Written by playfulserf

12 Oct 2006

As Dicky approached the house his stomach was filled with nervous anticipation and excitement. He had always found Indian women attractive and Sunita sounded like a real Indian princess.

Sunita had advised him that she liked her husband Vinesh and their guests not to wear underpants and had asked him to bring a porn film for them to watch together.

Nervously Dicky rang the bell, Vinesh answered the door promptly, a ushering the stranger in, Vinesh warmly shook his hand. Sunita was standing a just behind her husband and greeted Dicky with a simple kiss before leading him into the living room.

Dicky's eyes immediately focused on Sunita's beautiful body, she was absolutely gorgeous and he knew straight away that he wanted her.

Dicky handed Sunita the blue film that he had brought around and as she put it in to the DVD, Vinesh offered their guest a drink and settled down on the sofa next to his beautiful wife.

It was agreed that Dicky could visit with hope and anticipation but not expectation and as the film played the three of the spoke casually about their likes, dislikes and past experiences with Dicky and Sunita openly flirting in front of Vinesh who encouraged the to do so.

Sunita waited for Dicky glance at her once again and when she knew that he was looking her hands playful caressed her own breasts before undoing the top few buttons of her blouse. As Dicky tried his hardest not to stare at her ample cleavage and spy upon her beautiful breasts Sunita placed her hand on her husband groin, gently brushing it against his man hood.

Dicky now had one eye on the telly and the other on his hosts. He could feel his own cock begin to throb in his trousers and the feeling of nervous anticipation stirred in his stomach.

Sunita stood and facing her husband she raised her short skirt and asked him to remove her knickers. As Vinesh pulled her panties down Dicky was given a brief glimpse of her bare pert bottom before her skirt slipped back into place.

Sunita turned, approached Dicky and held out her hand for him to take. As the guest took her hand told her husband to wait on the sofa for her return.

Dicky was lead into the hall so that Vinesh could over hear but not see his wife. As soon as they were out of site, Sunita turned to face Dicky, instinctively they both closed their eyes and as their lips met their mouths shared a passionate kiss. As Sunita held Dickys waist he began to kiss her neck and playfully nibble her ears. He voice told her exactly how much he wanted her and how he wanted to fuck her so much. Sunita moved brushed her hand against the growing bulge of his trousers to feel his erect manhood and encouraged him to feel her braless breasts through the thin material of partially open blouse. Soon Dicky was undoing the rest of the buttons to reveal her perfect brown breasts and swollen, dark erect nipples, his hands and mouth gave them the attention they deserved. Dicky's hands lifted her skirt and his hands stroked the outside of Sunita's thighs and the cheeks of her pert bottom, Dicky's tongue parted her lips and as Sunita held him close she could feel his aroused man hood pressing against her exposed pussy through the material of his trousers.

As Dicky kissed Sunita's neck she felt his hand move towards her pussy. His fingers started to stroke the inside of her thighs, slowly moving their way up to her now wet pussy. The palm of his hand rubbed against her pubic bone and as his fingers explored her open virginal lips to stimulate her clitoris she could hear his voice telling her exactly how he wanted to satisfy her pussy.

Sunita announced that she wanted Dicky to lick her pussy and after undoing her skirt which fell to the floor she moved her body so that she could raise one leg onto the first stair. As Dicky knelt her fingers parted her lips to her passage. Sunita's pussy tasted divine, Dickys probing tongue flickered across her clit, her right hand pushed his head into her pussy whilst her left hand caressed her own breasts and tweaked at her erect nipples.

Dicky was hungry to fuck her: his swollen manhood was trapped in his trousers. He wanted to release his cock and begin to take Sunita there and then, but Sunita was in complete control. She had her own plans for this evening, Dicky was about to become their first sexual servant. Her voice begged Dicky to make her come on his tongue, Sunita knew that he was falling under spell and would soon want her so much that her wish would become his command.

