Written by stevenjen

12 Sep 2005


By Jennie

Kerri walked into the office 5 minutes late as usual. She hurried to her desk and chucked her bag in the drawer. As she looked down she noticed a run in her stockings, 'Ahhhh fuck! Always on important days!' She slumped down on her seat and rolled herself up to her computer. Amanda strolled past just as Kerri was logging on and said 'Mr. DeLong wants to see you in his office'. Kerri just sighed as Amanda gave her one of her famously annoying smug faces. Kerri got up and went to the managers' door and knocked. While she was waiting for a reply she noticed the sign on the door for the first time. It read 'Mr. Frank DeLong' underneath it said 'Head Manager'. This made her giggle as she related the words 'Long and Head'. She jumped as a growling voice yelled 'COME IN!' She turned the door handle wishing she had called in sick and entered the office. It was stark white and cold, it reminded her of a gynaecology office, and made her shiver. She smiled weakly and took a seat across from him at the big, oak desk. 'Ms. Taylor, do you own an alarm clock?' Kerri replied, 'Yes sir but……..'. He broke her off in mid sentence, 'no BUTTS Kerri I am sick of hearing BUTTS!' 'Now get your ass out of my office, at your computer, and make some business or the only BUTTS you'll see is the ones in front of you on the unemployment line.' Kerri replied 'Yes Mr. DeLong' and out the door she went. She flopped herself back down and began to rummage through her bag. She found her fags, placed them on her desk and put her bag back in the drawer. She turned to place her fingers on her keyboard and was shocked at what she saw. There on her monitor was a message:

'Fuck Me'.

That's all it said. She looked at the name of the message sender but it didn't ring a bell. 'SNOWMAN'. She sat frozen for a second and then poked her head up over her computer and looked around. Everyone was working away and had no idea of the message she was looking at. She shook her head and cleared the screen chalking it up to some idiot with nothing better to do. She got on with her work and forgot all about it until 'BLING', her messenger popped up on the screen with the words 'WELL?' She sat staring at the box like it was some kind of alien. She looked at the name, 'Haras' and relaxed as she realized it was her friend Sarah a few desks over. 'What did he say'? was the next message. Kerri typed back quickly what Mr. DeLong had said and closed the box telling Sarah she would see her tonight at the pub. A little while later Kerri noticed a few people heading out with their coats on, this was her indication that it was 'smoke break'. She grabbed her coat and fags and followed them out. While she stood in the cold, smoking her fag, she glanced at herself in the mirror image window of the building. She actually looked good today, despite the run in her hose. She was 5' 8' with shoulder length, brown hair and big green eyes. She worked hard to keep herself in shape, hence the dimensions of 36C-26-36. She praised herself on her long slender legs and her pert tight ass. She gave herself one more glance then butted her fag. 15 minutes later they all herded back in, removed their coats and went back to work. Kerri sat down at her desk once more and there it was again. This time the message read:

'I Want To Fuck You'

She was getting really fucked off now. She wanted to know who the hell was fucking about with her PC. Next she would be getting told off for obscenity on her computer. She decided to take a little stroll around the office to stretch her legs and try and catch the little fucker in the act. She left her space and walked slowly past each desk just lowering her eyes to try and see who was typing and who wasn't. She pretended to stop every so often and have a quiet word with people she knew: just making general conversation about what time they were meeting at the pub.

When she got back to her desk there was another message:

'Please Say You'll Fuck Me'.

