Written by bifriends

23 Jul 2005

Pete Lukes, 32, is a Catholic, a marketing guru and chief executive of a successful consulting firm. He's recently engaged to Penelope Young, a gentle, open beauty and the first person in whom he's confided his secret, sexual proclivities. But still something is missing. Fearing a premature mid-life crisis, Pete feels compelled to confront fundamental questions about his own identity and his dysfunctional relationship with his parents. He also needs to fill a void, which has undermined his life to date, but the source of which he struggles to define.

Set in London, Cambridge and San Francisco, amid Noughties licentiousness, this moving, thought-provoking and highly erotic story follows the couple as Pete leads them into the shadowy world of swinging, his embarkation point for an awe-full voyage of self-discovery.

At an exclusive party for upmarket couples, the pair meets PR consultant Grace Denton and her lawyer boyfriend Alex. The four develop an erotic friendship but then Pete and Grace find themselves simultaneously in San Francisco on business, another bizarre coincidence in a series that's drawing them into an uncannily different affair. But their world caves in when the odd couple's rekindled love of poetry prompts Pete to share with clever Grace the poem that his father, a Cambridge don, composed for his coming of age. For Grace's interpretation of 'Rosary' has cataclysmic consequences.

The Rosary is a contemporary, erotic love story informed by our times: times when the Sunday newspapers wax pornographic on London's newfound horniness, a world of smart swingers' orgies and fashionable empowerment groups for bi-curious girlies. It's a 'Dangerous Liaison' for the cyber age combined with the tragic unfoldings of the Greek legendeers.

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