Written by Unknown

18 Jan 2006

The Station

October can be a vicious month. One minute there can be dreary sunshine, the weak rays straining to get through the atmosphere: then for no apparent reason, the weather changes and the wind slices through the three jumpers and two fleeces you're wearing as if you were naked.

Being naked was as far from Jenni's mind as anything could be. She was cold, miserable and, as usual, confused. What the hell was she doing on Crewe Station at 8.15pm on a totally forgettable Friday night? What on earth could have persuaded her to leave the comfort of her warm, freshly decorated flat? What was it about the email that caught her attention? Why did the guy with whom she had been exchanging emails occupy most of her waking thoughts?

Jenni didn't have the answers. In fact, as she stood, freezing her tits off, she wondered whether she had imagined the infatuation. Oh sure he was good looking in his photos: he had a wonderfully wry sense of humour: his imagination for the absurd took her breath away. But, oh my god, it was cold! She didn't want to be there, she wanted to be in her living room with the fire turned-up high with a large glass of gin and tonic.

Platform Three at Crewe is a particularly desolate place. It's where the cross-country trains stop. It was okay for Platforms One and Two where the Inter City trains made their brief visits – there was a café selling plastic coffee and even more plastic faux Belgian Buns, but at least it was warm! To give them a tiny bit of credit, North-West Trains had provided a small waiting room, in which there was an old drunk, finishing yet another can of Special Brew. He stank and she couldn't bear to be in there with him, even though it would have given her a bit of respite from the cold.

It had all started a few weeks previously when Jenni had been trawling through the chat rooms, searching for someone interesting to talk to. She stayed in one room for a few moments reading the conversations as they unravelled. Andrew was chatting to this rather insistent girl about the state of the movie business today. He was being very patient (she thought) because this girl wanted him to be more explicit in his chat. He was either refusing to be drawn, or was too dense to realise what she was after. Eventually she gave up and left. Jenni was not usually backward in coming forward, so she typed, 'don't you think that Speed 2 made an absolute mockery of the originality of Speed?' What the hell she thought, it was an innocent question!

Andrew's answer caught her by surprise. 'Absolutely, the entire prospective female audience was left alienated by the lack of a convincing male stud to follow Keanu Reeves. Sure, we all liked Sandra Bullock, but what about you lot?'

Jenni liked films a lot and used to watch quite a few when time allowed. One thing led to another and they started chatting and emailing. Soon the emails became more suggestive and funny. Jenni liked Andrew a lot and was thinking about meeting him, when one day out of the blue she got an email, which said quite simply, 'meet me on Platform Three at Crewe Station on Friday night at 8.15pm!' What could she do? Andrew was travelling from Cambridge to see her.

So, there she was – freezing cold, scared about what she was doing and very interested in meeting the man she thought she knew so well!

Jenni wasn't the only nervous one – Andrew was sitting on his slightly threadbare seat wishing that he'd gone for the fourteen changes and an intercity train journey instead of this cross-country trundler. Next time, he promised himself! He had dreamed of the time he would meet Jenni: she of the beautiful hair, the cute eyes and the kissable lips. He felt he knew her so well – her emails had been funny, occasionally explicit and always interesting. He had gently probed her for information about her ideals and fantasies, and now felt ready to fulfil at least one of them.

At last, Jenni saw the approaching train: it was only about 8 minutes late. The trouble was that 8 minutes seemed like a lifetime in her fragile state. She asked herself for what was probably the 500th time what he would really be like. Was he as nice in person, or were his emails and messages a mere charade? Time would soon supply these answers at least!

The train screeched to a halt, its worn brakes protesting. Andrew took one look at the platform and knew he had chosen well. It was deserted except for a very cold-looking girl, wrapped-up against the weather. It had been some time since Andrew had travelled north and had forgotten just how cold it could be!

Jenni's heart skipped a beat when she saw Andrew getting off the train – he was as good looking in the flesh as his photos suggested. She walked towards him as he got himself sorted out. She was totally unprepared for what was to happen next.

Andrew walked towards Jenni, his arms not bothered by any luggage – he had all he needed in his pocket! As they were close enough, instead of stopping at the expected hug, he gathered her into his arms and bodily lifted her from her feet. He carried her towards the waiting room. Once there he told the alcoholic to remove himself and his tone allowed for no argument. He put Jenni down and held a finger to her lips to stop her questions.

Once the room was empty, Jenni and Andrew were alone in the seemingly much cosier room – the fire was still burning, probably from the fumes of the drunk's breath! Andrew took off his long coat and laid it on the ground. He turned to Jenni and started to undress her, at the same time cautioning her to keep quiet so as not to attract attention to them. Jenni was soon naked from the waist down and stood there whilst Andrew removed his trousers. To say this was scary was an understatement!

A few weeks previously, Jenni had told Andrew that one of her abiding fantasies was to be made love to by a stranger in a public place. This had sparked Andrew's interest and had set about making plans, whilst making sure that she would actually go through with it! Now was the time!

Without any delay, Andrew slipped a condom onto his very hard erection and laid Jenni down on his coat. He immediately entered her and started to kiss her neck and lips, whilst thrusting into her with as much energy as he could summon.

Jenni was in heaven – she'd had no idea what Andrew was planning and was discovering just how erotic a fulfilled fantasy could be! She wrapped her arms and legs around Andrew's firm body and met his every thrust with one of her own. Because of the excitement and the danger, Jenni's arousal soon matched Andrew's and she was close to an orgasm.

'Cum with me, at the same time', Jenni whispered hoarsely into Andrew's ear. This didn't take long and they shared a very intense yet quiet orgasm, which would surely have, shook the beams in the room given a chance.

Andrew withdrew very quickly and motioned for her to get dressed. They were soon sitting next to each other on the hard bench when the railway official came in to inform them the station would soon be closing this platform.

Andrew smiled at his beautiful companion and said: 'That was close! Any more fantasies you'd like to fulfil?'

The End!