Written by henster

23 Aug 2005

I have recently been in a relationship for nearly 2 yrs with the girl in the office. She has ended it cos im married and im a bit down. To be honest I have fallen for her but she is not ready for commitment and doesnt want to be the cause of a split, even though id leave for her. However the main reason I lust over her is that she is amazing in bed. She come to work with short skirts on and tells me how her panties are soaking wet from looking at my bum. This is true because she even left a wet patch on her material chair. You can still see the mark today. We have fucked all over the office and in hotel rooms for hours (something i couldnt dream could be done with anyone). She is a screamer and often we have had people knocking on doors complaining about the noise. She always screams my name which is the biggest turn on. But best of all is when she cums, it can take a very long time but its worth waiting for!!!! She ejaculates and has gushed in my face before. Its amazing and the best sexual experience eva!!! and she is only 21. I would love to still do it with her but she wants to move on and this brings me to date. Im looking for a similar experience to help me get over her and if anyone can email me with a coded direct email it would be appreciate cos im not a member yet.