Written by tigs

20 Jan 2006

Hatfield Forest, early July, the weather is, miraculously for England, warm and sunny, and the forest is busy with people playing sports, having barbeques and generally having a good fun time. We are sitting on a soft woollen blanket, under the sunshine enjoying each other's company and sharing food from a small picnic hamper sitting in the corner.

Giggling I turn to you and open the bag from Anne Summers containing the toy you had taken such great pleasure in picking out for yourself on the previous day. Both in fits of laughter we giggle at the strange egg shaped contraptions. The weekend had been perfect thus far, smiling giggling Laughing. Just a perfect blend of friendship and romanticism. Ending the previous evening with a very passionate and sensual kiss.

Although it was very obvious that the fire of passion between us burned strongly, as yet both parties had managed to keep our heads. However a combination of the hot sunshine the sweet champagne and the intoxication between each other was about to change all that.

Lying back on the soft blanket I looked up into the blue sky, your presence next to mine obvious and welcome. Slowly I became aware of you moving closer to me, and as you did so felt the warmth of your body as it snuggled close to my own. The soft curves of your body pressing gently against my own, a small sigh of pleasure escaping my lips at your touch. Slowly I lift my body until I am above you and look down, looking deep into your eyes, feeling the flames of passion alight within me. Grinning back I recognise too in your eyes a similar desire.

Slowly I move my lips to your own, touching gently the softness of your lips in complement to my own as we begin to kiss, slowly I meld with you as the kiss becomes more urgent and passionate. My tongue sneaking slowly from my mouth to meet your own. The very tip exploring every ridge of your tongue, tasting you, tasting the fresh strawberry taste mingling pleasantly within the kiss. Slowly my hand begin to wander across your body, gently tracing small sedate little patterns across your tummy. Moving slowly yet seductively up your body towards your chest, The kiss increases in intensity as our arousal increases, and slowly I begin to move my hands between your breasts, gently tracing a line through your top with my fingertips, until my hand reaches just below your chin and holds it gently as we kiss. Your own hands too are working their way down my back, gently touching and exploring my body as we kiss, your fingertips brushing my buttocks gently as you take a cheek into your hand and squeeze. Giggling slightly we break the kiss and Immediately I move to your neck, gently kissing the soft flesh below your ear, my warm breath stirring a tingle from deep within you as I continue to smother you in soft sensual kisses.

Suddenly you call to me to stop, and questioningly I look into your eyes, your cheeks red and flushed you smile and beckon me closer. Moving closer you whisper into my ear. 'I want you … Now!' Looking into your eyes I search for your meaning and find it to be true to what I had expected. Your urgency as obvious as your arousal. Quickly I roll up the blanket and tuck it into the hamper. Taking my hand you lead me into the forest, feeling your hand in mine, my heart thumps rhythmically in my chest. Soon we come to a spot which obviously meets with your approval as although we can no longer see any other people about you can still make out the distant sound of voices from beyond the trees. We find ourselves in a small clearing, the sound of the soft wind in the trees is soft and romantic.

Quickly before I really know what is happening we are kissing again, our tongues exploring the others mouths, our hands roaming the others body, my fingertips again teasing against your top, sneaking just underneath and lifting the soft material until we have to break the kiss in order that I may lift it from your body. Your hands too are searching out my nudity, practically tearing my tight shirt from my body as you lift it from my head and run your hands over my chest. As we kiss I press you ever closer to me and feel the warmth of your breasts against my chest, your fingers and nails pressing into my back I push my groin against your own, allowing you to feel the effect that your caresses are having apon me. Slowly I begin to trace the arms of your bra against your shoulders. Kissing each shoulder as I gently tease them away, finally unclasping the bra and holding a breast in each hand, marvelling at their beauty as I finally release them from their prison I quickly move to kiss each breast. Wanting to take an eternity to explore every inch of them but knowing that the urgency of the situation demands that such subtleties be left to later. As I close my lips around your right nipple I feel you running your hands inside my jeans, your fingers closing on the bare flesh of my buttocks as they work their way inside my pants.

Sucking your nipple gently into my mouth I allow my tongue to tease a gentle line around the soft flesh surrounding it. Urged ever onwards by your moans I begin to suck more urgently on your nipple, teasing the other between my fingertips and feeling the soft flesh harden to my touch.

