Written by novaguy

4 Sep 2005

Three in a Bed. Part One

Roger took another sip of the rich red wine and cocked his wrist to check the time on his watch. He and Julie had arrived home ten minutes earlier to prepare for Doug's visit, his second to their home. The first visit had been pleasant and relaxing, a 'get-to-know-you' opportunity, yet both Roger and Julie had been a little disappointed that the occasion had not developed into a more intimate encounter. However as Doug had explained before he had left to attend a pre-Xmas function, the opportunity to develop a relationship on that first meeting should guarantee on subsequent meetings a relaxed atmosphere leading to mutually satisfying, sensual encounters. Hopefully, Julie and Roger had mused, on this second visit Doug would feel that their relationship was suitably developed to move to another level.

A sudden clip of heels on the driveway caused Roger to look out through the open front door, to see Doug approaching the steps, a bottle of wine in one hand as he raised the other in greeting. As he walked into the room where Roger and Julie sat waiting, Doug's demeanour and the obvious bulge in the front of his slacks indicated that not only was his mind on a mutually satisfying conclusion to the day's meeting, but also he was actively anticipating one.

Doug settled into a chair with the glass of wine handed him by Julie and several minutes of chat ensued, but idle chat was soon stifled by the palpable tension in the air as each of the three waited for one of the others to make the move all desired. The silence grew awkward and prolonged, broken suddenly by Doug rising, stretching out a hand to Julie where she sat on the sofa, and announcing that he would feel more comfortable in the bedroom. With a rush of relief Roger quickly stood, taking Julie's other hand, and she allowed the two men to lead her to the bedroom.

In a trice Julie was stripped naked and lifted on the bed to recline against the pillows as the men both undressed urgently, revealing rampant erections which swayed menacingly before them as the men clambered onto the bed to join her. A frisson of excitement washed over Julie at the thought that one or both of their cocks would soon be buried inside her, then she lay back and closed her eyes, surrendering to the waves of pleasure coursing through her as the two men set to work on her body.

Four hands caressed her body as two mouths settled on her breasts, suctioning her flesh, tongues laving and teasing her hardening nipples. Hands trailed over her belly, reaching between her legs, caressing her inner thighs, parting her swelling pussy lips and probing her moistening core. Julie groaned with pleasure, legs involuntarily spreading wider, body racked with waves of sensation as a seeming multitude of fingers simultaneously probing her pussy, caressed her swollen clit and teased the pursed button of her anus as the suctioning mouths and agile tongues continued to thrill her sensitive nipples. A sudden chill of cool air on warm saliva and the shifting on the bed heralded the departure of a mouth from one breast, being replaced by teasing fingers as the departing lips and tongue trailed a path down her belly to the fork of her thighs to clamp over her pussy, where a busy tongue replaced hurriedly withdrawn fingers. The bed shifted again as the other breast was similarly treated as the other mouth moved lower, as firm hands forced her thighs even wider to accommodate both lovers as the directed their oral skills to her pleasure.

Lying side by side between Julie's thighs, Doug and Roger in turn each kissed and caressed the smooth skin of an inner thigh as the other lapped and sucked at her pussy, at the same time heightening one another's arousal by caressing the other's cock, both of which by now were achingly hard.

It was inevitable that the twin attentions of her two lovers would bring Julie to an early and strong climax. Waves of sensation surged from her taut nipples and swollen clit, building responding centres of sensation in her head and deep in her belly which radiated out, washing over her in waves of increasing intensity until her whole body was overwhelmed by pleasure so extreme it was almost painful. The two men held Julie's legs as her body convulsed, hips arching from the bed in the frenzy of her climax. Even as her body was relaxing as her orgasm faded, Doug was moving up the bed between her legs, positioning himself above Julie's still-twitching loins. Reaching under her to cup her smooth buttocks in both hands, he raised her hips to range his broad blunt knob against her wet opening. Julie grunted in pleasure, her legs rising to clasp Doug's waist, her ankles locking behind his back as his thick cock bulldozed into her grotto with a single firm thrust.

Kneeling beside the copulating couple, Roger watched fascinated as Doug's thick, shaven shaft pistoned back and forth in Julie's equally smooth pussy. With each thrust, spurring his cock ever faster into the welcoming grasp of Julie's pussy, Doug could both feel and hear his heavy, hairless balls slapping wetly in the mixed saliva and love juice, which liberally moistened the smooth crease of her buttocks. Her senses still heightened from her first orgasm, Julie soon felt another climax building inside her and was quickly crying out in pleasure as another, more intense orgasm washed over her.

As her legs relaxed, sliding from his waist, Doug jerked his wet, engorged cock from Julie, rolling aside and indicating to Roger to take his place. In a flash, Roger was mounted and thrusting, arms hooked under Julie's knees to raise and open her to him, his buttocks alternately clenching and relaxing as his shuttling hips pounded the back of her thighs, his rampant cock searching the depths of her pussy. Overwhelmed by the thrill of being taken by two lovers in quick succession, Julie began a series of multiple orgasms, hips bucking up to meet Roger's thrusts, back arching so that at times only her shoulders and heels were on the bed.

A firm grip on his shoulder caused Roger to cease thrusting, and he turned to see Doug indicating that they should change places once more. As Roger withdrew and Julie slumped back onto the bed, Doug grasped her thighs, gently sliding her down the bed towards him, and urged her to roll over onto her hands and knees. As she did so, Roger moved before her to present his stiff cock to her lips. She gobbled greedily on his shaft, as behind her Doug shuffled into position, bending over her back to reach under her and stimulate her clit as he mounted her. The force of Doug's thrusts jerked Julie back and forth, driving her suctioning lips up and down Roger's shaft in a fucking action that soon had him surging to climax. Racked with sensation and the stimulation of taking a cock at either end, Julie orgasmed yet again, Roger's cock slipping from her mouth as she cried out, slumping forward under the force of Doug's thrusts. Too far gone to hold back, Roger's first jet of spunk flew over Julie's shoulder to catch Doug on the cheek. The second spurt landed on Doug's tongue as he opened his mouth wide to catch it and successive jets as Roger moved closer, offering his spurting cock to Doug's waiting lips.

Eager to repay the favour, as soon as he had swallowed the last of Roger's spunk from his drooling cock Doug pulled out of Julie and rolled onto his back, urging her to turn to face his feet and kneel over his face. As she did so, pressing her pussy to Doug's lips, she watched Roger kneel between Doug's spread legs, bending forward to take the swollen tip of Doug's cock between his lips. Hesitantly at first, then with increasing confidence, Roger began to suck Doug's cock, sliding his lips up and down the thick shaft tangy with Julie's love juices, swirling his tongue around the flaring ridge of the knob and tonguing the tiny eye at the tip.

With his hands under Julie's buttocks, Doug moved her back and forth, his tongue teasing her swollen clit, thrusting deep into her pussy, and teasing her anus in turn. As his arousal grew in response to the suctioning mouth on his cock and the fingers fondling his tight and heavy balls, Doug's hips began to thrust upward, driving his cock deeper into Roger's mouth. Roger felt the shaft between his lips swelling, then begin to twitch as spurts of thick, creamy spunk poured from the tip and rolled over his tongue. Keeping his mouth over Doug's cock until the final dribbles of spunk ceased, Roger pulled away to let Doug's softening cock fall wetly back onto his belly. Doug eased Julie off his face and all three collapsed onto the bed, temporarily spent.