Vinesh sat patiently in the lounge. He usually enjoyed watching his wife being pleasured but today, as if tied to the sofa by his own wife's words, he could just listen and use the picture conjured up in his imagination to visualise his wife body being pleasured and teased on the other side of the open door. Vinesh could hear their guest telling his wife how beautiful she was and how he so wanted to fuck her, he words left little to the imagination and he could feel his own manhood stiffen as the erotic thoughts and the mental picture turned him on even more than if he was actually watching.

Sunita gasped in pleasure as Dicky tongue made her climax. Having made her cum Dicky raised himself from the floor. Sunita asked him to show her his cock. Dicky undid his flies and released his erect tool. Before he could drop his trousers Sunita grabbed hold of his manhood and holding onto his cock she lead him back into the living room where she instructed him to kneel just in front of the settee.

Sunita told her husband to stand and as he lifted his body from the sofa his own bulge was obvious in his trousers. Sunita instructed her husband to take of his shirt and then asked Dicky to undo Vinesh's trousers.

Dicky had never seen another mans erect penis and was obviously apprehensive as he followed Sunita's instructions. As Vinesh's trousers fell around his ankles his erect cock sprung from his body.

Sunita looked at their guest and in a stern voice she announced that if he wanted to fuck her that he had to pleasure her husband. I want to see you suck my husbands cock and prepare it for my pussy she announced.

She knelt beside Dicky, and as she pulled back her Vinesh's foreskin Sunita told Dicky to open his mouth.

Nervously Dicky took her husbands tool between his lips and began to gently suck upon it, it felt so big in his mouth and he soon began to realise why woman enjoyed pleasuring men in this way.

Sunita enjoyed the power that she had over the two men. The site of her husband being pleasured by another man was one she thought that she would never see. Eventually though, Sunita instructed their guest to stop. Vinesh was ordered to sit on the Sofa. Sunita straddled her husbands lap and facing the guest she lowered herself onto her husband's manhood. As her husbands hands cupped her breasts she ordered him not to come in her pussy. Her finger beckoned Dicky forward and pointing to her pussy she told him where she wanted to feel his tongue.

As Sunita ground her pussy onto husbands impaled cock Dicky flicked his tongue across her clitoris to enhance her pleasure. Soon Sunita was once again moaning and groaning in ecstasy as the two men brought her to her second orgasm.

Sensing that her husband might loose control Sunita quickly dismounted. She walked across the room and taking a handful of tissues from a box she passed them to the guest.

She beckoned her husband to the middle of the room where their guest was still kneeling and said to him 'I want our servant to show me how much he wants me, I want to see our servant suck you off and when your ready to come I want you to let me wank your spunk over his face'.

Dicky was shocked, but by now he was so turned on that he would do anything. He removed his shirt. Vinesh's cock was now coated with his wife's cum and tasted so good.

Sunita spoke to her husband 'That's it Darling, let our servant make you want to cum, I want to see you sow your seed over his face, When your ready - step back slightly and let me wank your spunk over him'.

When Sunita's turned her encouragement to Dicky her words brought her husband even closer to the point of no return. 'That's it Serf, Show me how much you want me, Pleasure my husband and your definitely going to fuck me and sow your seed inside me'

Sunita sensed that her husband was getting closer to realising his load and held the base of his cock ready to spray his spunk. Vinesh held on for as long as he could before eventually stepping back and pulling his cock from the Serfs mouth. Dicky just had time to shut his eyes and close his lips as Vinesh's cock ejaculated the first dollop of cum. As Vinesh moaned in pleasure Sunita tugged at manhood, spraying the rest of the husbands loads over the guest face. As the last of her husband's spunk dribbled from the tip of his cock she rubbed his still pulsating helmet across Dicky face.

Dicky used the tissues that he was holding to clean his face. When he opened his eyes Vinesh had sat down and Sunita was waiting with her legs open to receive his manhood.

