Written by novemberguy

19 Aug 2005

Oh great! The Thick Twins have arrived.

Well, they're not really twins, just brothers, but boy are they are thick! Not enough going on between their ears to power a 1 watt bulb. Don't suppose you need an IQ over 100 to be a farm labourer though.

You are standing behind the bar of a country pub where, to give you an excuse to get out of the house whilst your boyfriend is away, you've taken a part-time job as barmaid. The number of customers isn't that great but, as they are mostly blokes on their own, you do get a few drinks bought for you and a lot of compliments.

It's not that you're vain but all women like to be appreciated don't they? And with a body like yours it would be a crime not to show it off a little.

'Two pints of the usual please sweetheart' says Mick, the eldest of the two. As you stretch up to get the glasses, you know that both of them will be watching your already short skirt rise even further, checking out your legs. If you stretched a little further, they'd be able to see your stocking tops but, you decide, it's a bit early in the evening for that.

Turning back to the bar and pulling their pints, you can feel them staring at your cleavage. You may not have the biggest tits in the world but they are possibly the best and they are definitely very nicely presented – Agent Provocateur certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to a basque.

'Wouldn't mind gettin me hands on those, Davy boy' says Mick to his slightly younger brother.

'Me too' chips in Dave

'Dream on boys. That'll be £4.80 please'

Handing over a fiver, Mick finally drags his eyes from your cleavage to look you in the face.

'Keep the change, darlin'. So generous!

The boys go over to the dartboard and you move on to serve another customer.

It's a quiet night so you have plenty of time to daydream. Those brothers may be thick but, from what you can see, that farm work keeps them fit. They are both wearing jeans and t-shirts, both of which are quite tight and show of their bodies to good advantage. Those arms look pretty muscular. Sneaking a glance at the front of their trousers, you start to wonder what they are like in the cock department. Mary, one of your fellow barmaids has had Mick and reckons that he is hung like a horse. It's been a while since anything other than your trusty vibrator was between your legs and just thinking about a big cock is starting to get you going. Your mind wanders off, to a place where you are getting as much cock as you like when your reverie is broken by Old Jim shouting for another pint of mild.

Still with that warm, slightly damp, feeling between your thighs, you take his glass and start to pull his beer. After a couple of seconds, the flow splutters and stops. Wonderful! The bloody barrel's gone and Steve, the landlord, has buggered off early to see his girlfriend.

Nipping down to the cellar, you find that the only full barrel of mild is under a barrel of lager and, to get to it, you'd have to lift the lager barrel down. Being an independent woman, you don't normally rely on men for anything, other than cock, but you have to admit they do, occasionally, have their uses and heavy lifting is one of them. Remembering the size of Mick and Dave's arms, you go back up to the bar and call them over.

'Can one of you boys help me move a barrel?'

'I'll help you, darlin' says Mick quickly, before his brother can answer.

'Come on then' you respond and lead him down the steps into the cellar. Pointing out the barrels you want moved and where you want them moved to, you stand back and let him get on with it.

With no apparent effort, Mick lifts the lager barrel down and moves the mild barrel over to the pipes. As he does so, you watch his muscles bulge and a slight sheen form on them.

'Thanks Mick, you can go back upstairs now. I just need to connect these up'

However, Mick doesn't move and, bending over to connect up the pipes, you know that he is staring at your legs and ass.

Your earlier daydreaming must have got to you more than you thought because for no reason other than sheer naughtiness, you bend over far further than you need to whilst keeping your legs straight. As you expected, this causes your skirt to ride up so far that Mick can clearly see your stocking tops and probably even the first inch or so of your new, lacy, black panties.

The thought of this muscle-bound idiot seeing practically everything you've got adds to the warmth between your legs and, driven by this warmth, you move around the barrel now so that when you bend over again, Mick gets an eyeful of your marvellous cleavage. Risking a quick glance up, you see Mick, as you thought, staring straight at your tits. Dropping your eyes from his face to his groin, you see an unmistakable bulge that seems to be getting bigger before your very eyes. Looks like Mary was telling the truth!

The heat between your legs, the bulge in his trousers and the fact that you haven't had a real cock for weeks go to your head and, standing up and walking around the barrel, you move in front of Mick, thrust out your chest and say

'Still want to get your hands on them?'

