Written by Unknown

9 Apr 2007

We finished both our dinner and the jug of margaritas we ordered. deciding that we would walk around the city. Several streets away, we come across an adult bookstore and I kidded about going inside. youve never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop you? The store was rather crowded with about a dozen men and two other couples.

Everyone looked fairly normal. Most of the single men were looking at magazines and hardcore movies.

Sensing how nervous you are, we join the other couples in the rather tame section containing lotion, novelties and toys . Before long we move to the section wiv the vibrators and dildos..... you like the variety of designs and sizes and i see the wicked twinkle in your eyes...... It was incredibly erotic watching you in front of so many strangers examining the large rubber dildos and caressing them. By the look in your eyes and deep concentration,

I can only imagine what was going on in your head. I'm know your thinking what

it might be like to have the different sizes and thicknesses

inside you, pleasuring you.

I whisper in your ear and nudge you towards the video arcade. Hand in hand, we find a small dark unoccupied booth toward the back. I lock the door and pull you to me letting you feel how horny i am.... In the darkness we can hear sounds coming from the booths next and

near by. Most were the sounds from the dvds playing of people moaning during sex, but we also heard various muffled noises from the people in the booths.

I pull away from you and shove a few quid in video machine. A video of a woman being serviced by several well-hung men began playing. We are both getting turned on even more and know this is going to end up with us having sex in the booth until we were both

fully satisfied.

I stand behind you letting my hands roam under your blouse, rubbing your breasts and rolling your nipples between my fingers while you watch the woman in the video on her hands and knees sucking one big cock while another was thrusting in and out of her cunt. i unbutton and remove your blouse so i've got better access to your gorgeous boobies. you reach behind your back and fondle my erection through my bulging jeans. then you

unbutton & unzip my jeans and pulled my hard on free.

your hands are squeezing and stroking my hard naked cock. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my boxers. With you still in front of me I pull up your skirt up

above your waist and push your panties down to your knees. you take the hint and stepout of them.....remove your skirt leaving you completely exposed from the waist down.

As I watch you doing this, I notice a glory hole between our booth and the one next door. I also notice in the darkness, that someone was looking through the hole watching

us. If the guy did not have his face up against the hole, we would have easily seen into the other booth.

The sudden realization that someone was watching us - you stroking my cock and me playing with your pussy, sens a jolt of excitement through me and made me harder

than ever.you have no idea what is happening and think the sudden throbbing is down to you...

I run my hands across your shaven pussy and spread your lips wide with both hands to show our guest how beautiful your cunt is. I am so proud to show my woman off in a exhibitionist way. I began inserting a finger into your pussy and discover what i already thought that yous was soaked and ready for action. I continue to finger fuck you with two fingers from one hand and played with your engorged clit with the other.

your body looks magnificent, on display in the video's dim light as you lean back against my chest. I look at the hole several times and can make out that we are still being watched and it makes me so horny. I turn you and sit you on the bench seat beside the hole.

you reach out, grab my cock and pull me in front of and begin licking the head of

my cock with your very talented tongue.

The voyeur is getting a fantastic show.

I decide to tellyou that someone is watching us and point to the hole. you look and gasp and tried to fix yourr clothes. I quickly grab your hands and tell you that it is ok. you look at me for several seconds and then asked me "If I was sure?"

I reply by guiding you head back to my throbbing cock. you smiledat me and enthusiastically began sucking me I think partially due to your own excitement and also in an

attempt to put on a good show for our voyeur. you look so damn sexy with your lips around my cock - your eyes alternating between looking up into mine and looking at

the hole.

To both of our surprise, our voyeur slowly began inserting his own cock through the hole. i can feel you smile around my cock as you watch the stranger's cock coming into our booth. I think you smiled because it is apparent that this was no ordinary cock. It was huge and

it was a beautiful ebony color. It easily rivaled the largest dildos we had looked at just minutes ago. The cock was still mostly soft and was already easily 9 inches long and thicker than my normal sized tool.

I was now reeling at the kinky sexual possibilities that were now before us. you stop sucking and look up at me as if waiting for me to tell you what to do!!!!..... I ask you if you want to try to make this ebony hard. I guess that you had the same idea because you quickly

grab it with both hands and start rubbing up and down its massive dark length. your eyes never leaving it as you tell me, "It's big and it feels good."

I never imagined I would ever see you playing with another man's cock, but it was certainly something I was enjoying immensley as I began playing with my own cock.

you had managed to bring the faceless, bodiless cock to full attention, as it expanded in both length and thickness. It now pointed up into our booth to what I would have to guess was at least 12".

