Written by stevenjen

12 Sep 2005


By Steve

She was late. The doors to the tube train closed and it began to move. She stood in the middle of the train surrounded by people taking the 5:30 train home from work. There was no room to sit but she preferred to stand. The reason for this is that she knew people would stare at her figure and nice taught little ass, not only the men but the women as well. She loved it. She liked to be noticed. Liked to know that she was on show and absolutely loving the attention.

Andrea was her name. She got off the train and hurried up the escalator. She was supposed to be home by 5:40. The people that had moved in across the street were supposed to be around at her house at 6:30 for dinner.

She climbed into the taxi and told the driver where to go. Looking at her watch and glancing back up she noticed the driver looking at her through the mirror. She smiled at him and let her legs part slightly so that he could have a quick peek up the short sexy skirt that she was wearing.

She opened the front door of her house and threw her bag on the floor. 'Where the hell have you been', she heard from upstairs. 'You better get a move on they will be here soon'. 'Sorry darling', she replied. 'I got held up at the office'.

It was her husband Jarred. He was medium height, medium build and Dark hair. She was very slender, gorgeous ass, long well kept legs with dark hair and a devilish nature. 'Don't worry too much though sweetheart everything is under control. The roast is almost done and I have everything else prepared', Jarred said as he came down the stairs. Andrea reached out her arms and wrapped them around him as he reached the last step, 'you're so wonderful' she said and they both set to work on last minute preparations.

The doorbell rang. Jarred answered it and led the couple into the room. Bill and Angela had moved into the house across the street about 2 weeks ago. Bill was tall and had very broad shoulders. Angela was around the same height as Andrea nice figure and cute looking.

All introductions were made and the new neighbours found that they had a lot in common and plenty to discuss. As the night went on each of the new friends had a little more to drink and a lot less to hide. Andrea confessed in front of every one that she had secretly been fantasising about Bill since they had moved in. Jarred started to apologise for Andreas behaviour when Angela stopped him. 'Please don't apologise' she said. 'We really don't mind me and my husband have a very open relationship. If your wife would like to have my husband then I have no problem, do you?' Jarred began to get aroused at the idea and decided to allow it to go ahead as long as he could be present and that if he didn't want his wife to do anything he didn't approve of or Andrea didn't approve of anything then it would stop. All agreed on this and Bill suggested that they all go upstairs.

Once upstairs and all in the bedroom Bill said that he and his wife had done this before and as it was Jarred and Andreas first time that they should watch to start with. They both sat down across from the bed as Angela took no time in going over to the bed and removing her top releasing her tits as she climbed onto the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and Bill walked over to her unzipping his jeans. She put her hand into the open zip and took out his hard on and put it into her mouth. Andrea began to feel the wetness flow across her pants as she saw the size of Bills cock. Angela took the full, solid length into her mouth. Bill withdrew from her mouth and removed his clothes while Angela did the same. Bill got back onto the bed, pulled Angelas legs wide apart and began to lick her hot, wet pussy. She cried out in ecstasy while swirling her hips to get his tongue in as deep as she could. Andrea sat looking on in an absolute frenzy. Secretly she wanted to run across the room and join them but also she did not want to upset her husband by doing just that so she sat where she was moving and pressing herself into the chair to try and get off ever so slowly so that Jarred would not notice. Jarred was so horny and so hard that it was almost impossible to hide his arousal from his wife. Angela lifted her head from the bed and reached her arm out to Andrea. 'You', she said. 'You're next. Come here and join us'. Andrea looked across at Jarred. Jarred looked at Andrea, smiled, and nodded in approval to Angelas request. Andrea smiled back at Jarred. She stood up and walked over to the bed. Bill came from between Angelas legs and turned towards Andrea. Andrea as usual was wearing a skirt. Andrea stopped at the edge of the bed. Bill started to kiss her and run his hands along her legs and up her skirt. Andrea drove her tongue deep into Bills mouth while slowly starting to drop onto the bed in hope that Bills hand will reach her drenched pussy. She fell towards him, pulling off her top to reveal her bra-less tits as she fell onto him. Bill wasted no time in wrapping his hands around the straps of her thong and pulling it away from her hot drenched cunt. By this time, Jarred was virtually exploding knowing and seeing that at any moment his wife was about to be fucked while he looked on. Angela grabbed Andrea and laid her beside her. Angela began to slowly kiss Andreas face until she reached her mouth. Andrea responded and both women were locked in a passionate, deep kiss. Bill started to stroke Andreas inner thighs and she willingly parted them. He began to lick, suck and probe her cunt like a wild animal. Andrea began to moan and lift her ass to invite his tongue into her pussy with delight. All the time Jarred looked on as the end of his dick starts to seep hot, sticky fluid. 'Take her Bill' Jarred shouts. 'Oh yes Bill take me please' Andrea shouts. 'Take me now, fuck me in front of him, I want him to see'. With this Bill stops licking and moves up between Andreas thighs. 'Are you sure you are ready?' Bill asks Andrea. 'Just fuck me' Andrea replies. Bill slips his massive shaft into Andreas welcome cunt. 'Oh my gggggoooooodddddd' Andrea gasped 'this is fucking awesome'. Andrea bucked and bucked loving every inch of that huge cock thrusting in and out of her slippery pussy and revelled in the fact that he was fucking her so hard his flesh was pounding off her clit. Angela looked at Jarred 'now you 'she said. 'It's your turn now so get here'. Jarred looked at his wife and through the ecstasy of herself being fucked into next month she looked at him and nodded to let him know it was ok. Jarred quickly removed his own clothes, climbed onto the bed and joined in the fun. Jarred paused for a moment to grab his wife's hand to kiss it. He felt her squeeze it as she was indulged in so much pleasure. Angela grabbed Jarred and pulled his face between her legs. Jarred started to lick and suck Angelas pussy as she started to scream, all the time Jarred was watching his wife get the pumping of her life. Jarred licked faster and harder at Angelas cunt while hearing Andrea, his own wife, beginning to come to a climax. He watched as her taut, sexy thighs bounced off the mattress because the man between her legs was pumping her so fast and hard. 'Oh fuck me harder' Andrea screamed. 'I'm cumming' shouted Angela. 'Oh yyyyeeeeahhhhh, harrrrrderrrrr,, oooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeessssssssssssssssss' Andrea shivered to a tremendous orgasm. Jarred could feel the tension in Angelas pussy as she came and flooded her juices into his mouth. Bill filled Andrea with massive floods and then withdrew his huge hard wet cock. Jarred climbed from between Angelas legs, moved over to Andrea and slid his throbbing dick into her wet fucked pussy and sent his load flying.

Andrea and Jarred both enjoyed the experience but would they do it again???????

Come back again to find out……………………