Written by rocko

10 Feb 2006

it was that time when some one leave's and all the boy's had decided that it wasn't right to let him go without the night out.

after a few beer's a few of them started to leave when zoe a young 18 yr old who had just started at work walked in to the pub,and wow did she look good,i nearly cum in my pant's seeing her in that short skirt and low cut top, and was it cold they where standind out a mile.

as the night passed more and more people when home,when zoe asked me for a dance, so being a horny bastard by now i said yes, she was moving in a way that she kept rubbing against me, and yes i was rock hard and she knew what she was doing,she then lokked at me and said let's go to mine...i didn't give her the chance to change her mind i grabbed her arm and walked out,all the way home in the taxi she sat on the other side to me with her leg's ajar,so i could see her damp spot,and was it damp...

when we got to her door before i could even close the door she had dropped to her knee's and she looked me in the eye while unding my fly,and said i've been wait for this all day,at which point she started to suck my cock,and boy could she suck,i thought i was going to blow my load there and then, so i told her to slow down,and lead her upstair's to her bedroom,i stripped off and pulled her on to the bed,you play rough do you?to which i replied i can be as rough as you like,that's when the word's " tie me up and abuse me then" came out her pretty little mouth", so that's what i did..

first i undressed her and tied her hand's to the head board, then i placed a blindfold on,that's when the fun began,i'd been looking at that pussy all the way home and now it was time to taste it,so i straddle zoe so my cock was in line with her mouth and i started to fuck her mouth, at the same time i was licking at her clit,it tasted wonderful, and the feel of my cock in her throat was good too,i could myself about to shoot my load,what did i do but before i could say anything i'd cum shooting my load in her mouth, she gave a choking sound, i asked her if she was ok,to which she repied, that was nice, now it's my turn,so i licked her harder and worked at her pussy plus i started in open up her arse and by the sound's she was making she enjoyed it,and it wasn't long before her body started to shake,and yes seeing her jucies trickle out made me want to lick them all up..

are ready for some more i asked? which came to reply,abuse me so i placed the tip of my cock by her pussy and with one great big push i rammed it in all the way,and boy did she like that,she screamed out yes, so i knew that i was having to fuck this girl hard and deep,and the hard and deeper the louder she was,shouting abuse me,fuck me harder,shove a finger in my ass,so instead of a finger i put both hand's around her and used my thumb's and pulled her apart, she loved it,so i used more finger's and really opened her up, now was the time i thoght,i whipped my cock out and rammed it up her ass, she screamed" fuck it fuck it now" it seemed like i was fucking her ass for age's, i could feel my cock getting ready to unload again, so i pulled it out and put it in her mouth,to swallow what i was about to shoot....

meeting zoe tomorrow night so watch this space