Written by wantingtoplay

30 Apr 2007


We are planning to meet tonight - in the club. I'm there waiting with 2 male friends. She's due to arrive with 2, maybe more, of her friends. Will she show … is this a step to far .. . too much too soon .. . or is this secretly what she has always been waiting for . .. her true liberation??

The club is dark, hot and starting to heave with people . . . so many varying types . . . so many persuasions . . .

The three of us are drinking beer from bottles, ice cold, the sweat trickling down the outside of the bottles . . . chatting, laughing, a little hyped, a little tense.

The 2 friends I'm with are a stark contrast to each other .. . one tall and athletic with a shock of blonde hair, the other more dark and Latino looking, with a more rugby player build. We're all wearing black, as usual . . ..

One thing is for sure, with the amount of attention we are attracting, she had better arrive soon . . .


My friends and I arrive at the club, already slightly intoxicated from the alcohol we'd had while getting ourselves ready. The noise was incredible as we entered and I searched for him. I was eager to see him again. This was the first time we'd met each other's friends and I was looking forward to seeing the kind of friends he had.

I was wearing my black and white short pleated skirt, a bustier to show off my breasts to the fullest advantage and knee high black boots. My hair was up with the occasional curl dropping around my face. My two friends were similarly dressed, Helen is my height, black hair in sleek ringlets and so sexy with it and Laura is petite with long black hair framing her pretty face and dark features. We are all excited with the anticipation of the night ahead.

Wow, there they were, by the bar. I point them out to my friends and they stand there for a moment, taking in how gorgeous the guys are. We walked over to them, slightly swaying our hips to draw their attention to our long legs. He looks up and sees me. Without taking his eyes off mine he nudges his friend and nods in our direction. The three of them are turned to us and mesmerized. Out of the corner of my eye I see some other women openly showing their envy and I smile seductively, knowing you are definitely mine tonight!


Wow she looks so hot tonight . . . she knows how I so love her in knee high boots . .. how tempting that makes her. As she approaches she puts her arms round my neck and kisses me full on the lips . . . my hands instinctively cup the cheeks of her arse, feeling its fullness . . her breasts press fully into my chest, as her tongue probes my mouth . . I tease its tip with my teeth . . .

We pull apart and laughingly introduce our friends to each other's, a more formal greeting of pecks on the cheek and hand shakes, but there is no doubt at all about the tension in the air and the overriding thrill of the unknown . . what will the night bring . . especially in this most exotic of clubs . . ..

We all get drinks and small chat with each other . .. whenever I can I slide my hands over Deb's bum, brush against her, touch her arm . . I feels so relaxed and confident around her, so at ease . .. but with such a sexual need underneath that I feel her pussy is sending out signals to my cock, guiding them together . . wanting them joined . . .

I suggest we wonder deeper into the club and check out its hidden depths, and as we walk away from the bar, heading in deeper I can see Debra's nipples are erect and poking strongly through her bustier top, I am sure her pussy is already wet, even on the edge of dripping, and I so long to taste her . . .


Mark looks so gorgeous tonight. His dark looks just amaze me again every time I see him and his eyes just seem to see right through me: from the almost angelic and innocent exterior, through to the deep, dark side of me that holds my desires. No one could ever imagine the images that go through my head of having such incredible sex with him, no inhibitions, no doubts, and no fears. Just pure, almost animalistic, passion for the mutual satisfaction of our bodies. No one else has ever drawn out these dark desires that I hold inside me and have been so desperate to let out.

As he looks at me now, as we stand there in the busy nightclub, I know he sees my thoughts. Immediately he suggests we go check out the rest of the club so we can find somewhere to chat with each other more comfortably. He takes my hand and draws me to him with a teasing nibble on my neck. Such a tingly thrill still runs down my spine every time he does it.

He whispers in my ear, "Let's find somewhere where I can slip my hand into your panties to check out whether you are wanting me enough yet". Mark never needs an answer to these type of questions, he knows exactly what I want from him.

We nod to the others and he leads us all down a dimly lit corridor. The walls adorned with lamps made to look like fire breathing from the walls. As we progress we can see that there are several rooms leading off from either side, a dark red velvet curtain providing a degree of privacy for those within. They are all occupied by various groups of people, laughing, talking, kissing, .....