I'd never touched another man before, but I had to admit that this was absolutely the most awesome specimen of manhood that I have ever seen. I reached down and placed

my hand next to hers on the huge muscle and enjoyed it so. It was almost hot to the touch, hard and soft at the same time.

I knelt down so that we were both eye level with this impressive cock and I began rubbing the shaft against your face. Back and forth across your cheeks, your forehead and finally your lips. As I was doing this,your hands are between yor legs and your playing with your clit...

At that moment, I wanted to see you suck this big cock or at least suck as much as she could possibly get into your mouth. I asked you if you wanted to take it in your mouth and you look into my eyes and nod yes. Still holding the cock, I hold it just behind the smooth head and I begin rubbing the tip right across your lips. I tell you to open up and as you do I feed just the head inside. you tongue licks all over the head up to my

fingers. I then fed her a few more inches which allows you to really start using your whole mouth. Soon you had as much of this large cock as you could fit in . I begin pumping the cock in rhythm with your sucking. With my other hand, playing with your dripping pussy. you switch to sucking the cock with a twisting action. I have enjoyed this

technique many, many times.

You suck his huge member for at least 15 minutes while I teased you clit and continued to slide two fingers in and out. I knew that your poor mouth must have been getting tired. I wanted to fuck you badly yet couldn't tear myself away from watching you giving this erotic

blowjob to a complete and perfect stranger.

It was extremely erotic to see your pale white cheeks bulging with the big black shaft. I began to wonder if you would be willing to let this massive black rod into your sweet juicy pussy while I watched and helped or if we could accomplish that in the confines of the small


What you did next both surprised and shocked me. you took the cock from your mouth and kissed me passionately on the mouth.....your tongue snaked into my mouth, and you began

began rubbing the cock against both of our faces. It was covered with your saliva. It felt so hot and wet on my face as you pulled it down closer to our kiss.

We soon began kissing each other all around the shaft, lips rubbing back and forth, and our tongues teasing each other's by darting and flicking underneath. I was completely lost in the experience nothing was real in the world to me right then but you, our mouths and this beautiful long hard dark cock. I never have done this to another man, but this was not a

man, this was just a cock and nothing more, for you and me to share in the privacy of the booth.I follow the path of your tongue, from the cock's base all the way to its head.....your tongue pulls away slightly, leaving me to stop with the tip of the head perched in between my open lips. I pause and look into you eyes. ....you give me that wiscked smile and asked me if I want to finish what you have started? I didn't need to answer, you knew as much as I did, how badly I wanted and needed to do this......you gently push my head forward and I begin sucking my first cock.

I hold the shaft with both hands and try to suck as best as I can .....my only experience that of you having done the same to me countless times. I close my eyes and concentrate....suddenly I feel your familiar mouth engulfing my own rock hard cock. I try to match your rhythm, your strokes....your tongue movements in order to give this

stranger's cock the same pleasure that I was receiving.

I could feel the shaft in my mouth throbbing in unison with my own....I was only

aware of my throbbing prick and my mouth. The rhythms, the sucking, the tongues, the pleasure was all the same It was as if I were sucking my own cock.... I knew I couldnt

last much longer but at the same time didnt want this to end.

You could tell I was close to coming...and you increase the intensity..... I'm doing the same.....he was cumming..... I can feel my cock pulsing and pulsing, shooting jet after jet of cum into your mouth. it tasted hot and sort of salty, musty..... It took me a few seconds to

realize that it wasn't just me that was cumming. He blasted against the roof of my mouth, filling it. I swallowed three times, still had a mouthful and his cock was still cumming.

I pulled back as another jet splashed my cheek.you was now beside me and quickly guided it to your mouth as the next shot covered your tongueyour mouth engulfs the ebony prize as it gave up its last few shots. Now totally spent, the ebony pole soon began to soften as you let it slip from your mouth....you turn to me and we kiss.... tongues pushing cum into each other's mouth as we play and savour the taste. I hold you in loving embrace as we lick the remaining cum from each other's lips, chins and cheeks.

We look at the wall. The cock was gone. I could see into the next booth and it was now empty. As we were recovering from the sexual high, someone else entered

the next booth and began watching us. Another stranger was getting to see your naked body. your magnificent boobies and I know the voyeur has a good view of your

wet unfucked pussy. I mean to remedy that soon, very soon....

You smile at me and we dressed in front of our new voyeur. Once dressed, we leave the booth and headed out of the store but not before purchasing a souvenir. We could not get home fast enough, but as soon as we did, I bring you to four orgasms with her new 10" black toy.

I had a feeling that our sexual adventures have just