Written by writinguy

2 Jan 2007

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is fantasy. It never happened except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between male and female. It also contains acts of urology and scat play. The author expressly discourages readers from re-enacting any of the scenes contained in this story. If you are under 18 (21 in some jurisdictions) or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you are supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. DO NOT ENGAGE IN UNPROTECTED SEX IN REAL LIFE. MAKE WISE CHOICES THAT ARE NOT ALCOHOL OR DRUG IMPAIRED. The characters are a product of my imagination and cannot catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons is purely coincidental. The author retains the copyright to this story. Placing this story on a commercial web site without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright.

Tony and Patricia

By Writing Guy

Her lovely arse was the first thing I saw as those swollen buttocks swivelled from side to side as she passed me to park herself at the adjacent table. Now I have a thing about mature ladies who wear girdles and just the thought that she could be wearing one sent tingles to my groin and my imagination into overdrive

She was smart and quite nice and so I smiled and she obligingly returned it. Nothing unusual there – she was just being polite, wasn't she? As she swivelled round to speak to the waiter I noticed that her dress was shorter than the usually demure 'below the knee' revealing a pair of delicious legs encased in sheer stockings.

I was so transfixed and my imagination in overdrive I didn't see her looking at me looking at her. All of a sudden she leaned across saying 'do you like what you see?'

'I'm sorry, was it that obvious' I replied.

'Yes it was rather, but very flattering for a woman of my age….you see I recently celebrated my 60 Th birthday and it was so depressing .... a woman like me enjoys showing off and being appreciated…and it's been such a long time since any man has done so. You obviously like what you have seen so far. But tell me, what is it that you like? Would you like to join me for lunch.'

I didn't need asking twice, so I moved and sat opposite her, intrigued. 'My name is Patricia and yours is?' Anthony, Tony for short. 'Tony, I am curious, what was it about me that caught you attention and may I say, making you excited.

I could feel the pre cum oozing from the tip of my semi erect cock. This was like all my Christmases had come at once. She was obviously enjoying the attention as much as I was giving it so, what did I have to loose?

'Well, Patricia, if you don't think me rude, my excitement was thinking that you in fact wear a girdle and I that just turns me on …plus a few other things'. 'Well, it's your lucky day' she said. 'Now let's see what other little fantasies we can share …my turn now.

Tony, when I was young girl and getting to understand my desires and shall we say, interests, I found out that I got really 'turned on' when I felt an urgent need to urinate. I found this strange as no many of my friends experienced that and so I believed I was weird. Who gets turned on by wanting a pee?' She blushed and I could see that she was embarrassed but honest. 'Well, it's not different to getting turned on by woman who wears open crotch girdles ….with no knickers'. Then a great idea hit me. We could fulfil each others desires.

What came into my mind that instant was really kinky…but very possible. You see like many men of 50 plus years I need a lot of stimulation to get a real good boner. But I can hold a great 'piss proud' erection for hours. Patricia wears a girdle, likes to be admired and obviously has great orgasms when she wants to piss. So, let's put the two together!

'Patricia, when was the last time you fulfilled your real desires? I ask because I would like you to consider an unusually strange request that will, I believe, give us a lot of pleasure.' No sooner that I said it, her eyes seemed to light up.

'Go on' adding ' as I said earlier sharing fantasies is a real turn on…and at 60 I have not been turned on for a long time'. 'Well, it's just a thought but here goes…close your eyes and imagine this'.

First, here I am with a cum oozing out of my cock at the thought of you showing me your extremely hairy cunt ( I'm hoping you don't shave. if you do all bets are off, I am afraid) under you girdle. Whilst you're enjoying giving me a good show, we're enjoying some long slow drinks and all the time your bladder is getting more urgent.

Stop! She said. What are you doing to me Tony….and where have you been all my life? Come, let's go…we are going to enjoy ourselves.

And with that, we paid the bill and went home to my place.

Chapter 2

Opening the door, I thought is this fantasy going to fly or thud down to earth with a sickening thud and we are both going to be disappointed. Having settled Patricia in the living room I thought it best to see where and how far we both wanted to go.

Tony, she said, almost reading my mind, 'maybe we got carried away in the restaurant. I like you a lot but do you think we can really do this or will it be a big disappointment?'

'Well, I think that's up to us but we must be honest and open, so to speak, with each other. No tell me, Patricia, exactly what happens when you want to pee?'

'I don't know exactly, she replied, hesitantly. When my bladder gets full, I get really hot down there and – this is hard – my clitoris gets bigger and vagina gets so wet the pubic hairs get flooded which is a good thing as I don't like wearing underwear. Otherwise it would be running down my legs. You don't know what a problem it is. When I let my bladder get too full I get randy and with no man, my fingers are a poor substitute. So I control myself.'

Turning the tables, she said 'Now it's your turn to be honest. What is it about girdles that turn you on? Well, it goes to back to when I was about 12 and I was visiting a friend of my mother's. She was about 50 at the time and bit on the voluptuous side and seeing her always made me feel 'funny'…what I later recognised as 'horny'. Well, one day, she called out 'Tony' can you pass me some new toilet rolls. Not thinking she meant to pass them through the toilet door, I just barged in and her on the toilet. Skirt around her waist, legs akimbo and her open crotch girdle revealing the hairiest cunt I have ever seen.