There's a brief pause while a confused look makes its way across Mick's face and then realization dawns and a big smile comes up. Stepping closer to you, his hands come up and he grabs a breast with each and starts kneading them.

You usually like a bit more finesse in your lovers but, for some reason, his approach seems to be the one you need right now. Reaching up, you undo the front of your blouse and pull it back to give him easier access to you. His shovel-like hands pull at the front of your basque and your breasts come free. With a grunt of appreciation, he drops his head down to your chest and takes your right nipple into his mouth. Again, his technique leaves a lot to be desired but, regardless, your nipple hardens in his mouth and you thrill to the sensation of his tongue flicking back and forth across it. At the same time, his other hand continues to knead your left breast.

As he continues with his cumbersome ministrations, you feel your pussy getting wetter and your lips opening. You squeeze your thighs together, relax them and repeat the process. Umm, that's nice.

However, nice as this feels, you know that your pussy needs more attention and placing your hands on top of his head, you push Mick down in front of you. He may be thick but he catches on quick.

His hands move down from your breasts to your groin and, hooking a thumb into either side of your panties, he pulls them down to your knees. A rush of cold air briefly cools your hot pussy but, almost immediately, this is replaced by Mick's hot breath as he moves his face closer to you. You hear him breathe in deeply as he inhales your scent – the sweet, warm musk of a woman who is hot, wet and getting very ready.

After a second or two, he stretches out a tentative tongue and starts to lick around your outer lips. His touch is like electricity and a shock runs up your body, from your pussy to your throat and you let out a slight whimper. Hearing this, Mick takes it as his cue to carry on and pushes his face right into you. He brings both hands up and, using his thumbs again, pulls your outer lips wide open. Can they go any wider? Burying his nose into your pubis, he starts to ram his tongue back and forth into your steamy little hole. It's like a tiny, wriggly, cock pounding into you, touching all those important places inside.

You push his face hard against you and thrust your pussy forward. Hope he can breathe through his ears! You both settle down to an easy rhythm, him thrusting back and forth with his tongue and you grinding your pussy gently into his face. At the same time, you bring one hand up and start playing with your nipples – feels good. Gradually, the heat inside you rises and, surprisingly, you start to feel an orgasm build. This is much too soon!

Reluctantly, you stop playing with your tits and pull his face away from you. He looks up questioningly and you can see your juices glistening on his face. God, that looks horny!

Without saying anything, you pull him upright as you drop to your knees. The bulge in his trousers is huge now and you can't wait to see it. Swiftly, you undo his belt and zip and tug his jeans down over his thighs. As his jeans come down so do his shorts and his cock flips into view. Wow! It's thick and long – just the way you like them.

Taking him in your hand, you run your tongue round the base of the shaft and get the taste of a horny man. The building orgasm that you felt before is just bubbling away inside you but takes a sight lurch as you take in his taste and smell.

Grabbing his balls with one hand, you use the other to guide his cock into your wide open mouth. As he feels your hot lips engulf him, Mick lets out a groan. You're not surprised – most men do that when you start to give them a blowjob!

You slide in a few more inches and the head of his cock bumps against the back of your mouth. Slowly at first, you start to slide your mouth back and forth on him, running your fingernails gently over his balls at the same time. His hips buck forward as he tries to fuck your mouth – have to be careful, a cock like this could choke you!

Gradually, you build your speed, bobbing up and down on his lovely, meaty cock. He is matching your rhythm now and you taste the unmistakeable tang of pre-cum seeping from him. You start to speed up even more but suddenly, you feel Mick stop thrusting and his body goes tense – Oh no, he's not going to cum so soon is he?

Then you hear a slight noise over by the cellar steps and, out of the corner of your eye, you can see Mick's brother Dave stood on the bottom step. Mick has just frozen in position, with his hand on your head and his cock buried in your mouth. Slipping him out of your mouth, you turn to face Dave. He is looking straight at your bare ass and pussy that, because your skirt is still ridden up, he can get a good view of. Realizing that you have both stopped moving, his glance flicks up to your face and, seeing you look straight at him, he blushes slightly but does not look away. He too has a large bulge in his trousers although not quite as big as Mick's and, seeing this, you decide that now is as good a time as any to live out one of your favourite fantasies – two men at once.

'Want to join in Davy boy?' you ask

He nods and practically runs across the cellar floor to join you both.

'Eat me' is all you need to say and he drops to his knees behind you and starts to eat your throbbing pussy like there's no tomorrow.

