Written by john001

9 Jul 2007

This is a follow up to my last photo shoot experience and is something completely different.

Four weeks ago I photographed 2 very close friends at their wedding, it was a very upmarket event and took place in a private hotel which catered for their every need.

The wedding went well and so did the function afterwards that was until we went to the indoor pool and jacuzzi. There were the bride and groom,best man and 3 bridesmaids. They had arranged with the hotel for private use of the pool and jacuzzi and were given the keys.

After the party the bride and groom started to get a bit frisky and invited the others to the pool. They came and found me and said would I do some extra photos to which I replied 'no problem'

As we got to the pool the groom was busily geeting the bride out of her wedding dress and she stood there in stocking,suspenders g string panties and bra. He started to kiss her deeply and she started to rub him over his trousers and got the obvious reaction,at which point she nodded to one of the bridesmaids to join her and they both started on Bob. They unzipped him and out sprung the largest cock I've seen,some 9 inches long and thick with it,Sally the bride when down onto her knees and slowly took the head into her mouth Emma the bridesmaid gasped and just stared but then cupped his balls and started to lick them they were both going strong and I looked round and saw that the other 2 bridesmaids,Jo and Julie were looking on and giggling but then Ian the best man went over to them and grabbed their breasts and they turned on him and pushed him into the pool. Quickly they stripped off and jumped in as well. Ian got out looking very surprised and the girls waved at him and said 'come and get your reward' they kissed each other deeply. Ian stripped off and went back into the pool the girls were now stroking each other with passion.

Sally looked over at me 'Oi you're supposed to be doing some photos' and laughed. So that's exactly what I did.

Emma was now deep throating Bob as best she could and Sally was now behind Emma with her fingers sunk deep inside Emmas very wet pussy. Emma was struggling to breathe both with the size of Bobs cock and Sallys expertise on her pussy she started to gasp 'I'm going to come' and she pushed her self back onto Sallys fingers when at the same time Sally sunk her thumb deep into Emma's ass. God did she scream as she came and she collapsed onto the floor and said 'I need some cock NOW' 'Ian out you come pleaaaase' said Sally 'and help out Emma'

Emma went onto her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air and pulled her cheeks apart openly showing her very wet pussy. Ian duly obliged and put his cock at her pussy lips and thrust in,in one hard shove that made Emma gasp. Sally went to the front of Emma, lay down on her back opened her legs and pulled Emmas mouth down onto her pussy lips.She took to it like a duck to water (not the first time I suspect) as within a couple of minutes Sally was also gasping that she was coming. Not to be forgotten Jo and Julie were also now out of the pool and were busily stroking Bob and each other. Jo said 'I could never take that it's just too big' and Julie went down on Jo and was biting and sucking her and after a few minutes said, 'That should do' Bob smiled and turned Jo over and spread her legs wide and put his enormous cock at the entrance to her pussy, her eyes glazed and she nodded and pushed upwards and started to ease the cock in Julie went behind Bob and played with his ass and balls and then suddenly pushed down on Bob with all her might and he sunk his full length into Jo who wimpered 'No No No' but then as Bob rode her slowly she started to get into his rhythm, her legs were splayed out as wide as they could to allow the deepest access.Julie stood up and went to Jo and smiled and said 'Liar liar pussys on fire!!!' you can return the favour get me wet I want some of that cock as well' Jo did as she was asked and they swapped places and Bob sank his enormous cock to the hilt in Julie. The 2 girls had the biggest smiles on their faces I didn't have to ask them to smile once!!

Sally then stood up and said 'Ok everyone it's my wedding night and now it's my turn with the boys'

Sally put Ian on the floor and mounted him, Bob knew exactly what she wanted and went behind her and got Julie to really wet his cock with her juices and spit and she said 'You're not are you?' Just watch and enjoy' he eased his cock into her puckered ass very slowly letting her take her time getting used to it but again it was obviously not the first time he had plundered her ass. 'Now' Sally said and Bob sank his full length into her ass Ian was still keeping up his end. 'Make sure you get these photos this is the first time I've been DP'd and come here for your reward' She unzipped me and took out my straining cock and sucked on it for all she was worth. She was panting too hard and she was building up to an enormous orgasm so Jo and Julie took over and sucked me off to completion and shared my juices and then shared them with each other.

A few seconds later Sally screamed 'Oh my god I'm coming in both holes' the boys speeded up and were now pounding her pussy and ass and we all watched and Sally screamed and came as the boys pumped their loads into her.

They all got up and Sally said 'That's the first time I've had two reals cocks together like that I usually have to have a vibrator in one hole! but boy oh boy it won't be the last will it!!!

It was getting late now and they all were going up to their rooms

shamed they all had to get dressed but they couldn't walk through the hotel like that.

I wasn't stopping so had the long drive home but I still had a smile on my face as well!! and still had after the photos were ready. 2 albums,one they just couldn't show the family!!!!