Written by shyguy694you

17 Aug 2007

He sat on the train staring vacantly out of the window, the rain slowly zig zagging its way down diagonally as it sped through the open fields partitioned by country lanes, hedge rows and ditches. He subconsciously rubbed his thumb in a circular motion on the display screen of his mobile, once a sign that he was expecting a call but now more through habit than anything else.

He looked at the screen to find the time and work out how much longer it would be until he reached his destination, and more importantly, how long it would be until he bumped into her again. He flicked open his messages and read through his inbox to remind himself what she had texted, and his outbox for what he had sent.

Butterflies flittered within his stomach through the anticipation of meeting her again and catching her eye as she glances back. She consumed his thoughts, and the desire that raged conjured up one fantasy after the other, making it difficult for him to concentrate on anything else.

The door of the first class cabin slid open as the conductor asked for tickets slightly startling him in the process, he reached into his pocket and casually passed it over, disguising any embarrassment that may have occurred. Nothing was said by the conductor, and he deliberately avoided eye contact just in case he gave the game away.

The conductor stamped the ticket after briefly staring at it, deciphering eligible coding that only the conductor would know before passing it back. The door slid shut behind the conductor, leaving him alone once more with his thoughts.

Sitting in a first class was good, as it more often than not meant you had a seat, but getting a cabin all by yourself just meant your mind was more likely to run wild without any distractions at hand. He shuffled in his seat and breathed out deeply in attempt to refocus his thoughts, he switched the laptop on, and waited for it to load so to sieve through the e-mails leaving him less to do when getting in to work the following day.

As he read away, nothing sunk in, all he could do was filter messages into read later and delete piles, knowing full well that any message he tried to digest would be gone again by morning. The simpler messages that required no thought other than the mundane, he wrote replies, allowing him to at least send them off in quick succession once he hooked up to the system.

He continued to look at the time in the corner of his laptop and knew that it wasn't far away until she would be getting on, he breathed deeply once more, psyching himself up and re-composing himself before the train stopped at the station. He felt nervous and was conscious of his hands shaking, he just hoped that it didn't come across when he spoke to her.

Once the train stopped, the wait was difficult to bare, part of him hoping that she would miss the connection and catch up with him later, giving him had a chance to get a few drinks in to calm his nerves. The door slid open, he looked up to see her walk in, he smiled nervously and sat back into his seat only to mutter a few words to ask if she was all right.

She said nothing but smiled and nodded back as her boss walked in behind her, oblivious to what was happening between them. He tried hard not to stare at her, so not to draw attention to himself from her colleague, without the same restriction she continued to smile back every time he chanced a look at her, partially hiding her face as she done so which just added fuel to his already raging fire.

He avoided her gaze from then on, mostly looking down at her shapely body and for what he craved for between her legs, she saw him staring and casually opened her legs apart slightly, not enough to see anything, but enough to let him know that she wanted it too. He could feel himself getting uncomfortable, he wished there was no one else about so he could fuck her there and then, instead he moved his hands in the way to prevent anyone seeing his predicament.

Fortunately the remaining leg of the journey didn't last too much longer, he pulled his mobile out of his pocket and texted her instead of talking, looking up every now and again with a wry smile on his face. The text weren't one that needed a reply, just one that indicated his intent to her, even though he had already spelled it out on several occasions before, this however was the closest he'd been to her when saying it.

He continued to pretend he was fiddling with his phone just to give the impression that him sending and her receiving the text were not linked. Her mobile bleeped in her bag so he looked over from the corner of his eye to see her reaction when she read it, she looked at for a while making him think that it wasn't from him. She began to blush ever so slightly and sighed before moving her eyes across to him that only meant one thing.

He'd timed the message well, as the train pulled into the station, everyone gathered their bags and waited in the corridor for the doors to open and for them to make their way to their final destinations. He waited for her to leave the cabin first then joined the queue behind her, pressing up closed to her so she could feel how aroused he was, this move was out of character for him but he couldn't hold back and wanted to know how she would respond, hoping that she wasn't going to move away.

She did not, instead she pushed back hard against him, sighing deeply again and her head lolling down in the process. It had been a long time since anyone actually wanted him like that and the feeling sent judders all over his body, he began to throb, without any stimulation he almost came, such was the tension and the amount he had worked himself up.

The feeling felt great, and remained even though she had moved away and alighted from the train. He deliberately went the other way from her, only stopping long enough for her to look back, she did so with a big smile across her face and noticeably reddened cheeks, he smiled back and waved before turning and heading for the hotel which he knew she was staying at as well.