Dicky undid his trousers and hurriedly stepped out of them. Kneeling between Sunita's thighs he thrust his cock into her wet love tunnel. Soon he was holding her legs wide open in the air and fucking her hard. His cock was so hard that his stretched foreskin created a pleasurable pain.

As his helmet swelled and his balls throbbed he knew that he was about to plant his load. Sunita encouraged him to spunk in her cunt as his long hard deep thrust sent an orgasm thundering through her body.

As Dicky started to come he continued to thrust his manhood into her receptive pussy until every single drop of his load had been deposited.

When he withdrew, he paused to gather his breath. As he panted, Sunita fingered her own pussy, playing with hot come until he gathered his breath.

Sunita gathered as much love juice as she could on her probing fingers, when she withdrew them fro her pussy she held them up to show their sticky contents to husband and Dicky. Sunita raised her fingers to her lips and slowly parted them so that the mixture of cum stretched between them. Approaching Dicky, Sunita opened her mouth and sucked her fingers clean. With a mouth full of their cum, she kissed the guest, their probing tongues tasting and sharing the gathered juices until they drained down both of their throats.

When the kiss ended Sunita sat in the chair and opened her legs. She pointed to her pussy and expectantly advised Dicky that there were still more of their juices to be eaten. Dicky returned his probing tongue and started to clean his Mistress pussy. His tongue though was soon arousing again and he could feel his now limp cock begin to reawaken.

Sunita asked Dicky to stand and began to suck his cock back to its former glory. She could taste her own cum off of his shaft and yearned to feel his tool back in her pussy.

Sunita stood and told her husband to stand and to take Dickys hand. Her hand grabbed hold of Dicky's manhood and she lead him by his cock up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Vinesh was told to lay face up with his head at the edge of the bed. Sunita folded a pillow in half and used it to raise her husbands head forward. She then knelt over his face and with her knees in his arm she lowered her pussy onto his mouth so that he was trapped beneath her. Sunita instructed her husband to lick her clit and as he found his rhythm she beckoned Dicky around to the other side of the bed so that she could suck his cock hard.

Sunita told Dicky that she wanted him to fuck her from behind. Dicky positioned himself behind Sunita's raised buttocks and inserted his cock across her husbands tongue and into her pussy. Sunita slapped her husband thigh and told him that she wanted to feel his tongue teasing her pussy whilst she was being fucked.

Initially Dicky's strokes were slow and deep, Vinesh could feel their guest's ball bag brush across his own fore head as his wife received the full length of the penetrating cock. Dicky slowly increased his rhythm, Sunita told her husband to hold their guests buttocks, and as he physically felt the power and deepness of Dicky's thrusts she took his cock into her mouth.

As Dicky began to fuck harder Sunita could feel a massive orgasm beginning to take hold, the joint attention that the two guys were giving her pussy was really turning her on. As Dickys fucking became more urgent Sunita's orgasm exploded in her body. Before Dicky could come, Sunita pulled her bottom forward. As Dickys's wet cock slipped from her pussy it slapped against her husbands face.

Sunita asked the men to swap places and turned her body around so that she could face her aroused husband. Sunita stated that she wanted to watch her husband fuck the guest mouth as she fucked his cock.

The guest opened his mouth to receive the husband's tool and Sunita straddled his waist and impaled herself on his throbbing tool. Her arse bucked wildly as she fucked Dicky with vigour.

It would not be long before all three of them would want to come. As they both fucked the guest the site of Sunita's pussy milking the cock inside it as her titties bounced on her chest was really turning Vinesh on and the site of her husbands cock be pleasured aroused Sunita to an orgasm which set them all off.

As Sunita screamed in pleasure her husband and Dicky could contain their spunk no longer. Vinesh pulled his cock from Dickys's mouth and as he began to wank his tool vigorously, Dicky shot his load into Sunita's pussy and Vinesh sprayed his juice over the fucking couple.