As I do you have managed to unbutton my jeans and are slowly sliding them complete with my boxer shorts down my body, releasing my now very erect manhood to the cool air. I emit a soft moan against you nipple as I feel your fingers encircling my shaft, and I feel myself swelling further still as you gently begin to rub your fingers up and down the length of my erection. Overcome now with the passion inside me I feel the urgency to see you naked before me overcoming, and quickly begin to remove your jeans too, panting softly all the while as you continue to work your hand up and down my stiff shaft. Breaking from you for a moment I remove your jeans and g-string and sit you naked before me on a small stump protruding from the ground. Slowly I begin to kiss down your body, teasing at each nipple in turn, making soft butterfly kisses down your stomach until I reach your groin. Then slowly I descend between your legs, my tongue snaking out and gently teasing the soft flesh of your thighs, kissing and licking every inch of you, delighting in your quiet moans of arousal. Slowly I move my tongue towards its target. Smelling the sweet sexy smell of your womanhood I dart my tongue out quickly flicking it across the now swollen lips. Moaning softly you gently tumble from the stump, wrapping your legs around my head and pushing me ever closer against your sweet pussy. Kissing my stomach you move slowly into the sixtynine position, as eager to taste my cock as I am to taste the sweet juices fresh from within you. Darting my tongue out I tease it against your entrance, tasting for the first time the sweet juices that eminate from within and delighting in their sweet sexual flavour, feeling the warmth of your breath against my erection I feel myself throbbing, aching to be taken into your mouth. And then suddenly I feel you close your lips over me. Taking me gently into your mouth. Moaning loudly as you do I quickly dart my tongue out towards your entrance and slowly enter you with my tongue. Feeling the soft sensual walls of your pussy parting for me as my tongue probes gently inside you. Your lips moving up and down my shaft in a soft rhythmic motion as search out the soft warm nub of flesh inside you. Finding it I quickly begin to tease it back and forth with the tip of my tongue, me fingertip nestling against your hard clit and rubbing it rhythmically in a small circular motion.

Feeling the heat of the passion boiling in my groin I quickly slide my tongue from within you and take your clit into my mouth. Flicking my tongue slowly and gently up and down its length, stopping occasionally to, oh so gently, bite it between my teeth as my tongue flicks its very head. Feeling your body shaking with passion I continue my task, gently sliding my fingers into your entrance as my tongue continues to work your clit. Your lips expertly working my shaft in and out of your mouth you suddenly release me and gasp in pleasure as my finger reaches the small soft nub of flesh dep within you. Remembering hoe you like to be fingered I gently slip another finger into you, and begin working it in small circular motions in order to get you screaming. Soon I feel the strong muscles within you beginning to clamp on my fingers as your enjoyment begins to peak, and flicking your clit all the more urgently I quickly swap roles. My fingers working your clitoris as my tongue teases within you. Urgent to taste your fresh juices at the moment of climax. As you come I feel the muscles within you contract and a small warm rush of sweet sensual juices floods over my tongue and into my mouth. Moaning in pleasure and arousal I feel a blob of precum dribbling slowly down the side of my shaft. Taking you in my arms I hold you close to me, feeling your shivers as your orgasm subsides, my fingers softly inside you allowing you to clamp against them but not moving so that you can come down in preparation for further pleasure.

Suddenly you move atop me and dangle your breasts into my mouth. Commanding me to suck them, feeling you above me I can almost feel the heat from your pussy inches above my cock as you slowly lower yourself to me, rubbing your sweet fresh juices against my cock, teasing your clitoris slowly back to life as I gently warm your breasts with my mouth. Quickly, very quickly I feel your arousal starting to burn once more as you urgently feed your breast into my mouth. Lowering yourself again, you rub my cock expertly up and down the entire length of your damp swollen lips, and then with a quick jerk of your hips move it into position so that my swollen head is touching against your slick entrance.

Slowly slowly you begin to press your entrance against me. Feeling your tightness against my tip I pant loudly the passion escaping words. Slowly I feel you begin to stretch to accept my erection and ever more slowly and more erotically I feel myself moving inside of you. My cock slowly moving inch by tantalisingly erotic inch inside your depths. Passion is by now overcoming us both and all we both want to feel is the urgent release of a huge orgasm. I am overawed at the pleasure I am experiencing from being deep inside you and quickly Feel my cock beginning to swell further, aching to be pounded in and out of you. Bobbing up and down gently on my shaft you begin to move me in and out of you, teasing your hips in small circles so that my cock will rub against seldom touched nerves within you. The urgency within us both building up, you quickly guide my fingers to your clit and holding one hand we together work your clit with the other as you approach your second orgasm. Feeling the pleasure and arousal growing within myself I too feel my own orgasm approaching. Moving up so that I can hug you as we move, our hands are pushed away as your clit grinds against my pelvis, my arms around you, your breasts pushed against my chest I feel your sweet depths begin to squeeze against my shaft. Holding you close I moan into your ear as I feel your second orgasm begin. Panting with passion into my ear as your pussy clenches tightly around my shaft. Unable to hold back the passion any further I squeeze you against me and too feel my shaft begin to tremble as my orgasm approaches.. falling back with you collapsing atop me I finally cum, my erection pumping rhythmically against your own squeezes as we orgasm powerfully together