Written by alex_varde

24 Jun 2009

After doing the odd (ahem) research early last night I found myself again working throughout the late evening and night. It wasn't till the early hours of the morning I found my way to bed having just finished my latest piece to a website stateside. The theme was the usual naughty threeway and being a somewhat promiscuous lad myself as per usual I found inspiration from my own life as a living and breathing open-minded, bi-sexual lad.

At eleven o'clock this morning the alarm clock went off. Having only enjoyed a few hours of sleep at first I found myself slightly disorientated to say the least. Sat up in bed all weary-eyed cursing the noise and at the same time thinking why on earth I had set the buzzer this early.

Rolling out of bed staggering to the bathroom for a morning wee it all came back to me while splashing cold water onto my tired face. Today Gav, my old classmate from college, would come for a visit and stay with me for a few days. How could I forget that, like. Haven't seen him since he moved to the capital more than a year ago and we've planned his trip to mine for weeks already.

Leaving the bathroom and entering the kitchen shortly after I glanced at the clock on the microwave oven. If I remembered correctly his train would get in at half past noon. That gave me about an hour an a half to sort out the flat a bit, grab a shower and do a quick shopping for ales before going to the station to meet him.

I live in a roof flat by the town river with the town park just on the other side. The station is in the opposite direction but again still only a few hundred yards or so away and it wouldn't take me long to get there so an hour and a half was probably spot on. Good thinking last night, Batman.

The flat was sorted to a degree of not upsetting a fellow bachelor in no time and going downstairs collecting the morning papers at the mailboxes at the building floor I soon found myself in a somewhat tidy flat, less tired and really looking forward to seeing and spending some quality time with my old buddy again.

Went to the bathroom. Turned the shower on and by the time I'd undressed the water was spot on in temperature. Sorting myself with a fluffy towel I soon found myself standing right under the warm stream of water hitting the top of my back and shaven head ever so gently. Soaping myself in and without having enjoyed my usual morning wank, needless to say I instantly got a solid hard-on.

With luvly white bobbles around my trimmed, dark pubes as well as covering my balls and hardened cock my right hand soon enough found its way to our andy who, with the missing morning touches earlier on, craved a bit of seeing to, naturally. Reaching out for a shaving blade and lifting up my cock the last bit so access would be easier I slowly began to shave my balls nicely. Hanging loose still and with the warm water running down my naked body shaving them was fairly easy and within minutes our andy looked even more presentable than just a few minutes earlier.

Putting the razor blade down and soaping myself nicely in again and still very much with a solid hard-on I went on soaping the rest of my body in trying my best to ignore the urge to grab our andy right then and there.

After a few minutes with white, foamy bobbles everywhere there was no way the urge could no-longer be resisted, though, and my right hand went directly to my hard cock. Quickly followed by my left hand which took a firm grip of my freshly shaven balls. Pulling them gently I began to stroke myself off nicely. There's little pleasure for a lad than his very first cum of the day. After a full night with things resting nicely the first cum is always special. Be that in bed, on the sofa or in the shower. Or anywhere else for that matter, the first cum of the day for a lad is special indeed.

Pulling my freshly shaven balls the skin felt gloriously smooth and as I pulled them a bit harder for each repeated pull our andy seemed to get even harder. With hot water splashing down my back and occasionally hitting the top of my shoulders running down the front of my naked body it flattened my dark chest hairs on its way down to my lustful crotch. I closed my eyes and placed my entire body underneath the water and as it kept hitting the top of my head and down both my front and back now I began to stroke myself off nicely. Slowly at first but soon enough I found a steady rhythm and the speed increased bit by bit.

Still pulling my full sack of morning nuts with my left hand within minutes I found myself wanking my hard cock more and more, harder and harder. And with my eyes still closed and with the hot water still very much hitting the top of my head I knew it wouldn't take me long to finish the job at hand. I'm always very horny when I wake up. In fact our andy is often the reason I wake up when he gets in the way of sleeping urging me to grab him under the duvet and strike a good one out. Often before I'm fully awake I begin to touch myself in the mornings and what better way to begin your day than enjoying a great cum like that. I am yet to meet a lad, young or old, who doesn't prefer waking up this way rather than be woken by a bloody alarm clock. An alarm clock is the definitive end to a good night of dreaming all things nice while a good morning wank kicking off nice and slow often just continues where your dreams left thus not ending them at all.

