Written by v1kk1

2 Jan 2006

We always hate supermarket shopping, me more than most, but one highlight of

late, has been a 20 something, gorgeous 6ft4, solidly built, dark brown spiked

hair, cheeky smiling and brooding guy in the fruit and veg section of the local

Tescos. I don't really eat fruit or veg, so something must have been drawing me

to this section on a regular basis and sure enough, it was a shelf stacker called

Rick. The first week, i started to chat to him, i just blushed at the size of his

cucumbers: next time i needed help with a choice of melons, another time the

question was 'what was the best way to eat strawberries'. On each visit to the

supermarket, it was taking longer and longer to get the shopping done.

Graham was puzzled at our sudden overwhelming fruit bowls and veggie dishes,

so decided to help me on our next weekly shop. He soon realised the reason for

my sudden interest in natural foods. He was very pleased i was buying plenty of

the fresh stuff. He jokingly suggested that i wouldnt be able to entice this

young shelf stacker away from his shelves. I stared long and hard at my

husband and realised he had just challenged me and i accepted eagerly..

I set about preparing for my challenge, i completely shaved my pussy and hubby

tested it out before my next journey to supermarket. I dug out of my drawer a

very sexy lacy camisole set, which flattered me tremendously. i covered myself in the new j lo perfume which left me smelling very raunchy. It wasnt my

usual time for shopping so i wasnt too sure my favourite shelf stacker was

working. I looked around the fruit and veg section, but no sign of Rick, I felt

slightly disappointed, until I spotted him, loading bags at one of the checkouts.

I zoomed around the aisles hoping that he would still be there, when i was ready

to go. He spotted me as i approached, gave me a huge sexy smile , I jumped at

his offer to pack my bags and have my shopping carried to my car.

Our conversation started to get fruity from the beginning, we were very

relaxed around each other. Once the shopping was in my car, Rick mentioned

that he was due to finish and was there any chance of a lift home.. I gladly


His house wasnt far away, we chatted and flirted all the way and i wasnt

surprised when i was asked if id like to have a coffee.. I agreed, and instantly

broke out in a sweat. His house was extremely cosy, modern meets traditional.

We had a drink and sat down on his over sized seatee. The temperature was

starting to mount and i was becoming very flushed. He offered to take my coat

and as he did, he caught my breast and his arm lingered.

We carried on chatting as if we were best buddies and again the conversation

got sexy. I was getting very comfortable but realised i should get on with my

challenge, when he must have read my mind, and he lent towards me and gave

me a very deep tongued kiss that went on forever. I certainly didnt want this

feeling to stop, so i returned the kiss when a passion. He was a big bloke, but i

soon found somewhere to put my hands. We kissed for ages. Touching each

others arms, hair, legs, backs. I made the first move and I heard him gasp as i

slid down the zip on his jeans and slipped my hand inside to discover a huge

hard cock. God it was large and wet, he wore no underwear. He removed my

clothes, and slipped my left breast out of my camisole and started to lick and

suck on my nipple, it drove me mental. I continued to massage his cock out of

his trousers and just couldnt believe the size of it.

he moved me down slightly over the edge of the seatee, i spread my legs wide and he

started to rub his dick between my legs, whilst still paying my tits loads of

attention. The feel of his member against my lacy pants was wild. We started

to kiss, we just couldnt leave each others mouths along. As our kissing got more

frantic, we both started to sweat and glisten. He stood up and led me by the

hand to his bedroom, a typical single blokes room, with a huge double bed and

clothes piled on the floor. We removed rest of our clothes and lay on the bed,

in semi darkness touching and feeling each other bodies.

i thought it was time to say hello to his large cock and was so surprised to feel

it completely in my mouth. It just fit, slipping to the back of my throat, i had

to control my breathing to stop choking. He liked this, he kept thrusting his

hardness deeper in my mouth. I could tell he wasnt far away from exploding, so

i moved so i was on top of his cock. I took him slowly, into me and made sure I

felt the fullness of his member, before long, I was riding that man like there

was no tomorrow, he held my hands and lifted me up which slammed his cock

even harder and deeper.

I could feel my orgasm start, the beginning of a mega one, i went even hotter

than normal, the feeling started to spread, with each thrust, i couldnt wait for

the end and pounded on, until my pussy exploded with such sex that i said

rather loudly 'fucking hell' as my orgasm took over my body in waves. This

seemed to shock him into his orgasm, as he quickly turned me over and within

seconds he was muttering the same words...

We were virtually breathless, covered in sweat and it took a while to compose

ourselves. We both smiled at each other, and our smiles said it all.

What will hubby say when he realised I've completed his challenge?