His mind was now a complete mess, doubt lingered there still, but the thrill and the anticipation was overwhelming such was the lust and desire that churned within. The short walk disappeared in a blink and soon he was on the way up to the stairs to find the room he had just checked into, get rid of his bags and go out for a much needed drink.

He left it an hour before texting her again, knowing full well that it wasn't going to be as easier for her to get away from his boss any time soon. The reply was as expected, they were going out to eat then heading back later on, she made it clear though that it would be early so that she can be back early, the exclamation mark at the end didn't need explaining he knew she didn't want to wait any longer than he did either.

Even though he didn't feel hungry, he forced himself out anyway, hungry or not it would save pacing up and down in the room and continuously changing the channel on the TV until it was time. On his way back he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he answered to hear her breathing on the other end, he said nothing, just waited knowing full well what was going through her mind, this was it, he just waited for her to get the words out, her voice quivered slightly as she spoke briefly before putting the phone down.

He got back quickly and went to his room to clean himself up, before walking down the corridor to where she would be waiting. The nervousness she had the phone and he had earlier returned, causing him to pause momentarily before knocking on the door.

He breathed deeply and looked down to his feet as he waited for her to open the door, she opened it slowly giving him a moment to straighten himself up before he saw her. He looked into her eyes and smiled as he walked passed stopping just inside for her to close the door behind, he took a lingering glance at her as she did so and there wasn't anything he could think off that he didn't want to do with her.

He looked back up to her eyes to see they had changed: there was a lustful determination about her now that instantly made him hard. She stared unblinkingly at him whilst walking passed to lead him into the room: no words were said or needed to be, as he walked behind her looking at the shapely arse in front of him.

He stepped closer to her as she walked, placing both hands on her shoulders gently, she stopped with is touch and glanced sideways and waited. He edged closer until his head was next to hers, he paused to breath in her scent, closed his eyes and pecked her softly on her neck a couple of times before caressing it with his tongue and kissing it gently.

He moved his hands down from her shoulders, sliding them effortlessly over the smooth satin material of her negligee until his hands cupped her breasts and slowly massaged them. He couldn't believe this was happening to him, it felt surreal at first but wanted to make sure that it was perfect.

He felt her breasts harden under his grip and occasionally teased her nipples in the process. She hadn't done anything yet, but she didn't need to, her breathing had become deeper and faster, and she moved her body to excite herself more.

She moved her hands on top of his as he continuously caressed her breasts and stomach, her breathing turned into a pant and she began to groan behind pursed lips. She grabbed one of his hands and lead it down to her pussy lifting the hem up with her other, her breathing quickened with anticipation of his touch, and his kissing paused so he could too experience the moment fully.

He felt the heat, then the soft sodden pussy, it felt amazing and he told her so, she groaned louder making his cock throb continuously, causing his balls to ache as it was all he could do not cum instantly. She stroked the back of his hand whilst he slowly moved it, deliberately avoiding touching her hard clit directly or slipping his finger inside even though way she moved told him exactly what she wanted, and he wanted it too.

Her hands moved away, then he felt them against his thighs, slowly working their way up to his crotch, as they moved in he slowed his movements until he stopped altogether, distracted by her first touch on his cock within his trousers. He rested his head on her shoulder his attention completely drawn away.

She rubbed her hands up and down before feeling for the zip and reaching inside, it was his time to moan and mutter in her ear. He moved his hand off her breasts and undone the button on his trousers to allow them to fall down and for her to reach in with both hands, after gripping she turned round quickly and knelt down, she held him still as she opened her mouth and slowly moved forward so his cock disappeared inside.

The warmth felt good and after only a few slow movements of her mouth the floodgates were opened, a moment he had waited for, for so long had arrived, he moaned and went to pull away but she didn't allow him to. She continued, sucking on him harder and taking him further inside, until he came, he groaned with pleasure and gently stroked the back of her head as she paused then continued to suck.

Instead of feeling weakened, he felt more eager then ever to take her, and only after a matter of seconds he was hard again. He pulled her back to her feet, and pressed himself against her, he ran his fingers through her hair grabbing a handful in the process, he paused only to look at her before pressing his lips against hers, she didn't resist and kissed him back just as passionately.

He moved his other hand back down, feeling her tight arse, pausing briefly to clench it within his hand before pulling the hem of her negligee up to run his hand down the crack of her arse until they slipped easily on the juice that seeped from within, he hitched her up and slipped his finger in until it moved in and out without resistance.