I was now wanking with a speed so hard even Hamilton would've been impressed and just as my breathing reached another level and my pulse got higher still I knew I was getting very close to the finishing line with only the final corner left to turn. With the hot water now hitting my upper body in different places with my knees getting a bit jelly-like from pure lust my balls moved in my left hand. From having dangled nicely they slowly moved upwards with my eager fingers following troop all while I was wanking myself off like a right sinner with my right hand.

I turned around and faced the hot water now splashing down on the front of my body directly onto my rapidly moving fist and as the water hit my dark-red cock head I closed my eyes and bent my head backwards letting the shower take full effect and control of the situation.

And then, just as I was seconds away from shooting the first load of the day the bloody doorbell went!

Tried to ignore it at first and after a few seconds of slowing down my wank I upped the tempo again only to be interrupted a second time by the doorbell.

Knowing that whomever it was standing on the other side of the front door he or she was unlikely to just go away, I let go of our andy and disappointed and very much cursing to myself I grabbed the towel and went to see who it was. With the towel barely wrapped around my lower body I opened the door to find my good old friend from college had found his way to mine on his own. How long had I been in the shower?!

- 'ello matey.

He said, with a grin as he saw how wet I was and barely wearing the towel I was holding in front of me.

- Am I early?

- Nah, mate, it's probably me who's running a bit late, sorry about that.

I said, and returned his grin before opening the door so he could get in.

- I'll just finish the shower, mate, and then I'll be right with you.

I said, as he walked through the tiny hallway and into the kitchen.

- No rush, I'll make myself at home…

He said, with a grin and put his bag down on the kitchen floor while I went back into the bathroom and back in under the hot water.

I hadn't lost my hard-on as such but our andy was more semi-hard now as I began to soap myself in nicely again. I'd probably only been back in the shower a good minute or so when the door, which I had left half open as always, was opened wide and Gav walked in.

- Am dying for a piss, mate, haven't been to the loo since I left early this morning.

With Copenhagen being at the other side of the country his bladder must've been bursting and we both grinned as he went directly to the toilet.

The sound of him unzipping his blue jeans had a very positive reaction on our andy. For a second I thought about turning around so Gav wouldn't notice I was getting a solid hard-on again but decided against it. After all what is a stiff cock between good mates, eh. And it's not like he's not seen me solid before either but he's always been very open-minded, a quality I really like in people, and regardless of him being pretty straight he's always been OK with my mixed sexuality. Even joked about it from time to time like good mates do.

After he'd relieved himself and pulled his cock back into his blue jeans he turned around and walked to the sink to wash his hands like a good one. The hot water had long steamed up the mirror somewhat but looking in his direction I could see he was looking into the mirror anyway.

I wasn't touching myself as such; still only letting my hands soap my body in nicely but I was now back to having a proper solid hard-on again. When he turned around facing me after having washed his hands and noticed how our andy was pointing directly away from me he grinned and pointed at my crotch:

- Someone's happy to see me!

We both grinned at that without saying anything; allot can be said with just a smile. He didn't look like someone about to leave the bathroom just yet and being a naughty lad and knowing my good friend well, of course, I let a hand slide down my upper body on each side of my tummy till they reached my privates. Then I grabbed my hard cock with both hands still with both of us grinning and smirking. And with my good friend standing there looking at me I gave our andy a couple of strokes.

- Looks like a man's job that, mate…

Gav suddenly said, and smiled.

- Aye…

I replied, returning his smile with an even naughtier one before continuing:

- Wanna join me?

He looked at me for a brief moment as if not entirely sure himself but then without a word began to slowly undo his leather belt before unzipping his blue jeans again letting them slide down his slightly hairy thighs and ankles before eventually stepping out of them when they reached the bathroom floor. He wore a pair of marine blue boxer shorts with a noticeable growing bulge inside and when he soon after took his white t-shirt and pulled it over his head before letting that, too, fall to the floor he was soon in his boxers and socks only. The socks then went the same way as his blue jeans and t-shirt and as he bent down to pull them off and getting back in a standing position it was now very clear that he was getting rapidly hard as well.

- Don't mind if I do…

He said, still smiling and now slowly walking towards me there in the hot shower. When he reached me he stopped right in front of me and looked me straight into my Nordic, blue eyes:

- Could do with a good shower after the long train journey…

Still holding our andy in a firm grip with both my hands Gav then moved even closer to me and soon we were both standing under the hot water hitting us both nicely now. Then he reached out for the shampoo placed on the small metal holder on the wall right next to us. Doing so his arm touched mine and still looking directly into each other's eyes we smiled.

