Written by curiouscats

7 Mar 2007

We went to a friends party and it became obvious with the other couples there that there were other things on the agenda. We felt as if we were being groomed, we had alot to drink and "K" and the host wanted to play a simple kissing game. I joined in and everybody had to kiss full on to who ever was next to them. Now this sounds very ordinary but you had to be there to feel how sexed up every body was. We had never witnessed each other deeply snogging someone else. It was a very strange and exciting time and could have gone on a lot further if it was not so late and we were not so sure. That left us two and our friends at the end of the evening very drunk and sitting with our partners in the lounge. We talked about our feelings and we came to the conclusion that it would be a shame not to try something just a little more daring than what we did that night. Whilst talking about this we were terribly turned on and I got "K's" breasts out and gently stroked her nipple. She was very hard and so was I. This is an on going story as nothing more happened that night other than us having terrific sex. I think things may go a little further with our friends, culminating in a bit of groping and then having sex in front of each other as both couples do not want to do a full swap.

To be continued.............