Written by iliketolick

16 Jun 2007

DEBS: As the sun rose my bedroom became bathed in light and I felt myself being roused by the new day. I threw back the covers, stepped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom for my shower. It was the first day of my holidays and it felt good not to have to get ready for work.

In the bathroom I switched on the shower and stepped under the stream of water. It felt good on my bare skin, the temperature slightly cooler than usual due to the warm weather we'd been experiencing. The water trickled over my skin, goosebumps on the surfacing, small streams of the water running between my breast, down my stomach and disappearing between the gap at the top of my legs. It felt so nice that I couldn't resist moving my hand down and sliding it over my pussy. I let one finger enter my vagina where it was warm and I moved it around, enjoying the sensation. Knowing that I would get carried away if I let myself, I finished my shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I liked to dry naturally in the warm air before donning my bikini and readying myself for a day of relaxation and sunbathing.

MARK: I had been needing to go back and work on this tree for weeks. It needed servere pruning and the owners were getting fed up with my excuses, excuses that were half real half made up. Truth was I was hoping for a scorching hot day. Which it had been for the last 4 days now, but I'd been so tied up with other jobs. Now I had a day free and was round to cut the tree back.

Why did I want a hot day? Well being up the tree aforded me an excellent view of the neighbours garden, and the woemn that lived there was so hot. One of those times where you just feel an instant physical need and emotional link with someone that just makes the heart pump .. . and my cock stiffen, which it was doing just now at the thought of her.

She had bene outside poutting out the washing last time I had been round checking the tree to see how much work was needed. My eyes were just drawn to he incredibly sexy bum, her jeans stretching taught as she bent to the basket to pick up an item of clothing to put on the line . . . and when she started to hang her underware on the line, well it was all I could do to hide my erection from the client as I was purusing the tree.

My aim had been to be outside working on a hot sunny day and hope she would be home, maybe drop a branch or two into her garden, and have to go round and apologise and offer to remove them from her garden ... . . or maybe she would come out and sun bathe in the garden, enjoying the sun, inviting me to view her delicatble body.

I felt like a teenager again, heart pounding, anticipation in my step, waiting to see what the day would bring. I parked outside the house I was to work at and started carrying my tools round to the garden, feeling the suns rays biting alreday and chasing away the nights dew . . .

DEBS: As soon as I stepped outside the back door the heat hit me, it was a fabulous day, perfect for sunbathing. My favourite spot was near the end of the garden where only the trees were visible and I was out of sight of the next house. I spread my towel on the grass and sat myself down on it and reached for my suncream out of the bag.

Massaging the suncream into my soft skin was actually quite a turn on for me. I looked around and couldn't see or hear anyone around. After covering my arms and shoulders with the cream I removed my bikini top and began to rub the cream all over my breasts. It felt very good and I was definitely aroused by the feel of the cool cream and my own hands touching my own breasts. After covering my breasts I did my stomach and then felt the irresistable urge to play with my pussy that was becoming rather wet. Surely I shouldn't get aroused so easily but I just couldn't help it.

I quickly covered my legs with the suncream and laid down on my back. My hand slipped inside my bikini bottoms and I slowly squeezed my clitoris, I would have to make myself cum. Whether I should do it or not, it felt too good to stop and there was no one to see. What possible harm could it do?

MARK: My God!! I couldn't believe it. All those fanatsy's of happening upon watching a sexy women, of her stripping off and the touching herself . . and there in front of me was this most gorgeous of women, topless with her hand in her panties playing with herself . . . . .

From the moment she had stepped out of her house and walked down the lawn, her breasts bouncing in her tight bikini top, her legs seeming to go on forever to her sexy bikini bottoms, my cock had been stirring and starining against my pants . . . . and as for when she took off her top and massaged her breasts, well I just had to reach inside and untangle my cock. It was pressed up hard aginst my stomach, my knob poking out from my shorts, feeling red hot against my skin . . . her breasts look so good, so full and ripe, her nipples so gorgeous, my toungue was just longing to lick them. She massaged the cream in so well, so erotically that I could see she was excited, her nipples were getting so big . . then when she teased her nipples as she lay donw, and then slid her hand into her bikini bottoms, well . . ..

