Written by glenbuck

21 Jun 2006

He watched as the two of them began to take off the underwear they'd tried on. Nic stretched and ran her hand over the back of her neck.

'I've not had one of your massages for a long time,' she said. 'Are you still open for business?'

He saw Anne smile.

'Course,' she said. 'Always for you anyway, you know that. Lie down on the bed and I'll ease out the kinks!'

'Not too much in the kinks department,' Nic laughed. 'There are people who enjoy the kinky bits!'

He watched as naked to the waist, she lay down on the bed. Anne climbed up and straddled her hips, placing bottles of oil on the bedside chest.

'Ok,' she said. 'What's it to be? Relaxing, invigorating....sexy?' she grinned on the last one, picking it up already as if she knew the answer in advance.

'You know I love the ylang-ylang, sandlewood and jasmine mix,' Nic said.

'Right!' Anne replied with a laugh. 'Sexy it is!'

As she poured the oil on to her hands and began to spread it over Nic's back in the movement called frottage, he was torn between wanting to feel her hands on him and being the one who's hands were doing the spreading. He watched the glide of Anne's hands and the glisten of oil on Nic's back and felt his cock stiffen even further in response. Anne leant down and whispered something as she continued to stroke along the line of the neck and he saw Nic wriggle her knickers further down in response. The sight of Anne's mouth so close to Nic's skin was a turn on in itself even before he watched her hands moving over hips and arse that now lay exposed.

Nic groaned and stretched as Anne laughed. 'I'll have to get you trained for this,' she said. 'When's my turn? Shall I stop?'

'Don't you dare,' came the muffled reply. 'You know how much I love the feel of your hands! It's the best!'

He continued to watch as Anne stroked and kneaded each muscle and surface of her friend, wanting to make himself known and join in, but interested to see where it would lead if they thought themselves alone. He enjoyed the contrasting expressions: Anne serious and concentrating and Nic's pleasure and relaxation from what was happening to her.

Finally, Anne leaned back. 'Think your done, cos I'm tired,' she announced. Nic slowly rolled over between her legs.

'That was so good,' she said. 'Thanks.'

Anne smiled. ' No problem for people I love.' She leaned forward and he watched as they kissed and then cuddled up together on the bed.