Written by toy_man

11 Dec 2006

A few years ago my wife Kath and I decided to take a weekend city break. As we booked at the last minute there were few flight destinations with any availability left.

In the end I chose Frankfurt as neither of us had been there before and we left Manchester early on Saturday morning. Most of the first day was spent sight seeing and shopping and then on the Saturday evening after very nice dinner in the hotel we decided to make the most of the warm evening by taking a walk to visit a few of the local bars.

Everyone seemed to be really friendly and it wasn't very long before we were engaged in conversation with some of the locals. A group of three lads we had been speaking to recommended that we should try a nearby bar which served some of the stronger Belgian beers, and we both agreed that we would like to try it.

When we had all finished our drinks, one of the guys offered to show us the way to the bar, to which we agreed and left with them, chatting as we walked away from the bright lights of the main street and into the older part of town. We soon arrived at a small bar in the old part of the city. It was quite dimly lit but seemed very cosy. There were only a few people inside and we sat down at a corner table with the three guys. A large tray of unusual looking beers arrived at the table. The beer tasted delicious and sweet

but obviously very strong, I could feel the effects almost straight away.

As the evening progressed, I noticed that one of the lads, a tall guy in his late twenties who was called Ralf, had moved much closer to Kath and she was flirting with him shamelessly. I always have to keep a close eye on her after a few drinks as she does sometimes tend to get a little bit wild and often gets herself into trouble.

As the beer flowed the guys started to exchange a few words in German which neither of us understood. They winked at each other and laughed and then Ralf suddenly asked me if I would like to play a game of pool with him. I did not really feel comfortable leaving Kath alone with the other two, especially after the number of drinks she had, but agreed as I did not really want to appear rude to our new friends and I could still our table anyway from where we were playing.

As I got up and left our table to play, one of the other guys immediately took my place next to Kath and I was forced to walk away leaving her sandwiched closely between the two of them.

Kath works in a School. She is a very attractive Brunette in her mid forties. She has a very nice firm body with large natural breasts and likes it to be noticed. On this evening she was wearing a tight clingy white top which left no doubt that she was not wearing a bra, a nice skirt and deep red lipstick.

As we started to play the game I kept looking back across the room towards our table to make sure that Kath was ok. She was laughing and appeared to be enjoying herself with the two lads, but in the dim light I could make out that one of the guys had his hand on her breast and was slowly massaging it through the thin material. On seeing this, my game started to fall apart rapidly as thoughts transferred to what was happening back at the table. Every time Ralf took his shot I used the chance to look back over at Kath and the two lads.

By now they were becoming much bolder and they were making no secret of what they were doing to her. Both of them had there hands inside her top squeezing her tits and she did not seem to be making any attempt at all resist their advances. They could clearly see me looking over but made no attempt to conceal or stop what they were doing and just smiled back at me. I was quite annoyed that they were taking advantage of Kath's state and they had clearly planned to test me in order to see what they could get away with.

Ralf saw what I was looking at. 'Don't worry' he said,

'they don't mean any harm', 'It's just a bit of fun resulting from the drink, you can't really blame them for not being able to resist her ample charms', 'She is quite a woman, you are very fortunate my friend', he said. 'How would you feel about sharing her with us tonight'.

I was completely amazed by his cheek in asking me this and I just laughed assuming that he must be joking with me. There were only a few balls left now on the table and I had an easy shot to finish the game and return back to Kath, but before I could play the shot Ralf put his hand in front of the ball and said, 'Lets have a little gamble shall we'. 'If you win this shot, we will pay your bar bill and put you in a taxi back to your hotel', 'but if you lose it, we all get to fuck your wife'.

I looked at him in disbelief, but could see from his eyes that he was deadly serious. It was an easy shot and I did not see much risk, but I needed to talk to Kath before agreeing to something like this.

By this time we were the only people left in the bar, and as I approached the table, I could see Kath was very obviously drunk. They were really taking liberties with her now.

Her skimpy black underwear had been removed and placed on the table and I could see as I looked down from the side that under the table her legs were wide apart and one of them was sliding his fingers into her wet pussy, whilst right in front of me the other had her top pulled up exposing her naked breasts. He was openly playing with them pinching and squeezing her hard nipples. Kath looked up at me, for a reaction, she was clearly very exited by what was happening to her and I could see her body moving against the fingers probing inside her. She was in no fit state for a rational discussion, so without even asking her I agreed to the bet.

