Written by darkmeat

9 Dec 2006

Just wanted to share last night with you sexy people.

I was out for a few drinks with my mates last night and we got chatting to this group of 30/40 something ladies out on the town after work. I got chatting to one of them, a shapely 37 year old in a low cut top and short skirt. As we got merrier on the drink the conversation got fruitier and she started coming on strong. She told me she heard all about black men and she wanted to try some. I told her it was a myth about the size of black men cocks but she grinned and slid her hand up my thigh and over my bulge and said, you're as much proof as I need.

Well, flattery got her everywhere and we left straight away for my place. Once there and within seconds of going through my front door she was down on her knees unzipping my trousers and kissing my burgeoning bulge through my boxers.

She pulled it out and held my semi hard cock in her hand just starring at it. I was about to tell her to suck it when she blurted out that it was bigger than any other cock she'd ever had! I was only semi erect and I thought "she's in for a shock when its fully erect!" Whether or not she flatters all the strange men she meets in pubs and shags like this, I don't know but I was enjoying the compliments anyway.

"Enough talk" I told her "why dont you take a taste?".

And with that she took me into her mouth and expertly sucked me, it felt great as my dick expanded in her mouth. Her eyes bulged as it kept growing and she gagged at one point before regaining her composure and sucking me even deeper as she got used to the girth and length. Her fingers were busy between her legs and the thought of fucking her there was making my balls ache.

So, now fully erect and I pulled out of her mouth, stripped her and picked her up, laying her on my sofa. She sucked my well and I wanted to return the favour, she had a beautiful looking pussy, completely shaven and dripping with passion. As I lapped her deep up and down from clit to her butt her moaned and her hands played over my head pushing me in deeper and encouraging me to lick and drink her tasty juices until she came with a ear piercing scream that must have woken my neighbours!

By now by dick was aching fuck so I pushed her legs up and placed the throbbing cock head at her shaven entrance and slid it up and down until it was nice and wet and I pushed in slowly at first, mindful of her words about size earlier. She seemed to grimace at first as I ploughed slowly in, stretching her tight pussy (and it felt very tight). She said, 'You're very big, be gentle' so I slid carefully in inch by inch until I was half way in. Then I slid out and in again, gently until she was used to it. I could see the pain start to turn into pleasure so I started pumping harder and deeper. Her face contorted as my thrusting got stronger and her screams stopped altogether, her mouth just stayed open in a silent scream as my passion rose to a crescendo I fucked her as hard as I fucked anyone and even managed to push my whole length into her (something not all women have managed). The feeling was fantastic as I came long and hard inside her.

We lay there for some time recovering. She was very complimentary about me but said she was married and we could have a relationship. 'Perfect' I told her, 'any time you want some more dark meat, just give me a call!'

I let you know if she does!