Written by grasscutter

7 Feb 2006

Yeah right Grasscutter – let me tell you the way it really was! First of all my name is Cheryl – I work for a large IT company. Until recently I used to work in one of our regional offices. One of the management team had taken my eye – Jim Mountfield, but all I had managed was the odd snog and grope after the numerous leaving parties'. Eventually the office had closed down and I was one of the fortunate ones that got a 'working from home' contract rather than travel into the big city on a daily basis.Imagine my surprise when I got the Email telling me that my homework space was to be audited for DSE compliance etc. The only good point was that Jim Mountfield had been nominated to do my part of the country and my inspection was next Tuesday. I tend not to do 'business dress' whilst WFH leaving my best suits for my weekly visits to head office. On this Tuesday I chose a loose fitting and comfortable flared skirt and a cotton top. Underneath however I went for the full outfit – Stockings, Suspenders and a front fitting half-cup bra – Wishful thinking maybe.Jim arrived promptly at 09:30 and within minutes I had him upstairs in my third bedroom – The one fitted out as the office. The computer is connected to the landline and most of my calls come in on the mobile so when the phone rang I went into the master bedroom to answer it. It was head office and they wanted to speak to Jim so I called him in. The sight of him sitting on the edge of my double bed was too much for me and those disappointing party snogs came running back. This was my moment – as he finished on the phone I moved in. I am only 5ft tall so as I moved in with him sitting on the edge of the bed his head was exactly at tit level and the cleavage formed by the designer bra was an easy place to pull his head into. I reached down to feel the tent like shape that instantly appeared in the trouser department. Determined not to miss out this time I sank to my knees, unzipped his fly and released the most beautiful 9-inch monster. I slid back the foreskin and immediately licked away at the small oozing liquid that had already started to appear – It tasted so good – slightly salty but GOOD. Slowly but surely I eased the bulbous end into my mouth and gently took as much as I could until it was hitting the back of my mouth. I rocked backwards and forwards and in no time Jim let out a long moan and shot his nectar straight down my throat.Almost simultaneously the doorbell rang. This time it was my turn to moan as a quick check at the window revealed it to be my long-suffering submissive boyfriend. I told Jim to not go away! Grabbing my cell phone I answered the front door and made out that I was on a conference call. . When I am GC normally sulks and goes into the conservatory to wait. Today this suited me fine. Back upstairs Jim was lounging on the bed in his Boxer shorts. He obviously wanted more and that was fine by me however I had just sucked most of the life out of his manhood so he needed time to recover. After a few long luxuriating snogs I told him that there where some of GC's magazines under the bed to get him in the mood whilst I went downstairs to sort out GC.When I got to the conservatory I saw red – Sex on legs was upstairs and there was GC having a wank. I immediately told him to come in the house which he did making no effort to put his 3 inch prick away, plonking himself on the sofa as if meaning to carry on. He even had the cheek to ask me to help. I was having none of this – a proud 9 inches upstairs just coming back to life or this pathetic specimen – what would you choose? I ordered him to drop his pants and trousers, turn around so that I didn't have to watch and get a move on. It seemed to take ages so I went over to the bureaux draw, took out the long handled shoe horn that has come in handy in the past and administered some 'encouragement' One or two lucky hits on his balls made him cry out but did the trick as he shot his load all over my new sofa. When I told him to clear it up he started demanding that I fetch him a tissue. Once again I was having none of this and persuaded him (with the help of the shoehorn) to clear up every last drop with his tongue.My cell phone then went off and checking the display I had received a message from Jim Upstairs asking me what was going on?When I went upstairs Jim had a fair idea as he was flicking through a 'Spanking Magazine' sporting the most amazing erection I had ever seen. I did no more than drop my draws and climb astride this huge monster and impale my self straight down onto it. The pleasure and the pain as I was penetrated deeper than ever before was intense apparently for both Jim and me as after a very short period of me riding him for all I was worth Jim let out another long moan and squirted his second load of come for the day up inside me. I sat there still for a while as Jim's erection subsided within me leaving me sopping wet from a combination of my juices and Jim's sperm. Jim asked about the noise downstairs and I explained how annoyed I was especially concerning the mess on the sofa. Jim could hardly believe his ears when I told him how I had made GC clean it all up! I handed Jim a couple of tissues and told him I could smell coffee downstairs.When I got downstairs GC had made the cafftierre of coffee and was sitting smugly on the sofa. Now remember I was indulging in all of these encounters and I hadn't come myself yet. As you can imagine GC prowess with his tongue was well known to me so I once again adopted my dominatrix role, sat down on the sofa and ordered GC to humble himself again, drop his trousers and pants and get down on his hands and knees in between my legs and sort me out. I held firmly onto his head by a combination of hair pulling and thigh pressure, as I knew I would get some objections when he tasted the mixed cocktail of flavours. I was on the throws of orgasm but I was not expecting what was to happen next – In walked Jim, picked the shoe horn and started whipping GC shouting 'every last drop' I hung onto GC' head for all I was worth and after the initial shock he started lapping for all he was worth. His face lunged forward into me with every stroke of the shoehorn and this time it was my time to let out the loud groan as I experienced the orgasm to end all orgasms. I released the pressure on GC's head and he looked up imploringly at me – I confirmed he had been a good boy!!Jim plonked himself on the sofa next to me. 'not good enough yet' he hasn't cleaned up your mess – Jim hadn't used the tissues and was still glistening with my juices and still dribbling cum – He had yet another erection to boot – Every last drop' he said!!!!!!!