He had taken the shampoo bottle and placed right between us in the little space available there between our chests and with his right hand he then squeezed some of it into the palm of his left hand. The shampoo bottle made a quirky sound, which made me look down. And it wasn't till right then that I noticed he was still wearing his marine blue boxers for some reason. They had gone all wet already, of course, and his poorly hidden erection was pushing hard against the wet fabric trying to get out.

Gav followed my glance and looked down as well and grinned:

- Would you mind taking off my shorts, mate… I have shampoo all over my hands.

We both grinned and to this day I still haven't got a clue whether or not he wore the boxers into the shower on purpose for some odd reason or if he forgot all about them in the heat of the moment.

But needless to say I turned out the right little, naughty genie he'd always known I was deep inside and with no words spoken between us and with only the sound of the hot water splashing down on us I moved both my hands away from our andy and grabbed his wet boxers on each side of his waist. Pulled them out about half an inch or so, looked into his eyes and when met by a gloriously naughty smile I looked down again and slowly pulled his wet boxers down a bit. The fabric touching his arse went down the easiest but that's because I made sure the moment would last as long as possible. And because his front needed more attention to detail than his nice, firm cheeks did.

With a hand slowly moving his wet boxers down from each side of his waist the wet fabric soon enough made his hard cock inside even more eager to be freed. I moved my hands a bit further to the front of him letting my fingers slowly slide along the top of his shorts in the process and reaching the front of his boxers I made a large open gab and out sprung his thick, hard cock ever so nicely. Having freed his cock this way I then bent my knees slightly and helped his wet shorts slide down his strong, hairy thighs the best of ways. As they reached the floor of the shower space he stepped out of them one leg after the other and as I threw his soaked shorts towards the floor near the sink and still somewhat kneeled I found myself looking directly into his lush crotch. His thick, hard cock pointing directly at my wet face.

Smiling to myself I didn't touch him at all but got to my feet again and soon found myself standing in front of my good friend as naked and wet as nature had always intended man to be. We stood in front of each other so close and without touching that I could hear him breathe even through the sound of the hot water splashing down on our now both fully naked bodies. And as he put his hands together making the shampoo foam nicely he was soon covered in luvly, white bubbles.

Having soaped his slightly hairy chest in he went on to give his crotch a good soaping, too, before turning around. Facing me with his back now he turned his head to his right, smiled and over his shoulder said:

- Wanna soap in my back, mate?

Did I ever! I had been standing there right in front of one of my oldest friends with both of us having erections hard enough to break an entrance if needed and just enjoyed him soaping himself in with hand movements so slow and provocative that not touching myself while watching him had already proven to be a very tough task indeed. And with a clear request of soaping my good friend's back in on top of that, well, how could I possibly resist and say no.

I reached out for the shampoo bottle as well and within seconds my hands, nicely filled with creamy shampoo, had found their way to his strong shoulders. Combining a proper good soaping in with a light massage his breathing got heavier by the minute. I rubbed his shoulders with hands of experience and we both enjoyed every minute of it.

At one point and without noticing at first, though I'm sure the wonderful Doctor Freud would've argued otherwise, my cock, still rock solid, touched the top of Gav's bottom by accident. He didn't seem to mind at all. So on purpose I simply had to repeat it a couple of minutes later, of course. Again he didn't seem to mind and this time I'd even let our andy stay in contact with his lower back for a bit longer. But what was there not to like after all, it was just two good friends sharing a nice shower doing what the moment was there for and nothing else. And the moment was all for gentle touches between two people having known each other for many years and not the least afraid of how things turned out. After all, if you cannot let your guards down in the company of people you trust then when can you, eh.

With my solid cock touching Gav's lower back for the third time a few minutes later, and this time again fully on purpose, and still giving his strong shoulders a proper good rub and soaping in I slowly moved my firm hands slightly downwards. Soon they had found their way to the sides of his back and waist and as I began to touch him more than actually soaping him in nicely his breathing gained strength. I could hear he was getting used to and very much enjoying having his old friend touch him this way and there was no way I was going to let go now. The principle pleasure moment between good mates is not to care too much and simply live in the moment and God knows both Gav and I excelled this way.