Eventually we come to an empty room. There are large cushions on the floor and a low table in the centre for us to place our drinks on. Everyone seems happy enough so we enter and make ourselves comfortable. The lighting is a dim purple and the cushions are all soft, velvety ones in dark red and purple. It's such a sensuous room that feels relaxing. Mark's friends have both matched up with my two friends and they all seem to be getting along well. I knew they'd pair up as they had. Apart from the occasional giggle from one of them, we all felt as if we could just relax and get to know the person we were now cuddled up next to as the music had the effect of drowning out everything else.

As soon as we were sure that our friends were all okay Mark and I turned to each other. His eyes were twinkling in a way that told me he was about to get naughty - just how I loved him to be. I was almost laid down with him above me so I turned my face up to his, inviting his lips to touch mine. His kiss was so soft and gentle that it made me relax even more into his body, my breasts now against his chest so that he could feel my hard nipples. He kissed me again but, this time, with more force. Over and over again he kissed me and I became totally absorbed in him, feeling as if my body was melting into his.

His tongue pushes into my mouth and searches for my tongue, tracing the sides of it, and my teeth. I respond passively at first but can't hold back for long. Returning the action in his mouth, our saliva mingling within. Suddenly he bites my lips as a tease. He doesn't hurt, he never hurts me. It's just a teasing nip to remind me who's boss so I pout my lips at him. A totally fake pet lip, which invites him to return to my lips with another full-on, passionate kiss.

Our attention to each other is distracted when one of Mark's friends taps him on the shoulder.

'Helen isn't feeling well so I'm going to take the girls home', he says. 'Dave fancies stopping though', he says with a wink.

I get up to check on my friends as I'm worried about Helen.

'It's okay.' She says. 'I think I've just had too much to drink. Please stay here and enjoy yourself though. I don't want to spoil your plans. Laura and Steve will make sure I get home okay'.

'No', I reply. 'I'll come with you!'

'No you won't! You've been looking forward to tonight all week. I will just feel guilty if you leave now so please stay and enjoy yourself for me?'

'Okay, thanks. I will ring you tomorrow to check on you though.' I give her, Laura and Steve a goodbye kiss on the cheek and they leave. Dave, Mark and myself remain.

I feel a little awkward returning to Mark with Dave sat there but Mark gives me no choice and resumes his kissing. As he becomes even more amorous I can't help but give in to his demands and return the passion that is now building up between us.

His hand slides up my skirt. Cupping my cheek, he pushes my bottom towards his groin and I instantly sense his cock, already grown to an incredible size and hardness. I can't wait to have more of him. Without thinking I wrap my top leg around his waist so that he can get his cock nearer to my pussy. I was now developing a generous moistness as my body readied itself for him.

Totally engrossed with Mark and what he is doing to me I fail to notice whatever else might be going on in the room. All of a sudden I feel a hand on my hip from behind. I try to turn around but Mark holds my face to his while he continues to kiss me, apparently unaware of someone else touching me. The hand continues to roam and begins to make its way up to my breasts where it caresses me ever so gently. It feels really nice and I am stuck between enjoying it and allowing it to continue or to force myself, reluctantly, away from Mark's embrace to see who it is.

Mark lays me back onto the cushions as if he's going to lie on top of me. Instead, he runs his hands the full length of my arms, pulling them above my head and takes hold of my wrists. All the while he is still kissing me hungrily on my lips, face and neck. Suddenly I sense the hand belonging to someone else has moved. It slides down into my top to cup my bare left breast, pulling my top down as this happens. I don't know what's happening but Mark must surely know. I want to stop but, at the same time, I'm actually finding it quite arousing.

I begin to move but hear Mark's voice in my ear. 'It's Dave, you don't mind him joining in do you?' At first I don't quite know how to react but I do know that having two men playing with me was turning me on. I said nothing but kept laid there still.

Dave's mouth was now covering my nipple and he was nibbling on it. Both of his hands held my breast to his mouth so that he had full control. I relaxed totally into the moment and allowed myself to become absorbed in the sensations both men were separately creating within me.

Mark's was tracing my neck with his kisses and then continued down until he reached my right breast. There he began to suck on that nipple hungrily. I couldn't believe what was happening. I had two men sucking my breasts at the same time. I was shocked by the thrill of it. I knew I should stop it but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Mark wouldn't make me do anything I didn't want to which made me feel safe but in my head I could hear a voice telling me it was wrong. It should stop.

I began to wriggle in an attempt to move away but their mouths were clamped too tightly on my breasts and Mark's hands were still holding my wrists. I was about to say something but Mark covered my mouth again with his kisses. I knew that I had no choice but to stay where I was. As I realized this I must have relaxed because the men moved positions. Mark now held one of my breasts while almost brutally seizing my other breast. He was really getting arousing by the thought of someone else sharing my body like this. It was what he wanted and I knew deep down that I wanted it too. The realization of this caused me to let out a groan with the pleasure of what was happening.

