Written by hornyfemfatal

15 Feb 2007

...the fog clears from the dirt path to reveal an old house buried in the woods. I slowly creep towards the house feeling a sigh of breath on my neck...I step up to the door and peer through. That is how my dreams always start but then it gets good! A hand grabs me from behind and unable to turn around i give in to the force. My breathing getting deeper and faster, my knickers getting wet and my nipples are now hard and pointing through my black lace slip. I feel the force pushing me up the stairs and into a dark room just about making out the shape of a large bed on the back wall. The back of slip is undone and glides to the floor. I am lifted up and float to the bed...the dark figure only known as the force is becoming visible by the moon light through the broken window...i am taken back by his teeth, sharp fangs pointing out...i should be scared but instead i am getting wetter with anticipation...he is not alone from under the bed come more hands touching my body in all places...there must be twelve people at least...i am taken by all the people who use me as a shagging post and no area of my body isn't used. I awake the next day to find it all a dream...damn. And thats why i am here...