Now she was lying down, and my vantage point was not so good. I needed to go slightly higher in the tree or go lower and walk up to the fence and find a spy hole . .. . I decided to go higher and peek over. I manouve myself to a slightly higher position in the tree, very quietly and slowly, seeing all of hr again, marvelling at her beauty. God I am so hard, I really need to play, like her . . dare I pull out my cock and masturbate watching her masturbate . . at this rate I'd have too . ..

DEBS: I couldn't believe what I was doing but there was no one around and I was incredibly aroused. I slipped a finger inside my pussy and moved it around, exploring myself, my thumb rubbing against my clit and making me wetter than ever. What I wouldn't give for some gorgeous, sexy guy to come into my garden right now and fuck me. What was I thinking? I'm a married woman. I felt a pang of guilt.

A noise above me stirred me from my thoughts. Something rustled in the nearby tall trees and I froze. Then I realised I was being silly, as if someone would be up in the trees, it would be a bird. My thoughts returned to what my hands were doing and pushing a second finger into my pussy. The sensation that created in me caused me to involuntarily arch my back in delight. For a moment I imagined there had been a man watching me from the trees and found that this made me even hornier. I would put a show on for him like he'd never seen.

Thinking along these lines, I used both hands on my pussy, one to hold open my lips as if I were revealing myself to this imaginary man, my other to push into myself and give myself an orgasm. I pushed them in harder and began to simulate fucking myself. Gentle moans escaped from me and I pushed my breasts into the air, arching my back again, wanting a mouth to be above me to take my nipples into it, pulling on them and sucking them. As I did this I opened my eyes - there was someone in the trees watching. There was that gorgeous man who'd been to my neighbour's house to see about doing some garden work for them. My first response was to cover myself up but something about him stopped me.

MARK: Oh god!! She was looking straight at me!!! I was hanging in the tree from one hand, leaning right out to get a better view, other hand grasped around my cock, moving in a gentle rythm, keeping the excitement at a peak, so enjoying the moment.

My heart was pounding in my chest, my cock throbbing, my muscles aching from the balance required. And she was lust looking. Looking staright at me, then at my cock, then back at me. Then a slight smile. God, she really wnated me to look!! I thiught she had earlier, when she seemed so engrossed in what she was doing yet showing herself so revealingly to me . . but I thought I must have been fantasing, wishing her to be aware of me . ...

Slowly she parted he legs more, and very gently slid her finger along the wet opening of her pussy, then put the wet moist finger into her mouth and suck it all dry . . .. .

I ease my self back more comfortably intot he tree, and watch, now so excited. What do I do now? A thought flashed through my mind, and withotu pausing I acted on it. I pulled my t-shirt up over ny head. dropped it to the ground, then stepped out of my boots, trousers and pants, and then stood in the tree, naked before her, my cock twitching in the hot sunny day, displayed for her . . .. .

DEBS: This was better that anything I could have imagined! He was standing in the tree totally naked now and was pulling on his cock. The sensation was so new to me - we were strangers, simulating sex, yet separate from each other. It was incredibly horny and not something I'd envisaged when deciding to sunbathe today.

I had to have him! But first I wanted to watch him wank in the tree. I blew him a kiss and began playing with my pussy and breasts, fervently rubbing and pulling at my clit and nipples to really arouse myself even further. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside me and was urged even further by the site of him wanking. His cock was so big and hard as he pulled on it and I could tell that he wasn't going to last much longer. With a few more pulls I saw his cum spurt out of him and wished he'd been stood over me so that it could have gone onto my breasts where I would have massaged it into my naked skin.

I indicated to him with my finger for him to come round to my house....