Resuming your cock sucking, you feel your bubbling orgasm immediately start to rise up as you realise what you are doing and, almost without warning, it breaks through you like a tidal wave. Feelings of pure pleasure wash over you, your pussy getting wetter and wetter. Dave is practically drinking your juice now and you can hear delicious, wet, slobbery noises as he tries to keep up with your output. Your whole body starts to buck and thrash as you give yourself over to the orgasm and Dave has to fight to keep his face between your thighs. The only things keeping you from falling over are Dave's hands on your hips and Mick's hands in your hair. You can't really concentrate on the blowjob anymore but just make sure to keep as much of his cock as possible in your mouth while you cum. After about 30 seconds that seemed like 30 minutes, your orgasm subsides and, sliding Mick's cock out of your mouth, your head slumps forward as you pant for breath. It didn't last long but that was one very intense orgasm. Finally living out a fantasy had a remarkable effect!

In your post-orgasmic haze, you feel Dave taking his tongue out of your tight, sweet, dripping pussy and standing up. Mick is also moving and you realise that they are swapping places. Mick shuffles round behind you and, without any preamble, pushes the huge head of his cock into you. You feel like you are being stretched more than you've ever been stretched before. There is a little pain but this is soon replaced with pleasure as he pushes himself deep inside you. As he slides the last couple of inches home, you give out a low moan and, taking this as his opportunity, Dave slips his slightly smaller but still substantial cock into your mouth.

You automatically close your lips around him and, grasping the shaft with one hand start to give him one of those blowjobs that your boyfriend likes so much. Mick meanwhile has started the slow fucking motion of a man who is used to women taking a little while to get used to the size of his cock. Normally, that might be the case but you are so fucking wet and wide that he doesn't need to be careful – you just want him ramming into you. You signal this to him by bucking back against him as hard as you can and, getting the message he picks up his speed and starts to ram his big fat cock into your incredibly wet pussy. At the same time, Dave is stroking his cock back and forth in your hot willing mouth. If your boyfriend could only see you now – he'd probably cum on the spot!

Thinking of your boyfriend just makes you even hornier and, within a minute or two, you feel a second orgasm starting to build inside you. This time, you don't want to delay it and are happy to keep sucking and fucking for all you are worth.

The boys are pounding you at both ends and your hear them start to grunt and take shorter breaths as they too start to build up to orgasm.

Mick uses his hand to pull your arse cheek aside and, after wetting his thumb starts to rub it over your tight little asshole – umm you start to squirm, that always gets you going a little more.

All three of you are nearly there now and are sweating and slipping against each other as you fuck like wild animals.

It doesn't take much longer before you feel Mick's strokes start to shorten and his grunting get louder. He grips your hips hard and bangs into you quick and hard for a last few strokes before, with one last thrust and a low moan, he starts to shoot his spunk into you.

As you feel the first spurt of cum, you too go over the edge and start to have a second orgasm. If it's possible, this one is even more intense that the last. Your eyes are screwed tight shut and all you can see a deep blue-blackness that you sink further and further into as your orgasm takes over. Your body starts to shake and quiver and spasm after spasm, starts in your pussy and runs through to every extremity. You would be screaming out if it weren't for Dave holding your head onto his cock.

The sight of his brother and you both cumming is too much for him and Dave starts to buck into your mouth. There's nothing you could do, even if you wanted to, his grip on your head is so tight. The splash of the first spurt of his salty cum at the back of your mouth just adds to the incredible feelings of pleasure that are pulsing through you. You drink down his cum hungrily as jet after jet of it your mouth, while his brother is filling your pussy with even more spunk. Wow, this is exactly how you thought it would be. Truly a fantasy cum true!

All too soon your lovers spend their last few drops into you and pull their cocks free. You are still in a post-coital euphoria as they shove their slackening, sticky cocks back into their jeans and head for the stairs. Not even a word or a kiss but then this wasn't about love, this was just about raw, unfettered, animalistic sex. Pure fucking. Just wanted you wanted and needed.

Feeling absolutely fantastic, you manage to stand up (your poor sore pussy!), rearrange your clothing to some semblance of decency and make your way back up to the bar.

'About bloody time too' snarls Old Jim 'What the bloody hell have you been doing down there?'

'Oh, just clearing out a few pipes' you reply with a wink and a wicked grin.