Ralf said a few words to the bar owner in German and the door was locked and bolted.

We all returned to the pool table and I picked up the cue. My hands were shaking with nerves and excitement as I carefully lined up the shot, unbelievably missing the ball by just a couple of millimetres. Seeing the outcome, they wasted no time in taking their prize. Even before the ball had come to rest, Kath's skimpy top was quickly pulled off over her head and discarded onto the floor. Her face was flushed with excitement and I could see the red marks on her breasts were the lads had been playing with her earlier. They fumbled with the zipper and unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor leaving her standing completely naked before us. There was no turning back now, In a moment their hands were all over her firm body groping her soft breasts and probing her wet pussy. One passionately kissed her open mouth whilst the others feverishly sucked and kissed her hard nipples.

Kath just gasped and fell back into their arms, helplessly surrendering to their demands. Next they eagerly lifted her onto the pool table, where she lay for a moment panting under the light in their lustful gaze. They took hold of her wrists and ankles, stretching her arms and legs out to the four corners of the table and then as she lay there, they started to fuck her, Ralf was first, he slowly pushed her legs even wider apart and then offered the tip of his hard cock against her pussy which was still soaking wet from her earlier treatment at the hands of his two friends. He entered her easily and as he started to pump away at her, the others quickly undressed and joined the fun. One climbed onto the table, taking hold of Kath's hair and pressed his cock firmly against her moist red lips, which she opened obediently and started to suck him wildly. The third man was slowly wanking himself, whilst squeezing and playing with her tits. I also noticed the bar owner, an older man in his fifties moving in closer to get a better view and I could see him rubbing himself through his trousers.

Ralf was the first one to cum. He gasped and pulled out of her shooting jets of hot cum over her belly and tits. Seeing this was more than the guy in her mouth could cope with and he quickly pulled out of her shooting strings of sticky cum all over her face and hair. The third guy then took his place between kath's legs, sliding his long shaft into her hot wet pussy. The owner now saw his opportunity and moved quickly around to kath's face, she was now in a frenzy and didn't care what was happening as long as it brought her even more pleasure. He opened his trousers to reveal one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. kath looked shocked when she first saw it and tilted her head away slightly, but Ralf quickly held her head firmly from behind and everyone watched as the owner placed his finger gently on her bottom lip, kath slowly responded opening her mouth wide. It must have made her jaw ache as he pumped away at her, eventually jetting his cum into her face and open mouth. I had rarely seen her so excited before and now witnessing my pretty wife spread-eagled across the table, her body splashed all over with the cum of three strangers was more than I could stand, I took out my hard cock and stepped forward to take my turn.

As I entered her open mouth, which was waiting eagerly for me, I could see that the bar owner was now standing between her open legs working on her pussy with the blunt end of the Pool cue, he was sliding it in and out of her whilst the other three were watching and wanking themselves back to an erection.

Once they were ready we lifted kath from the table and I bent her firmly over the back of a low soft leather chair, which was the perfect height for me to enter from behind, whilst the others could take turns to use her mouth and tits.

The chair rocked and creaked as we fucked her wildly. At one stage she had two cocks in her mouth at the same time. We all started to cum within seconds of each other, squeezing her tits which were beautifully presented to us over the chair back as we squirted each load into her face and open mouth. When we were all finished the cum was dripping from her chin onto the floor. We all cleaned up and slowly dressed, exhausted and tingling from the experience. The guys thanked us for a fantastic evening and a taxi was called. The three guys asked to share it with us back to the hotel. I sat in the front with the driver and kath squeezed into the back seat with the lads. We had not travelled far when I heard kath giggling again and noticed that the taxi driver was altering his mirror to see what was going on. I couldn't believe when I turned round to see what he was looking at. Even after all the opportunity they had been given, they were still making the most of kath right up to the very last moment, taking turns to finger her pussy all the way back to the hotel. I took advantage of this as soon as we were dropped at the hotel. We reached the lift and before the doors had completely closed, I was fucking her again, finishing with the most fantastic climax back in the room.

We slept for most of the next day, missing breakfast and part of our weekend, but it was definitely worth it. I have discovered a hidden side to kath which has enhanced our sex life. I will certainly be looking forward to our next opportunity to play a similar exiting game.