Written by miss86

17 Apr 2006

I heard once that a woman should know her orgasm, know what feels good and know how your body looks while it happens. Even though it struck me as an odd thing to do in front of a mirror, I figured it couldn't hurt anything. But then came the question of how I should please myself. I'm a new age girl and I've discovered the joy of sex toys, but I wasn't sure if they would obstruct my view. I finally opted for simple fingers.

I stood there only in my lacey french knickers, my skin had a slight reddish glow to it as my arousal was evident. I stood there and simply stared at myself in the mirror. I always thought that since I wasn't a man, with the accompanying male organ, that arousal could never be noticed without touching. But I saw that if I had not been alone at that moment, anyone could see that my body and mind were in a state of sexual overdrive. I pushed a fallen lock of black hair back behind my ear as I stared deeply into my image.

My fingers traced around the edge of my underwear and I watched my stomach quiver faintly. My lips turned upwards in a slight smile as my skin trembled. My lids felt heavy and they flickered softly. My mind began to lose itself in the thoughts of my desires. I focused on the light smell of vanilla that hung in the air and I breathed it in. Vanilla always makes me think of slow leisurely sex, love that takes its sweet time to rise. I felt my breasts rise and fall deeply as I slowed my breathing down, trying to hold out my pleasure.

I hooked the edge of my underwear in between my thumbs as I slid them down my hips. My fingertips delicately grazed my outer thighs and I moaned in a half-sigh. His name escaped past my lips as I imagined that it was his fingers caressing my skin and not my own. I saw his face behind my closed lids and his image didn't disappear as I focused my attentions on the pleasure that was assaulting my body. I silently kicked my knickers away from my feet as I stared at my cleanly shaven pussy. As my fingertips brushed against the top of it, where my thighs come together, I moaned out deeper as I felt my nipples become even more erect.

My clit began to throb and I had a desperate need to feel a tongue rolling over it, this thought brought a pleasurable burst of heat and moisture to rest between my thighs. I leaned my head back and I felt the ends of my hair hit my back in a soft caress. I sighed shakily. I backed up on unsteady legs to lean against the end of my bed before sitting softly on it. My fingers slid up my body again as I grasped a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. My moan became deeper in my throat as I released it into the empty room.

My green eyes tried to focus on my image. I ran my fingers down my body to let each hand grip onto a thigh, parting them softly. I heard my breath coming out in deeper gasps as my sensations rose. My eyes were half closed through pleasured lids and they closed slowly as i ran my tongue over my finger, wetting it. My body jerked slightly and I could feel my pussy lips gap angrily at the lack of attention they were getting. A trickle of wetness wept from them and slid pleasurably between my arse cheeks.

I focused on counting my clit throbs with my heartbeats. My clit beat harshly and it nearly screamed for consideration. I stared deeply into the mirror, concentrating on my fleshy and glistening sex. For the first time I placed the palm of my hand fully onto it. Spreading my fingers slowly I parted the plump lips that covered my most intimate region. It stared back at me, wet and shiny. My hardened clit stood out proudly from its hood and I could feel it throb and could imagine seeing it beat like a small heart. My tight hole seemed to gap open like a mouth as it dripped even more.

I teasingly rubbed a finger over and slightly in the hole before sliding my wet finger over my throbbing clit. My body arched in pleasure and my throat let go a moan of intense feeling. I had to lean my body back onto one arm as my hips rose gently off the bed, reacting to the need of more concentration to my sweet core. I bit my lower lip softly as I again stared at my reflection. My eyes were glazed over and I could see my chest rise and fall steadily. I spread my thighs further apart.

I brought my finger up to my lips as I licked away any signs of myself. I placed my wet finger on my hardened clit and began to make the slow circles that turn me on the most. I moaned in throaty bursts as my hips gently rose and fell to meet my fingers motions. I imagined him kneeling before me, watching.

I raised a foot and placed it on the bed next to my body, gaping me open further. My eyes pooled into my mirror image, I was extremely wet and I smiled softly, knowing that I never really have a dry problem. My juices coated my entire cunt and it glittered like a diamond, I could almost feel his tongue on me as I stroked myself with a finger more steadily. Switching to a deliberate movement of up and down with my finger I teased my hole as he would with his tongue. The first time I dipped a fingertip into my cunt my body nearly came off the bed completely as I moaned deeper than before. I felt my vaginal walls trying to suck in and keep my finger there but I brought it back out again, making my body moan in sadness. I gazed at my juice-covered clit as I fingered it lightly again. I could see its slight swelling and my nipples hardened to the point of almost pain. I took one of my fingers from the other hand and dipped it into my dripping hole, moistening the tip. I brought the finger up to one of my nipples and I twisted one almost roughly.

My back arched more fully, bringing my breast into closer contact with my finger. My skin tingled as if he were really touching me. I had to open my eyes and look into the mirror to make certain that I was truly alone. I could feel eyes on me but I knew they were my own. My skin almost throbbed with want. My finger at my clit seemed to have a mind of its own as I still stroked myself.

I moved my finger from my clit and I nearly shoved it into my hungry pussy, crying out in ecstasy. I began to fuck myself slowly with my finger, teasing my clit with every pull out. My breath quickened and I could feel the slow rolls of pleasure traveling up my spine. I couldn't close my eyes as my face changed in pleasure. I pushed another finger into myself and nearly cried. The feeling of it almost matching the feel of a real erection. My walls sucked and clenched around my fingers, making a sweet suction noise. His name moaned past my lips again as I saw his eyes staring into mine. I bit my lower lip harsher as I lifted my hips off the bed in orgasmic release.

I felt the warm slick wetness streaming down my inner thighs in clear bursts. Colors burned before my opened eyes as they focused and unfocused on my body humping up in ecstasy. I had to lean my head back as a moan screamed from my lips. My body shook and my skin tingled.

I sat on my bed with my legs spread and my chest heaving as my breathing tried to return to normal. My body sagged on both my hands as I held it up. I stared intently at my still dripping cunt as it gaped in time with my breath. I breathed the first audible word in over thirty minutes… 'Beautiful.'