Having soaped his entire back in nicely as well as the top of his bottom cheeks with him still very much facing me with his backside my hands now found their way to his waist line again. Placing a firm hand on each of his sides slowly moving to the front of him within a minute of pleasurable, gentle touches I had now reached his most privates and as I began to soap in his luvly, dark pubes I felt the back of his hard cock touch the back of my hand again and again. Was he really ready for this? Was he really OK having another bloke touch him this way?

I took the chance and to my delight I discovered he was more than ready. He was just as horny as I was, bless him.

From having both his arms resting down the sides of his naked, wet body he now moved them backwards. Touching my thighs with each hand and still facing me with his back he gently and slowly moved his curious hands up and down my hairy thighs. With the hot water smoothing the path of his hands he began to explore further and eventually reached around my naked bum cheeks. With firm grips he took hold of a cheek in each hand of his and squeezed me ever so nicely making me moan slightly in the process, too.

With Gav's hands caressing and squeezing my bum pushing our lustful bodies up against each other, my own hands of more experience had moved from his now soapy pubes further down a bit to the root of his hard cock and as I began to fondle his organ gently he moved his head backwards letting it rest on my hairy chest.

With both his soft yet strong hands caressing my bum cheeks I pressed my naked, wet body up against his letting my hard cock rest from the top of his bum along his arse itself letting him get a feel of the touch of my freshly shaven balls as well as they touched and rubbed against the lower parts of his arse cheeks, too.

Moving my left hand to his sack of nuts my right hand found its way to his glorious shaft and as he continued to squeeze my bum cheeks from behind I slowly but surely began to stroke him off nicely. Slow at first then upping the speed bit by bit just like I had done on my own in the shower before the doorbell rang earlier on. And cupping his lustful sack of balls pulling them ever so gently I soon found myself wanking my good friend off there in the shower in front of me. All while our lustful, naked bodies pressed up against each other.

For several minutes we stood there enjoying the handwork of each other. Him with his firm set of hands soundly around and squeezing my bum cheeks, me wanking him off with increasing speed from behind.

I don't think either of us knew for how long we continued this and I don't expect either of us to really care but at some point I sensed his balls pulling up a bit and with his breathing getting more intense by the second we both knew he was about to offload something good.

And just as expected, within less than a minute and with me now wanking him off faster and faster his firm grip on my bum cheeks loosened slightly and still with his head resting nicely on my hairy chest in a great big moan he shot his creamy load onto not only my stroking right hand but onto the floor of the shower space as well hitting the shower curtain on its way, too.

As his breath returned to a somewhat normal again he gave my bum cheeks a final little squeeze and turned around facing me with a wicked grin on his face:

- That was awesome, mate… Cheers for that!

He said, looking me straight in the eyes. Then he took a hold of his own cock and squeezed the last few drops of hot cum out letting it drip and fall to the shower space floor as well.

Returning his naughty smile I grinned and gave him a blink with an eye. Then he looked down and noticed how I was still very much standing there with a solid hard-on having not yet shot a load myself and without a word he grabbed my hard cock right there in front of me, pushed me gently up against the shower space wall and began to wank me off, too.

Starting out in a somewhat rapid speed and with me already having been close to cumming just before the doorbell went earlier on It didn't take long for my freshly shaven balls to pull up getting ready for climax with my good friend doing a splendid hand job indeed.

With his left hand around my back caressing and squeezing my left bum cheek moving my arse away from the wall a bit he was now wanking me off with impressive speed with his right hand and with my breathing getting heavier by the minute as well now we both knew it was only a matter of time before our andy would do the biz as well.

And with the hot water still hitting the top of both our bodies within a couple of minutes I sensed my balls pulling up getting ready to shoot.

Gav noticed this as well, of course, but kept wanking my hard cock almost furiously now while grinning.

- Go on, mate… Come for me…

He said, and I could do nothing but grant his wishes. I had no control of the situation no more, my cock and entire body was in Gav's power. And within seconds our andy was shooting load after load of hot, creamy cum in the direction of my beloved football shower curtain as well, following in the footsteps of my good friend just minutes earlier. And as I shot my heavy load moaning with exhilarating pleasure he kept wanking me off till the last drops of cum had left the pipes for good.

Looking straight into the eyes of my old college friend while getting my breath back to a somewhat normal and still with Gav stroking my now nicely released cock gently we both grinned and after a few good strokes he let go of our andy and placed a hand on each of my naked, wet shoulders. Still with the hot water splashing down on our naked bodies I gave him a good hug as a way of thanking him not only for finally having sorted out proper plans for visiting me and staying at mine but also for a great shower that I won't forget anytime soon.

