Written by cockamuffin

14 Jul 2006

As we sit opposite one another on the bed,just chatting and drinking our wine, my hand cant help but move towards you, my fingers searching for your parted lips and the warmth they are guarding, I trace circles around the outside of your pussy gently touching your lips and feeling for the hard button at the top of your opening, that sensuous little organ that woman have, it is hard and keen for my touch as I tenderly touch it and rub against it to give you pleasure, I can feel your body respond to my touch and your muscles flex and relax in flows of excitement. I push two fingers deep into you and look for the inner spots of pleasure as you fall back onto the bed, my pumping fingers arching to the underside of your pelvis and stroking the most inner part of your soft pussy. I can feel you tighten around my hand as the first wave of and orgasm hits you, and you get wetter and wetter, my mouth now kissing and sucking at your nipples and filling my mouth with your breasts as I suck at them deeply. I remove my hand and push your thighs apart and bury my mouth once again in to your soft wet pussy, my tongue darting in and out and around the opening and taking your lips into my mouth and sucking at them and your clit, once again tasting of your juices.

And then it is time, I move over and above you, and for the first moment since we became naked I am between your parted thighs, the softness of your skin touching mine and your knees slightly raised, you look down and can see how hard I am for you and we both know that after all the time of chatting and writing about it the moment has come for me and you to make love. I lean forward and we kiss, softly and sensuously our tongues briefly touching and a series of smaller kisses, and for another time I lower my mouth over your breasts, first one and then the other, sucking those hard erect nipples and savouring the beauty of your breasts. And at the same time slowly lowering myself towards you until My hardness is against the outside of those wet and swollen lips, You gasp slightly as you feel me against you for the first time, I fight against the temptation to erupt all over you in excitement, but I lower myself a bit more as your hands on my hips try to pull me into you. We both look down and see the first moment of entry, the moment we have waited for my hardness in you and your softness wrapped around me, and the tightness of your pussy gripping at me as I slowly push deeper into you, each little movement a heightened feeling and then all the way deep inside you and we come together and lay still feeling the first fullness of one another, Such a fantastic feeling to be deep inside you and feel your warmth all around me, you hold me close and we kiss, and such a passionate kiss, our tongues probing and searching and touching as sensuously as we can. I move my hips in towards you a bit more and rub against you, no long movements just subtle little ones letting you feel me deep inside of you and allowing our pelvic bones to rub against one another. I raise up onto my arms and leave our embrace and begin to move in and out allowing my whole length to move with me, slowly at first but then with more speed and longer movements, pumping hard into you, your face flushed with excitement and your breasts moving as we meet and part, you hold on to them to stop them and pull at the hard nipples to intensify your pleasure, I watch and move harder and faster trying to make you climax. But that is up to you, I slow down and look at you and we both smile with contentment, all we had hoped for is happening and it is truly superb, I turn you onto your side and sit astride one leg and continue to push deep into you as you relax into the bed, long and slow movements as we continue to make love, My hand reaches forward and squeezes your breast and it feels so good to be inside of you and making such passionate love, and with ease I move your leg all the way over until you are face down on the bed and I am hard against your tight little bum I open my legs and sit astride of you pushing as deep into you as I can, sometimes high and sometimes low but continuously moving in and out I move your hair from your neck and place my mouth on the hollow at the back sucking and licking there hard and soft as your moans grow louder, and then pulling you up slightly to allow me to get a bit further into you, I caress and stroke your cheeks before stopping again and turning you over. Face to face once more we kiss and touch one another, there is still more to come and pleasures to be had.

The night is still young and I want to taste you all night and love you all night and we will we will do what pleasures us and we enjoy we will love and make love and in the morning when I feel I have given you all I can and pleasured you all I can I will ask you to let me finish, to let me explode deep inside you and fulfil my own passion and desire and then lay together as we both cool down, in a consummated embrace,