark arena that was showing the pre-film trailers so wasn't in complete darkness as yet. We chose a strategically placed spot in the very back row right in the corner which only had a few seats meaning that no one would have been likely to sit next to us even though at this point the cinema was empty.

The film trailers drew to a close, the lights dimmed and a few more people came entered choosing to sit near the front well out of our way. My girlfriend was working her way slowly through the popcorn when she deliberately spilled a few pieces onto my lap. She picked a few pieces up with her fingers slowly placing them between her lips and into her mouth whilst directing her eyes towards me using a very seductive stare. Edging herself out of her seat she crouched in front of me leaning forward to take another piece with her fingers whilst again gazing into my eyes. A couple of bits retained themselves near my crotch and she didn't hesitate in moving herself further forward to pick the first up with her mouth before lapping her tongue towards the second teasing my ever increasing bulge beneath my jeans. She continued to run her tongue over the surface of my jeans until I was ready to burst through them and it wasn't long before she unbuttoned the fly letting my now erect cock spring free.

She was now sucking and lapping the length of my shaft whilst continuing to look deeply towards me in a way that teased me even more. The motions between her strokes were quickening releasing some sticky juices from me and I was just gagging for more. Her other hand was now well placed between her legs, beneath her skirt, as she continued to crouch preparing herself for what she was going to do next.

With the film now in full flow and the audio level now significant she stood up positioning herself in front of me whilst running her hands over the now visibly wet pussy. She wore a black knee length skirt that she had now taken up above her hips to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath but some very sexy black stockings that were attached to a lacy black suspender belt. With one hand stimulating her pussy the other ran itself over her ripening tits that were exposed from her low cut top that had slipped from the crests of her shoulders. Her eyes closed and the top level of her teeth softly clenched her bottom lip as the pleasure grew within her.

I was now rock hard and she turned to face the screen retaining her skirt at her waist level and slowly lowered herself towards by lap with one hand taking the shaft of my cock brushing it against the lips of her pussy. I could feel how wet she was and writhed in pleasure at the site of her gorgeous round bum while she teased the head of my cock against her clit.

Slowly she took me within her warm pussy adjusting her hips the deeper I penetrated and began to slide up and down my now throbbing shaft. We were both immensely turned on by the situation we found ourselves in and we both struggled to keep our moans of pleasure beneath the sound of the film which was unravelling in front of us. My hands were alternating between caressed her very full tits, following the lines of her hips and working the juices over her clitoris. The movement of her pelvis and hips gathered pace and variation as she worked me inside her and I could feel that it wasn't long before I wouldn't be able to take any more.

With one hand stimulating her clit, the other over her tits and also running between her supple lips giving her a taste of her own juices, our movements grew so intense that I released myself deeply within her - luckily at a time of intense film action as we let out gasps of ecstasy. She rose from my shaft withdrawing my cock and let the juices drain from her pussy taking my cum on her fingers and licking them clean.

She drew the skirt over her bum and down her legs and I tidied myself up before exiting the cinema with no one seemingly any the wiser of what we had just been up to!