Washing ourselves off nicely and drying our freshly released bodies shortly after we joked around a bit reminiscing the old days back at college and how we'd shared the odd wank in the showers after gym class when everyone else had long gone to the next lecture of the day. Back then we didn't do allot of touching one another in case we were caught red-handed. Those were the times indeed but the future seemed bright as well on so many levels and who knows what lies in store for us, eh.

Getting dressed Gav told me about a lass he'd met on the train coming here. They'd kicked off a conversation about nothing and anything, really, buy he'd sensed there might be something more to this gal than met the eye and just before he got off the train at the station a few hundred yards from my roof flat here she'd given him her mobile number and in ways leaving little to be misunderstood urged him to give her a bell once he got settled in at mine.

- - - -

Enjoying a cold pint after our nice, lil' shower he mentioned her again and asked what I thought about it all. Should he give her a call or not. I told her he should and even joked about him asking her if she was up for a horny threeway.

A couple of hours later I would get an answer to my question as it turned out she didn't have any plans for the evening and agreed to pop by for a drink at mine. Gav being the organiser, of course,

- - - -

The weather throughout the afternoon had turned from normal into a right storm with hefty winds and rain coming down in droves and the closer we got to the evening we got more and more sure she wouldn't turn up at all. But lo and behold at ten minutes past eight in the evening the doorbell went.

- It's her!

Gav said, and jumped up from the sofa next to me. I stayed put as he went to the front door to let her in, though looking in his direction, of course, to get the first glimpse of the lass when she came into the living room.

From the tiny hallway I could hear them greet each other with good-humoured lines. The weather had turned almost Biblical just before she rang the doorbell with flashes of lightning and rumblings of thunder now added to the hefty winds and massive downpour. I heard them laugh from the hallway and joke about wet clothing.

And then they came into the living room. Gav leading the way.

- This is Charlotte…

He said, as I got up from the sofa to greet her as well.

- Hi…

She said, all sweet and innocent. Her typical Nordic blonde hair hanging down the sides of her face all wet from the storm:

- It's mad out there tonight…

- You can say that again.

I smiled at her and shook her hand trying hard not to give her the elevator look too soon:

- Can I get you a towel?

She blushed slightly, grinned and said:

- That would be nice, cheers.

Gav came up to us as I went past them both to get her a towel:

- Would you like a drink?

- Yes, please… Something warm would be nice, thank you.

And as Gav went to put the kettle on I returned:

- There you go.

I said, and handed her a towel before taking my seat on the sofa again. From the kitchen I could see Gav look at her as she dried her hair and face. With her back to him she couldn't see him grin as he grabbed his crotch to show me he was well up for whatever could happen on the night.

- Have a seat.

He said, when he returned with a cuppa tea for us all shortly after. And walking right behind her with no use of words or hand gestures he guided her to the sofa as well and soon enough we were all sitting comfortably together with her in the middle of us. Sipping our teas in silence for a couple of minutes we listened, as the storm outside got even worse with the hard rain now being blown onto the windows.

- Don't suppose you guys have any porn?

She suddenly said, taking us both a bit by surprise.

- Sure…

I said, and reached for the remote control. Turning the telly on and flicking through the many titles of filth on the DVD recorder we all looked into the large screen.

- That sounds like a good one!

Gav said with a grin, as the lass nodded and smiled, too.

I don't think either of us had expected things to work out this way this quick but Charlotte seemed to be a young woman knowing what she wanted so why waste any precious time, I guess.

The flick kicked off nicely with the usual list of suspects being introduced during the opening titles and just as the first scene was about to unfold a great, big flash of lightning followed straight after by a loud rumble of thunder broke the silence that had set in again.

- Wow, that was a big one…

Gav said, after we'd all turned our heads to the window to our right.

- I like them big…

She said, giving us both a very naughty grin.

- Well, in that case…

Gav replied, returning her naughty grin, leaned back against the wall and let show a large bulge in his blue jeans. He doesn't have the biggest cock in the world but we're both above average and know how to use our tools to get the best out of things. And the bulge in his blue jeans gave me an instant hard-on, too.

- Take it out…

She said, letting the tip of her tongue touch a corner of her lips before letting it run along her upper lip.

