Written by klb75

3 Mar 2009

Fantasy Chair!!

Well this is my new fantasy i hope you like it x so........you would come to my house and i will answer the door wearing my new gangster girl suit x i will say hi and you will think WOW!! you might be nervous so i will show you to the livingroom first where we can sit and chat and have a drink for a bit. Then when your feeling comfortable i will kiss you and take your hand and lead you into my bedroom. I will be slightly dominant at first and tell you what i want but first i will kiss you again and get you on the bed and kiss down your neck an take your top off, kiss down your chest biting gently on your nipples while rubbing your cock through your jeans which by now will be quite hard, then take of your jeans and kiss and lick gently with the tip of my tongue up your inner thighs and kiss you through your boxers. I will feel you start to twinge as it feels so good and then take off your boxers position myself between your legs and start licking and sucking on your balls and hear you groan softly!! Using my tongue stud i will lick up the sides of your now very hard coc mmmm and gently lick over the top and down the other side getting you all wet before taking you all into my mouth and deep into my throat! Now you will moan very loudly. While sucking you hard and wanking you at the same time i will play with your balls and as i just take the tip of your cock in my mouth and suck it hard and you will start to squirm as you get that feeling and i will put you back deep in my throat harder and faster than before and it wont be long till i taste your hot cum running down the back of my throat mmmm as you explode into orgasm feeling so fucking good you will almost scream! Then i will slide up beside you, kiss you and get up off the bed and leave the room and when i return that is when you will see the chair!!

So.............i bring in the chair which has no seat, its just a frame, then i hand you a bag which has bondage tape, a blindfold, cuffs, a gag and instructions. So... you sit me on the chair and cuff my hands behind my back , then you tape my ankles to the chair legs and spread my legs open and tape my thighs to the frame, then lastly put on the blindfold and gag me! You turn the music up loud and you soon realise when you unbutton my suit that i have on a quarter bra so my hard nipples are showing and that i have no pants on just a suspender belt. The other bag has toys in it so you take some out, i cant hear what you are doing as the music is loud so when you start to run a vibrator gently over my nipples i jump a little. Then you run it over my chest and down my stomach and sit on the floor and run it right down through my pussy lips and round to my ass and you can feel my body shake! Now you think this is amazing as you lie on the floor under the chair and start to rub my clit gently with the vibrator as you slide a finger into my soaking wet pussy mmmmm as i begin to squirm in the chair but i cant move. Then i feel your tongue on me and fuck me it feels so dam good and because im so turned on by all this it doesnt take me long to cum but you dont stop and im shaking because it aint stopping and as you then slide a finger into my ass i want to scream to you to stop i cant take it no more but i cant and you just carry on and it feels like my orgasm is never going to stop OMG mmmm i so want you inside me and i struggle but cant move, then you stop and im almost breathless, you take the gag from my mouth and put your cock in which i take gladly then you take of my blindfold as you wasnt to see me look at you as you fuck my mouth, i can still taste your cum off you mmmm. Once you are fully hard and cant take it anymore you untie me and take me over to the bed where i go onto all fours and you take me doggy style hard and fast and you begin to feel it again so you pull out and slide into my ass and go for it, it feels so good we are both very loud and as you are also rubbing my clit from behind soon we both cum together hard and then flop down on the bed........fucked!!! Fuck me writing that made me horny lol so how does that sound wanna try it?