With his other hand, he moved away from her hair to hitch her leg up, she knew what was happening and eagerly grabbed his cock and positioned it between her legs. He didn't put it in straight away more intent on working her up first: he moved his cock against her whilst continually massaging her with his finger.

He couldn't resist any longer, he had yearned to feel himself inside her and there was no point teasing himself and her more than was necessary. He moved his hand away and hitched up her other leg, she placed her arms around his neck and continued to kiss him as he done so, then took a sharp intake off breath when he slid his cock inside her.

She felt soft, his cock pushing deep inside without any resistance. With her arse clasped within his hands, he moved her back of forth as she simultaneously rotated her pelvis to optimise her enjoyment, groaning quietly every time he thrust himself in.

Slowly he stepped to the bed and placed her on top, she kept her arms and legs clenched tightly around him, with him only stopping momentarily to take his arms away to allow him do longer strokes. She relaxed as he continued, placing her hands on his arse and back, feeling his tensed muscles under the skin flex on every inward and outward stroke.

Her grip tightened, encouraging him to speed up as she approached climax, writhing under his constant attentions. He placed a hand under her back and moved her further on the bed, he sat up and raised her legs, thrusting faster and faster as her breathing went out of sync causing her to gulp in air.

Wetting his thumb, he placed it on her clit and began massaging it in circles: her clit was hard and flitted from side before he found the spot he was looking for. She arched her back, raising her pelvis off the bed as she came, tensing up before falling to bed groaning loudly and moving subtly with every pulse within.

He continued, slowing only to be in tune with her movements, he could feel her grip his cock and watching her cum nearly made him follow suit. He stopped, still feeling her grip on his cock as her orgasm began to fade: he slowly pulled out before loosing control.

He kissed her gently on the lips then slowly moved down her body, kissing her bare flesh on the way down, loitering only to tease her nipples and suck gently on them with her tongue. He continue to move down only stopping once he had reached her moist pussy, her blew on it gently before kissing it softly then tentatively reaching out with his tongue onto her sensitive clit.

Her cum slowly oozed out of her pussy which he lapped up readily, it tasted great and pushed his tongue in deeper to tease the remaining excesses into his mouth. He continue to kiss and move his tongue over and around her pussy until he sensed she was ready for more, she raised her legs and clasped his head as he moved up, down, left and right, occasionally pulling his head closer to her and raising her pelvis inviting to push his tongue deep inside her.

Moving his hand in, he touched her with his fingers, intermittently at first, then slid them up her inner thigh until slowly easing them inside after wetting them first, with his tongue concentrating on her clit, pulling the skin above tight to expose it completely. He flicked his tongue rapidly over the surface of her clit whilst twisting his fingers within to get the right contact.

Slowly he increased the speed of which he moved his fingers in, every now and again pulling them out so to allow his tongue to taste her. She began moan louder until she pulled at him, wanting him to mount her again, he obliged, crawling back on top of her and sliding himself back in, he was glad that urge to come had subsided and was it least able to enjoy fucking her slowly.

He hardly moved, pressing firmly against her moving his pelvis subtly so to maintain her arousal. She relaxed into moaning quietly to herself, he kissed her gently on the neck and teased the lobe of her ear with his tongue. Minutes passed and her moans grew longer now as the stimulation gradually increased without any change in rhythm.

Her movements came more exaggerated with her pelvis now moving in tune with his to increase the stimulation she was feeling, she pushed him off and rolled him onto his back, taking over the lead role. She guided him in and sat on him, gyrated her pelvis momentarily before stooping over him moving up and down, her breasts moved with her in front of his face inviting him to cup them in both hands and suckle on each of them in turn.

She began to increase speed forcing him to let go and hold her waist to aid her and force himself in deeper, now he wasn't in control he could feel himself welling up again but knew that she too couldn't be far away either. She reared up and began moving her pelvis instead of rising up and down, stimulating her clit as well as her cunt.

It was no good, he couldn't hold on any longer against her rapid motion, she began groaning sending him over the edge with her following only a second later, she moaned loudly and fell forward breathing heavily. He held her and slowly pushed in moving slowly to maintain the feeling as long as possible.

They were both knackered, and the whole experience was amazing and well worth the wait. She moved her legs up but remained on top with him inside whilst they kissed for the while longer, later she moved off and lay beside him where they fondled each other until they fell asleep.

The next day they had gone their separate ways, and like before, the text was the only way they would communicate until the next set of circumstances would allow them meet up once more.