Written by unknown

4 Jun 2007

IT was a cold dark night when I walked into the room to warm my hands, I could feel the stare of 6 eyes piecing in the dark! What the hell is it? As I moved forward I could hear the sound of heavy breathing and feel and smell the sweet sent of love and aroma of warm flowing juices the sort you only get from pure hot blooded woman!

There they lay on the floor 3 beautiful ladies in braced, legs and hands everywhere Lying there shrieking, writhing endlessly about one head deep between the legs licking deep into and around the moist cherry color pussy of Mrs. M, the other head moving across the breasts of Miss K and her fingers deep inside Mrs. Y. Mrs. Y looked up and without words asked me to lay next to her and explore her body with my tongue!

How could I refuse? It was time to warm my body from the heat of 3 Amazing stunning young ladies, wet dipping pussy's sun dipped breast, and belly's so full of Desire to be filled with love they were aching and arching up wards to be kissed! No words needed to be spoken we knew what had to be done! This wasn't shag this wasn't play this was pure lust that had to be shared between us all. As I lay next to Mrs. Y I felt the hand of Mrs. M grab my cock and the hand of Miss K move over my balls while her head was still deep inside the moist wet lips of Mrs. M.

Lying there tasting one another I could feel myself become so hard! Was like something I had ever experienced, I wanted to blow there and then but no I cant I have 3 stunning ladies to explore and to fuck one by one! And Mrs. Y had to be the first! Her mouth reached mine her tongue entered my mouth we met for the first time and was so intense she sighed, and grabs my head forcing me close and our tongues exploring each others mouth.

Ever before had I felt so alive! Tongues raged a sweet war! Slowly the pace grew and our bodies became one! Wet sweating hot loves juices flow, hand's and tongues reaching deep past our most hidden desires. Mrs. Y moved her body her head moving down my chest as she did nipping and sucking biting and licking my nipples! Caressing every part of me and making my heart race crazily knowing that soon her mouth would open and my stiff hard cock would enter.

As I lay there I could see and hear the moans of Mrs. M & Miss K I could feel the bodies move fast then slow then hear Screaming as Mrs. M reached yet another orgasm!

The door opened in the light I could see a stunning young lady with her legs open and in a tartan skirt which was so short I could see she had no knickers just the glazing of her wet pussy where the light was poring though. She asked in a sweet sexy voice my I join you as I have been hiding outside playing with myself from hearing the sound of lust and the pure smell of hot wet sexy bodies .what could we do apart from smile and wave our hands to invite her in, now 4 sexy ladies and Mrs. P as sexy and stunning and young as the 3 ladies already wet, sexy and hot sweating laying there with me.

Mrs. P didn't wait and headed over to me slowly lowered herself onto me face and the sweet scent of her already very wet pussy juices pussy dipping on to my lips . God this is heaven! Will I wake? Am I awake? Fuck who cares it's never going to leave my mind and why should it! by now Mrs. y had moved to Mrs. K and Mrs. M could see my cock just waiting to be sat on , within seconds her was on me deep so fucking deep into her wet pussy I heard her scream with delight , she came .

Mrs. P turned round to face Mrs. M and grabbed her face with both hands and forced her tongue into her mouth while I held her sweet ass firmly on my face.

To be continued:

Mrs. Y, Mrs. M, Mrs. P & Miss K are purely fiction and I do not want anyone feel as if I have placed them in this story! You could be real you could be my fantasy? Maybe one day I will tell you? Hope you all ready for part two.

Love The_saint