With no words spoken, no further incensement was needed; Gav unzipped his jeans and pulled out his gloriously hard cock. Then without touching himself first he placed both hands by each side of himself on the sofa showing off his thick cock nicely moving it around a bit with no use of hands like we blokes like to do.

- Uhmm, nice one…

Charlotte said in a low, naughty voice that suited both her and the situation before turning to me on her right:

- How about you?

Returning her smile I followed Gav's wicked lead and unzipped my own jeans as well. Our andy was already rock solid and delighted to be freed into the wild.

- Uhmm, also very nice…

She said, wetting her lips even more before getting up from the sofa. Placing herself right in front of us still very much seated but with both our fat, juicy cocks on full display she stood for a few seconds looking at us. From one to the other her eyes wandered and she obviously liked what she saw.

- Move closer together, lads…

She said, almost whispering now.

And with no further delay Gav and I moved right up sitting next to each other now with our arms and legs touching the other person.

Then she placed herself in front of Gav, kneeled slightly, took a grip of his blue jeans and pulled them off. With large grins on our horny faces we both just looked on as she went on to do the same to my jeans, too. Then she reached out and pulled each of our t-shirts over our heads as well and before we knew it we were sitting butt naked showing off two gloriously looking cocks. She was the only one still fully dressed but not for much longer as soon enough she had her top off as well before taking her trousers off, too. Standing in front of us now in white bra and small knickers she left things at that for the moment, kneeled in front of Gav, spread his legs a bit making room for herself and as he placed an arm on top of the sofa back behind my head he was all smiles as she moved her face to his crotch.

My right hand found its way to our andy and while watching closely and with great interest how she spread Gav's legs a bit more going deeper down into his crotch licking his hairy inner thighs and dangling sack of balls I began to stroke my hard cock right there next to them.

With his mouth slightly open Gav turned his head to me and nodded as if to let me know how good it felt and that I had something very nice coming, too.

With his right arm placed behind my head on top of the sofa he moved his left hand to his hairy chest and began touching himself. I was getting hornier by the second and upped the speed with which I was stroking our andy but didn't take my eyes away from the two of them for one moment. There's little greater pleasure than to see up close and personal your good friend enjoying what looked like a proper seeing to while you wank yourself off right next to him. And with the storm still howling outside with the odd flash of lightning and hard rain still hammering onto the windows it was the perfect night to get nice and hot indoors. In lack of a fireplace we had this delightfully horny young woman to keep us warm.

With her face buried deep in Gav's crotch she was now licking his balls with a passion otherwise only associated with horny, lonely housewives and with a firm grip of his throbbing cock as well she was not only sucking his balls but wanking him off as well. You gotta hand it to lasses and their skill of multitasking, eh. And as my good friend next to me there on the sofa enjoyed every minute of her horny mouth playing around his privates I was getting more and more into a decent rhythm on our andy as well.

- Slow down, mate…

Gav suddenly said, and gave me the naughtiest grin of the night thus far:

- Don't want you to cum too soon…

Slowing down my wank a bit but still stroking myself off nicely Charlotte looked up at us both before almost crawling on her knees over to me now, spreading my legs as well she soon had her moist and eager tongue buried deep into my crotch as well. And still holding Gav's hard cock with her right hand wanking him off in a somewhat uneasy rhythm she licked my freshly shaven balls like a Goddess.

Still with her face deep into my crotch giving my balls a good seeing to while doing her best to continue her wank on Gav he turned slightly and moved his left hand from his own chest to mine letting his fingers do the walking. From one nipple to the other he touched my hairy chest ever so nicely giving my poor but very erect nipples a little squeeze in the process.

Letting go of Gav's hard cock Charlotte then moved both her hands to our andy, took a good, firm grip on him and gave me a few strokes still with her head deeply buried between my hairy thighs licking my sack of balls like a good one. After a few minutes she moved her head up a bit, looked directly into my blue eyes with a look so deliciously naughty that on any other night I could've cum on the spot. Then without a word spoken she moved her mouth to my hard cock and with the tip of her tongue began to lick the edge around my dark-red cock head.

With Gav still caressing me letting his fingers explore and go through my hairy chest while pointing his swollen cock to us both Charlotte took my cock head into her warm mouth. It felt great, really did, and as her mouth began to go further down the length of our andy I moved my left arm and placed it behind Gav's head on top of the sofa as well. This was turning into a pretty good night, filthy porn on the telly, a horny lass placed between my legs sucking my hard cock and my good friend sitting right there next to me touching my hairy chest softly, almost caressing me pinching the odd nipple along the way, too.

