Written by v1kk1

11 Oct 2005

::I often have to walk home at the end of a long day at work. So when my friendly neighbour

offers to give me a lift i cant refuse. This has been happening for several months now and

during the summer, it wasnt the weather that was just getting hot and sticky.

One sultry sticky evening, I was walking home, when my friendly neighbour pulled up besides

me and offered me a lift. He was only wearing a pair of surfer shorts due to the hot weather,

my temperature rose instantly. This fit young man was a sight for soar eyes. I was skimply

clad and caught him staring at my arse as my dress rode up, getting into his van. Thankfully

id got a decent pair of pink thongs, so he got a right eye full. Our eyes lingered on each other,

before he pulled away.

Half way home, he remembered he had to pick up a parcel, would i mind taking a slight

detour. No, i replied, I've got all night!! We finally arrived at our designation in the middle of

now where, a large farmhouse at the end of an never ending drive. The parcel was outside the

front door but no one was around. The countryside was beautiful, i wanted to explore. I

shyly asked if he could show me around, he gladly obliged.

The weather was still sticky with no breeze, so when we approached the lake, it was heaven,

i immediately started to paddle to cool down. We carried on chatting, but i was feeling very

devilish and started to splash. The first splash landed right on his crouch and instantly soaked

his cock, which was starting to bulge under his shorts. His next splash instantly soaked the

top of my dress, allowing my nipples to protrude through the material. Our eyes met again,

before i went for the big one to soak him totally. Before i knew it, i was completely drenched

and my dress was invisible. I had fallen over and as he helped me up, my nipple brushed

against his arm, i casually touched his bulge and started to gently stroke it. No words were

mentioned, as we kissed very passionately standing in the water, touching and feeling each

others bodies.

We moved to the waters edge and took off each others clothes, he started to kiss and suck my

very erect nipples and i gently started to massage his dripping cock. His hand reached down

between my legs. I was soaking and not from the water. He fingered my warm wet fanny

and after a short while, I had to kneel down and tongue his hard dripping cock, taking it to

the back of my throat letting his juices fill my mouth. I couldnt wait any longer, i lay him

down and sat on his cock, taking him full into me. He completely filled me. As i rode him, he

massaged my tits, twanging my nipples, making them harder and harder. He fingered my arse,

probing my hole, slipping his finger in and out of it, urging me ride him deeper and faster.

Before long all that could be heard were our groans as we both cum in a constant wave of hot


After our liaison, we both went for a long nude swim, before finally retrieving the parcel and

going home, to our respective partners. I wonder what the lake is like in the winter?!!