Written by jambo99

4 Aug 2005

As with most Mature-Youth stories my one starts with me helping out around the house of a neighbor of 47 years. At 47 this lady was still capable of getting a rise out of any man's pants. Whilst I was doing my work (I was painting her living room) I obviously got paint all over my body and the lady offered her shower for me to use before setting off home (those of you with an imaginative mind could probably finish the rest of my story off)

When I got out of the shower the lady was waiting for me with a towel. Now being a boy of little sexual experience I was feeling rather awkward in my naked state, but the lady must have been aroused and swooped in and took her opportunity. She got down on her knees and took my member into her mouth. After ten minutes of erotic cock sucking she led me towards her couch and commanded me to return the favor. We winded up having an extremly hot and horny session were she did things to me I could never have imagined.

After this session I started doing a lot more work round her house. When I was to get there I would often find friends of the lady and sure enough myself and these new women would engage in whatever sexual acts the particular woman had in mind. One woman in particular liked for me to give her friend a nice hard spanking while she watched and pleasured herself.

This went on for a number of months in which I must have met at least 6 new ladies. Then as all good things do it came to an end when the lady said that she was moving (personal reasons that would be inappropriate if I mentioned here). After this I had a new longing for sexual exploration (even though i had only had MF sex never did the ladies join in to make a MFF) and thus I joined this site.

I hope you all enjoyed my story and I wish all of you the greatest luck in whatever you seek!