- Mmmm…

She moaned, as her warm mouth almost reached the root of my hard cock. There's something both provocative and sincere about a lass who knows how to deep throat a horny lad. It takes allot of experience but when perfected like this it gives so much pleasure to both.

Moving his hand away from my chest and to his own hard cock Gav began to wank himself off. With his eyes firmly focused on his old college buddy next to him getting sucked off nicely the speed of his wank increased bit by bit. Still with an arm around the head of each other at the top of the sofa back we were enjoying every minute of the night. Sex with strangers can be so liberating that it beggars belief that it's not something the entire world excels in allot more and on a more regular basis, too.

Her sucking and licking was taking its toll and watching Gav wanking off harder and harder sadly meant I sensed it wouldn't take long now for me to shoot my load. And as my balls pulled up Charlotte sensed it as well and moved away from my crotch. Then she turned her upper body a bit, grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on the table from her place between the table and the sofa and took a great, big bite from it. The juices of the apple ran down the sides of her mouth and with us horny lads looking at her now both wanking she swallowed the bite and placed the fruit right between us:

- Go on, lads…

She said, at looked straight at us before continuing:

- Make me proud…

And with the apple placed in her hands like on a human plate between us both Gav and I moved up a bit in our seat and closer to the fruit getting ready for our second shared cum of the day.

- Yeh… Go on, lads…

She whispered almost moaning.

Though I figured I would probably be first in line after Charlotte's good work on our andy it was Gav who looked the most likely to shoot his load first. And almost sitting up now he wanked his thick cock with impressive speed moaning ever so nicely as he went on.

- Am gonna cum…

He suddenly said, and as she moved the apple closer to his hard cock he exploded in a great cum letting it all out. Hitting the fruit in separate droves his cum quickly filled the gab from where she'd just taken the bite. And as he squeezed out the few remaining drops of hot cum onto the green apple she moved the fruit to me as well.

- Yeh…

She said, and with Gav nodding approvingly there next to me I upped the rhythm and gave our andy a proper run now wanking like a right sinner.

- Go on, mate…

Gav said, in a low, horny voice full of satisfaction from his own big cum. I like it when a lad can appreciate the handy work of a fellow bloke.

Charlotte moved the now slightly dripping apple closer to my hard cock and as my balls seemed to almost move inside my body in anticipation of something good we all knew I was mere seconds away from shooting my load as well.

- I'm cumming… I'm cumming…

I moaned, and just as I said it the second time a great dollop of cum shut out of our andy hitting not just the green apple but half of Charlotte's lower arm as well.

- MmmmMMMm!!

- Yeh!

- Mmmmm… Fuuuuck that was good…

I moaned loud, and with Gav grinning like an alley cat I tried to get my breath back to normal while continuing to squeeze my last drops of hot cum out and onto the green fruit in her hands between us.

- Good work, lads…

She said, and smiled. Then she moved the cum-stained apple to her mouth letting it gently touch her lips. Licking off a few bits of the already dripping cum she then took another big bite of the fruit as Gav and I watched her in almost awe. And as we sat there with our nicely released but slowly relaxing, shiny cocks on display she went on to eat the entire apple right there in front of us with neither of us saying a word.

Minutes later she got to her feet again, put the apple remain down onto the table and got dressed.

- Don't get up, lads…

She said, and finished getting dressed. Then she went back into the tiny hallway with Gav and I still just sitting there butt naked with our now pretty much relaxed cocks hanging restfully between our thighs.

- I hope you're not too disappointed.

She said, as she returned to the living room having put on her jacket again still wet from the storm, smiled and continued:

- Just that… I don't fuck on a first date.

Then she gave us a naughty smile and a blink with an eye and left the flat. You gotta hand it to women with principles, eh.

With the porn still running on the telly Gav put his feet onto the table in front of us:

- Think if we ever meet her again, matey, that she'll do it with a banana as well?

He said, and grinned like only he can.

- She might do, mate…

I said, placed a gentle hand on his right thigh, gave it a little squeeze and continued:

- Won't be the same though.

He looked at me with a curious look as he placed a hand on top of mine on his thigh.

- Why not?

- Well, you know what they say, mate… An apple a day…

- - - -