Written by guccigeordie

13 Dec 2006

When i was 17 years old, i was rushed into hospial with appendicitis.

The operation was to be done about an hour later. I was in a private room when one of the nurses came in carrying a bowl of water, some shaving foam and a razor! I had been talking to her earlier, her name was rachel and she was 25, brunette, and had a deecent figure in her uniform.

holy shit i thought, whats going on?

she told me she had to get me ready for the operation and proceeded to draw back the bed covers, before pushing my gown up over my hips. She began to rub the shaving foam into my pubes on the right hand side, holding my penis out of the way with hte other hand. Her touch was gentle and warm, and as she leant over i could see a hint of cleavage. Well, being 17, and having a nurse holding my cock, one thing lead to another and i felt myself begin to stiffen. I tried desparately to think of other things, ut soon i was sporting an aching erection! Despite the closeness of the razor to my shaft as she shaved me, it wouldnt subside. As rachel shaved me i could swear she was gently squeezing my cock rhythmically. Soon she had finished shaving me, and began to wash me down, as she did so, she pulled her hand from the base to the tip of my cock, washing the foam off. I groaned slightly, and she looked up at me quickly.

"Don't be embarassed," she said "it happens all of the time"

i was still embarassed, but then she said that in fact she was quite flattered that i was turned on so much despite my pain.

With that, she moved closer to me and leant over and kissed me gently on the lips.

"I will see you later darling," she siad to me, before rearranging my gown and bedcovers.

Well, after i woke up from the operation, i was put on the ward, and everytime Rachel walked passed she would give me a smile and occassionally a wink.

When i was ready to leave to go home, i was a little shocked to see Rachel coming over from speaking to a doctor to say goodbye to me. Not only that, she gave me a piece of paper with her number and address on it and told me to get in touch.

I did, and we ended up going out for over a year!