Dave was now running his tongue over my stomach and his hands were undoing this zip on the side of my skirt. He pulled my skirt of my hips and down my legs. There he removed it totally and threw it to the side. His tongue returned to my stomach and began to venture into the top of my pants. All the while Mark was really going at it with my breasts. I wanted to join in but they were obviously going to have their way with me before letting me move. I playfully bit Mark's arm that was holding mine. He released my breast from his mouth and looked up at me.

'How do you like being played with by two of us?' he asked. I didn't need to answer. The hungry look in my eyes told him everything he needed to know. 'Hey Dave, she's starting to enjoy this,' he said. 'Would you like us to stop?' he asked me. But I couldn't speak. I just nodded dumbly, still partly in shock and partly in fear that they'd stop if I spoke. He went back to feasting on my breasts.

By now Dave had reached his tongue inside my panties and was nearing my clitoris. He was as good as Mark with his tongue so I couldn't resist opening my legs a bit for him to get in deeper. His response to this was to pull my panties totally off, pull my legs wide apart and sink his tongue deep inside my pussy. I gasped loudly with the shock and the incredible sensation he was creating in my groin. Suddenly I felt really wet and I heard Dave moan with delight.

'God, you're so wet. I'm going to fuck you with my tongue and then will my fingers and finally with my big, hard cock!' he said, as if I had no choice in the matter. I didn't care though as I wanted him to fuck me with everything possible at that moment. I had lost myself in total abandonment to both men.

Mark now moved so that his legs were resting over my arms. I looked up to watch him undoing his trousers and I knew what was coming. He pushed his trousers down his legs and bent over me. His cock was so huge. I loved it. I opened my mouth eagerly for him to feed it to me. I grabbed at it hungrily but he was wanting to tease me first. Every time the head of his cock touched my lips he would pull it away from me. I really wanted it and wanted to taste his pre-cum that I knew would be there. Eventually he let it slip into my mouth and groaned with pleasure as he felt me suck it in deep. He continued to bend over me and returned to my large, aroused breasts, the nipples now really sticking up and hard, wanting his mouth to take them again.

Dave was sucking on my clit and he now had two fingers inside my pussy. He was wiggling them around as he searched for my g-spot. The sucking was so good and my clit was incredibly sensitive. I felt his teeth on my pussy lips as he pulled at me, his other hand spreading me out so that he could see everything that I had to offer him. He now fucked me with his fingers. He pushed another two into me to force open my pussy so he could look into me. I thought I was going to cum as he did that but managed to hold it back. I was going crazy with what he was doing to me.


God she was so horny and was so clearly enjoying this .. . but how would she react to the next part . . was she ready, or would she freak? No, she was ready, so horny she was close to exploding with ecstasy.

Helen, Laura & Steve hadn't left at all, they had just left the room and were, in fact, playing next door, working Steve hard and just waiting to cum back and join in too . .. .. .

I feed my cock back and forth in Deb's mouth and motion to them at the door to our room to cum and join us, quietly .. I start fondling Debs breasts, tweaking her nipples, my cock throbbing even harder at the sight of the nakedness of Helen and Laura. They all cum and sit quietly beside you and as I remove my fingers from one of your breasts Helen replaces mine with hers .. then Laura does the same . . now my cock is in your mouth, Dave's tongue is deep in your pussy, and the other two women are kissing and carressing your breasts .. that leaves one free cock and one obvious hole . . and that's what I want to occur . . 3 cocks deep inside you and two mouths licking and sucking at every junction stimulating more .. . .. .. . what are u thinking? what are you feeling? I am expecting you to explode with the biggest orgasm you have ever had .. but certainly not the last x x x x

DEBRA: I hear Mark's deep voice in my ear telling me that he's going to place a blindfold over my eyes. Trusting him totally I allow him to do it. Once it's in place I feel myself being turned over and being placed onto my hands and knees. I'm certain there are other people in the room now but I'm so engrossed in the sensations being created within me by whoever is now there that I don't even consider resisting or feeling anything other than satisfaction.

Once in position, I know it's Dave's tongue that's returned to licking my pussy. He moves further underneath me and pulls on my hips so that my dripping wet pussy comes down onto his hard cock. It's big and hard and feels amazing inside me. Someone raises my face and I know from his scent that it's Mark and he wants my mouth back onto his cock. Eagerly I suck it into my mouth and continue licking and sucking on him, him fucking my mouth with his cock.

