Written by tom-tina

10 Jan 2006

This doll is so realistic. It even weighs a little over 100 pounds. Everything about her is very realistic. It was very expensive but worth the amount we paid for it! As soon as it arrived we could not wait to try her out. You see, we live in a very small town where there are really no couples that have our same likes and dislikes. If there are any they do not let anyone know about it. So for us to experience swinging or having someone join us very often we decided to purchase the "Real Doll"

We could not wait to try her out. She came with clothing and went way passed our expectations. We started playing with her immediately and we were both very turned on by it. We lubed her pussy up real good and Tom began to fuck her really nice and hard as i sucked on her big soft breasts. Since Iwas feeling a little left out I had Tom fuck me from behind while I ate her pussy. After Tom made me cum really hard he started fucking her again and I took my double end dildo and put one end in her mouth. I then crawled on top of her face with the dildo sticking out of her mouth and slide it deep into my already soaked pussy. It did not take very long until my juices covered her face. At that point I was aroused enough that I wanted the dildo in my ass so I pulled it out of my pussy and I eased down on it allowing the dildo to fill my ass. It was almost more than Tom could take and I thought he was going to expload but he was able to hold off because he knew what I really wanted to do. I have a fantasy of having one cock in my pussy and one cock in my ass. So I slid the dildo back into my pussy and Tom took me from behind and slid his hard cock into my ass. It wasnt my perfect fantasy but was really close and so intense that in a couple minutes i was exploding all over again and by then Tom could not hold out any longer and came so hard in my ass! We fell limp at this point except for our "Real Doll" because she is always ready to go! We have had many more fun times with her and will be having many more!