Written by mycockishardnow

11 Apr 2006

My wife who is normally shy & retiring has helped me with my crossdressing now for many years, this particular night she rang me & told me to be fully dressed fem by the time she came home from work, i did as i was told, she took me out in the car for a drive then stopped, she ordered me out of the car then she drove off, i had to walk down the road dressed as a woman with my wig, makeup & all my fem clothes & underwear on, not to mention my high heeled shoes, i was as nervous as hell, a couple of males making sexy remarks to me, i walked faster to avoid them finding out who i really was, when i had reached my wifes car she ordered me into the back seat, to my horror there was a man sitting there, i had to sit next to him while my wife drove, his hands where all over me & up my skirt & inside my knickers playing with my cock, he unzipped himself, took his very nice hard cock out then pulled my head down to his lap & made me suck him off, all the time my wife was calling me a dirty little girl & a cock & cum slut & that i would have to watch this man fuck her over the bonnet of her car while i took pics & only allowed to wank myself off till i cum in my knickers, needless to say, i really enjoyed her surprise & now we do this on a regular basis, sometimes i am ordered to dress as a schoolgirl under my coat when i walk the streets.