And do you know what she was not the least embarrassed. Looking back, I think she knew I had the hoots for her and she did it deliberately. In fact I think she enjoyed it seeing my hard on as I handed over the toilet roll. 'Now don't tell your mother, let this be our little secret'. Well, that was that as far as it want I was concerned, but then she said, as smoothly as you like: Now you're here, Tony be a good boy look down there, as I seem to have lost my ear ring. So, naïve me, gets on my knees and looks around the floor and all I can do was stare at that big hairy cunt and her girdle.

My cock was bursting and as she knew it. I got up, ran out and found the delights in wanking. But since that day, when I want a great fantasy I am back in that toilet. So you see, we do have something in common! The great thing is now we can bring them together.

With that our imaginations became reality. Patricia immediately went over to the low settee and sat down, opend her legs and revealing the most fantastic shimmering girdle and underneath a mass of wet curly hair outlining a plump wet cunt . 'Tony, you know, I am really getting into the mood. What do you say to a couple nice big drinks? I feel a hot one coming on!'

Downing a large spritzer in one go she got up and slipped off her shoes and came over to me and said, 'do you know Tony for the first time in my life I am not ashamed of what turns me on' And, with that, I put her hand on my crotch and said 'this is going to give you want you want and a lot, lot more. Now let's relax a little. With that invitation, I slipped my hand up her skirt feeling her damp thighs and on to explore her very hairy bush inside her Playtex girdle- although this won't last 18 hours, mores the pity.

'That's lovely Tony. But what about you? Let's see what I can expect. Her hand went to work on my flies and slowly pulled out my semi hard cock and deliciously rubbed pre-cum up and down and around the top. Wow, it felt fantastic- a state of almost continuous orgasm but without coming.

'How do you do that?' Well, when I start to get 'warm' – as I am now -- she said, it's too easy to cum. So I found that by rubbing around the pee hole in my clit, it extends the orgasm. I'll show you'. Once again , she sat right back into the settee, hitched up her skirt, spread one let across the arm, hitched up her girdle and pulling aside those lovely hairs displayed her thick clit . It must have been an inch long and boy it was hot. Slowly, she then placed her finger over the hole and ran it round and round. 'Let's do it together and see who can last longest. 'What' I said, 'become we come?' 'No, darling Tony', before you cannot stop wanting a really big piss – and then you come! One drink is not nearly anything to my bladder and cunt really hot. I need a least 3 pints before I get really get started. How do you feel?'

Well she was right: suddenly I got this great feeling and then came an urge to piss. It was astonishing, here I am with a rock hard on wanting to piss…Patricia could sense the possibilities that came into my kinky head! 'How about another couple of real drinks then,' I added.

So, we got down and dirty – nothing was left out and we brought our fantasies to life.

With at least three pints down our throats we undressed each other and what a surprise Patricia was. No more Mrs – I have a problem – more like, here is who I am and what you want me to be. Me? It was a case of let's go everywhere.

Slowly, she undressed very slowly. First the blouse revealing a very sexy bra encasing at what I took to be a great pair of 40 inch DD natural tits. Tantalisingly she then unzipped her skirt as she came across to me. Not one for being backwards, I stood up and took off my trousers and shirt. But it she insisted I keep my tight briefs on. 'Seeing all your pre cum and your hard cock straining to get out turns me on Tony' Who was I to argue?

She was a sight to behold, her glorious rubenesque figure and that sexy girdle holding up sheer stockings was something. ' Tony, here we are, inhibitions down, tell me, apart from desperately wanting to piss – isn't it exciting- what deep dark thought are flitting down to lovely cock of yours? No more talking, I couldn't take it. So I just ripped off her bra and her massive tits came down to rest on top of lovely fat belly. But tits have never been my thing. It was down below that I wanted first crack at.

And if dark deeds were what she turned her on, what better place than her girdle encased arse. Slowly I parted her legs wide and slid my hand through her soaking wet hairy twat and rammed my finger right up her lovely brown hole. And what a surprise. She liked it and took my lead – her fingers went right to mine and started massaging my prostrate.

Where the hell did that come from? But you know, we just wallowed in it. Mutual anal wanking – what a turn on. In and out, first one then two fingers. It was great.

But stimulation brings on the unexpected and my bladder was crying out for relief. Patricia was obviously really getting worked up as I felt a rock solid sensation at the end of my fingers and a dribbles down my arm. No Tony. 'Let's enjoy it, have you got anything I could help you relieve, sweetheart?'

Well, there were …a fuck and a piss and a shit. I whispered my dark desire in her ear and Patricia beamed – 'oh, thank you Tony, you read my mind, yet again'. She hitched up her girdle and got into the bath and I after her. Her hairy cunt and its massive clit welcomed by piss proud cock which we both knew was going to do.

We fucked gently, she massaging her clit with one hand. 'I'm really hot, Tony, I can feel them coming' Them? To guide me she grabbed my hand towards her arse, urging me to also finger fuck her. No wanting to miss the big deal, I manoeuvred her on to her side and throwing one leg over made sure she knew my arse wanted some as well.

It was like floating on a cloud- just there but not quite arriving. In and out. Now, I said, and with that we both let everything go. A torrent of piss went up her cunt. 'Oh boy, I am coming. With that she bucked and gave her orgasm its full head. The clit piss hole exploded. Give me more…I shouted. And then I felt it. As her big fat turd pushed pass my finger. mine was already in her hand as I shot my wad into here beautiful hairy glory hole.