Written by unknown

29 Jun 2008

Just another Sunday evening,settleing down for a few hours watching TV. Both of us bathed and changed into night-wear with Jeanny busy in the kitchen preparing a snack.

An odd time for the door bell to ring,but ring it did.I tied the chord of my dressing gown and went to open the door."Hello,I've come to collect the rent that is now six months overdue" said the fellow standing there with an official looking book in his hand.

Well I knew the situation with the rent was bad but did'nt think it had got to that stage.

"You had better come inside then" I said, and lead him through to the sitting room.I called to my wife Jeanny and asked her to bring an extra drink for the rent colllector as I knew we were not going to be able to pay him any money so we had better try to get on the right side of him.

It was only as she braught the tray of drinks in that I remembered that Jeanny was dressed for bed and that meant she was only wearing her white cotton nightie and tiny white nylon panties, and that the whole lot was almost completley transparent in the right light!

I need'nt have worried,she had already run upstairs and put her wrap around her.She placed the tray on the coffee table, and as she turned to pass a drink to our uninvited guest she stepped onto the belt of her wrap and it fell away from her as though an invisible hand had pulled it from her.Imagine the embarrasment as we realised that this bloody rent collector was now sitting there staring directly at my wife as she stood over him,glass in hand and almost completely naked!