Written by cockenpussy

8 Nov 2005

The Hotel was 2 minutes of the sea front, it was one of those cosy places with a little bar and the mandatory bored barman sitting on a stool. We had settled ourselfs down to have a quite drink, when my mobile started to ring. We looked at each other has I quickly answered saying "O.K 5 minutes", before hanging up. I turned to Jean nodded and said "it's time" Without a word she rose from her seat and crossed to the ladies. Smiling I settled back to finish my drink, thinking of her, stripping of her clothes and getting into her outfit.

I had just finished my drink, when she reappeared her coat buttoned tightly up to the neck, she gave me a nervous smile has I stood up. Taking her hand we crossed to the lift and went to the third floor, it was quiet up here as we strolled down the corridor lokking for number 32. 28..30..32 stopping outside the door. Jean quickly looked around before placing her mask on, now she was blind to the world and had to rely on me, quickly opening the door I ushered her in closing it behind us. Guiding her to the center of the room.

I looked at the two other men waiting for us. The atmosphere was electric with the rising sexual tension, no one had spoken. They had been told not to speak to her allowing her only the sense of touch. Stepping forward there hands reaching out to touch her, feeling her body through the coat. I stepped back to allow them this moment, there hands feeling her breast and cupping the cheeks of her arse. One of them slipped around behind her back, his hands sliding round started to unbutton her coat, she shivered with excitment. One by one the buttons where undone, untill finaly the coat the coat was stripped away they both gasped as there eyes feasted on the sight before them. Her body was just visable through the black chifon held together by little strips of leather, her coat forgotten was flung to one side, there hands slipping beneath the thin material. She moaned with plesure her hard nipples thrusting through the material.

I moved forward now I wasn't going to let them have all the fun I carresed her buttocks my hands sliding up her back towards the little strip of leather, that held it all in position. Quickly releasing it I allowed it to fall forward. Revealing her hard nipples being grasped by there hands,. I quickly removed the last remenents of her garment. She slid down onto her knees reaching out untill she found one of the hard cocks. Releasing it she pulled it's owner towards her engulfing it into her hungry mouth, her lips working expertley over it. We dragged her quickly over to the bed. Her hot wet pussy was being explored to the full by each of us in turn first with our fingers then with our mouths. I was busy hungrily drinking in her juices and watching her lips and tongue working on one of the cocks has her tits was being nibbled and carresed by the other man. We constantly changed position to prolonge the pleasure she was bucking constantly under us as orgasam after orgasam racked her body, untill she could take it no longer. Ripping of her mask she quckly mounted one of the men and took the others cock deep inside her mouth. It was time know for her to at last experiance taking three cocks at once, I slipped behind her and pressed my cock against her arse gently easing it inside her. I don't know which of us come first it was as if we all exploded at once, covering her in cum. Afterwards we just laid there stroking her and talking untill we all started to come alive again, it lasted for about another two hours before we parted company with a memory to live with us for ever.