Now she had the bastard, or did she? There were two people typing when she was walking around and she new both of their screen names and neither was 'Snowman'. Now it was really starting to freak her out. She had some photo copies to do so she grabbed her folder and walked down the hall to the Fax and Copy room. She stuck the first letter in the copier and started it for 50 prints. She leaned back against the wall and began to smooth her stocking under her skirt. She began to wish she had worn a longer skirt today as the run was growing longer every time she moved. She was so lost in her own world she didn't hear the copier beeping like crazy. A knock on the door brought her around and there……..in the doorway…….was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. He was about 6' tall with jet black, wavy hair and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. His skin was the colour of honey and the muscles of his chest and arms screamed to be let lose of his dress shirt. She stood there: gazing at him with her mouth slung wide open. He walked in and hit the button on the copier. 'I think you've run out of paper, darlin''. She couldn't move, he was so close to her that if he so much as breathed too hard he would touch her. She stuttered 'I…….ummm……..er………'. He said 'I'm David,' as he extended his hand 'David Frost'. She took a moment to let it sink in and then said 'I'm Kerri. Kerri Taylor', taking his hand. David didn't do the usual shake and nice to meet you bit. He actually bent his head and kissed her hand, all the while keeping eye contact. When his full lips touched her skin, Kerri shook inside. She told David she had to get some more paper from the storage room. David said 'Oh may I follow you as I am on my way to get some more paperclips and I am still learning my way around. I've just started here today in sales.' 'Sure, I'll show you were everything is', Kerri said. David smiled and whispered 'I bet you will'. Kerri stopped for a moment but then let the comment slip by as she didn't know him well enough to misinterpret what he said. She led him to the storage room and flipped on the light. They were half way down one of the isles when the bulb suddenly went. 'Ahhh shit!', Kerri moaned as she started to feel her way around. David's voice came as a shock in her left ear, 'You're not afraid of the dark are you love'? Kerri froze: she was afraid to move as she could hear David moving and was afraid to bump into him. She couldn't risk touching him again or she would surely make a fool of herself. She spoke again 'Do you want me to try and find the door or will you be able to find it?' David didn't answer. 'David?' Still no answer. She spoke his name again, this time in a wanting whisper, 'David?'. His voice came again, this time in her right ear, 'Say it again'. Startled, Kerri said 'What?' 'My name, Kerri, say it again'. She was starting to get wet from the excitement she was feeling. She said his name again this time in a lustful groan, 'David'. With that David could wait no longer. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and began to kiss and lick her neck, biting and sucking it while driving his throbbing cock into her ass. Kerri's legs went out from under her and David caught her and gently lowered her to the floor. Fortunately the carpet was the expensive kind that gave them some padding as they rolled on the floor kissing and grabbing at each others asses. She could feel David tugging at the buttons on her blouse as she moved down his shirt with lightning speed removing it and tossing it to one side. He was tugging at her knickers when she was undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers. Kerri's skirt was hiked up, knickers remaining only around one ankle, and her top and bra lay open to expose her heaving tits. David's shirt was tossed away and his trousers shoved down around his ankles, leaving his hard cock open for Kerri to grab it and start jerking him off. David took two fingers and wasted no time in finding Kerri's clit and rubbing it gently. He found her already soaking wet and so he just plunged both fingers into her wet hole. Kerri moaned, 'Oh yes, fuck me with those fingers, fuck me hard baby'. David was so fucking hot for her now he couldn't wait any longer. 'Oh believe me princess, I thoroughly plan on fucking you'. David took his cock and placed the head just inside her pussy lips. She bucked and shoved her ass down trying to get more but he held back. 'What's the rush darlin', I don't want to cum right away'. Kerri couldn't believe her ears. A man that was going to cum straight away, she had never had anyone say that to her before. This turned Kerri on even more, knowing that he wanted to fuck her that bad. David finally released Kerri of her torture by ramming the full length of his stiff dick up into her soaking wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her nails into his back. 'Go faster', she pleaded. 'You want this dick bad don't you baby?', David asked. 'Oh god yes, David, fuck me harder, fuck me faster.' David obliged by thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. Kerri's hand came between them as she took her thumb and started to stroke her clit. David couldn't see what she was doing but he knew, by the way her hand was moving, exactly what she was doing. This made David move even faster, fucking and pumping her pussy. Kerri began to moan louder so David brought his mouth down on hers like a ton of bricks and began to probe her mouth with is tongue. Her moans became stifled whimpers as his tongue fucked her mouth and his cock fucked her pussy. Kerri could wait no longer: she thumbed her clit faster and bucked her ass harder to take all of Davids enormous cock into her. David could feel her pussy muscles tightening and knew she was getting ready to cum. This excited him so much he could wait no longer to make her cum and to cum himself. He needed to fill her pussy with his hot, sticky, dick juice. Kerri's pussy tightened even more and she was making noises he couldn't keep quiet. He broke free from her mouth and whispered, 'Cum for me Kerri………cum for me darlin''. The sound of his voice whispering her name brought Kerri to the edge and pushed her over. 'Oh yes David………..yes baby……ohhhhh…….gooooooddddddddd………I'm cumminggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!' Everything pushed him to the brink, her noises, her smell, the sweat, the kissing and most importantly………her tight, wet pussy. David took Kerri's cue and started to spurt his cum all over inside her with each thrust. 'Yes Kerri, yes darlin'……here it comes……..oh…….oh……oh……..goddddddddddddd !!!!!'. With that David shot the last of his loud and Kerri's thumb stopped rubbing her clit. They lay still for a few moments then she felt him remove his cock and start to fumble with the shirt she had removed. He told her to stay were she was and try to dress and he would find a flashlight. A few moments later a bright light shone in her face. She put her hands up to block the light and David offered her his hand. He helped her up off the floor. Neither of them spoke as they found the supplies they went in there to get and returned to the copier room. She didn't know what to say or think. David made no move to apologise or acknowledge what had happened: he simply kissed her hand again, thanked her for showing him the store room and returned to the office. She got on with her copying and wondered what the HELL just happened. Still dazed and confused she made her way to the ladies for a refresh and went back to her desk. She laid the folder of copies down and sat in her chair.

Looking up at her monitor she saw another message:

'Thanks For A Great Time,

Must Do It Again'