Suddenly I feel both of my breasts being taken into someones mouth and realise that there are two gentle mouths now sucking on them. The perfumes rising up towards me remind me of my friends but they'd gone home, hadn't they? I realise they can't have and now realise that they are the ones sucking and pulling hard on my breasts and nipples. That means that everyone is there except for Steve. Was he there too?

MARK: Now she was being filled, and sucked, but still her bum was free. Steve cums round behind Debs his cock jutting out ahead of him. I see him kneeling down behind her, his hands grasping her hips, his cock nudging against he bum. Suddenly she stops sucking me, becoming aware of the cock against her, of another hole to be filled, completed.

I see Steve's hands grip harder and start to push inside, his girth stretching her wide. I feel her gassping, breathing in hard, my cock still hard in her mouth. We all pause, frozen still for a second, savouring the moment. Then silently but in unison we all start pumping and sucking again .. . all men pumping, all women sucking!!!!

I can see Laura and Helen's pussies wide and wet, their hands dropping down and touching, teasing and playing. I can feel Debs starting to tremble, the sign of her being ready to cum, of the excitement building, but who would cum first?? We the men had already agreed before hand that if we got to this stage we would pull out and spunk on her, and encourage the otehr women, and probaly us, to lick it all off again.

So who would cum first???????????????

Debra: I couldn't believe what was happening. There didn't seem to be a part of my body that wasn't being sucked or fucked by someone. Never in my life had I experienced or imagined anything like this and it was the most incredibly, horny and overwhelming experience.

I wanted to touch someone but I was pinned into position by them all and was totally at their mercy. My only form of control was with Mark. His cock was in my mouth and I was savouring his pre-cum as I sucked on it. I nearly let go of him when I felt Steve push his cock into my arse.

As Steve's cock was pushed fully into my arse I felt myself start to cum. My whole body began to shudder with the intensity of being fucked so totally by the three men and being sucked on by my two friends. From a small space below the blindfold I could see them both playing with their pussies and I longed to lick them, my first time to lick pussy. I desperately wanted to taste them and experience what it would be like to use my tongue on a woman, the way I liked Mark to use his tongue on me.

The shuddering of my orgasm increased and I knew there was no stopping it. The sensation rose within me and I was cumming. I felt myself release Mark's cock as I let out a half scream and half moan with the sheer delight of these incredible sensations. At the same time I felt Mark groan and he spurted his juices over my back, dripping around my body and down my breast to where the girls were licking my nipples. They continued to suck on my nipples while Mark's cum joined their saliva.

MARK: As I came, spurned on by her cuming, so do Dave and Steve, all of us spurting onto her, covering her with cum. She is covered with our cum, she still breathing hard, panting from cuming, her skin glistening. Laura and Helen know what to do now, to massage our cum into her soft skin and to lick her clean, slowly, seductively .. . they tease her and work their way into her pussy, to both lick her and make her cum again, while we men watch and get hard again.

I want Dave and Steve to be in Laura and Helen while they are licking Debs and I will be in . . . in wherever she tells me, begs me, to be . . x x x

DEBRA: Having cum again while my friends were licking me clean I looked up to see Mark watching me intensely. Even though I had cum twice I knew what I wanted next ... I wanted to feel Mark's wonderful cock inside me for the first time that night... I was now on my back while my friends licked me clean with their delightful tongues. Their bottoms high in the air and signally Dave and Steve that they wanted their pussies to be filled now. They happily complied and pushed their cocks deep into Laura and Helen's pussies .. little moans of delight escaped them as they were filled.

I smiled invitingly to Mark and I saw the desire for me in his eyes. He'd just orchestrated the most amazing event of my life and now wanted to finish by taking my pussy and reminding me that, even though i'd been fucked by Dave and Steve, I was ultimately his ... his to have how and when he wanted. He knelt down between my legs and pulled my bottom up so that my hips were resting high on some cushions. He would normally tease me with the end of his cock but there was no teasing now .. he thrust his cock deep and hard into my dripping wet pussy ... he was like an animal marking it's territory ... he fucked me hard ... thrusting with reall force ... making me gasp. It felt good and I wanted to be his again. With each thrust I raised my hips so that he would go even deeper. I wasn't sure how my body would respond but I felt an orgasm rising within me again for the third time. "Fuck me Mark", I mouthed to him. The music was playing loudly, my friends were biting and sucking on my breasts while being fucked themselves, and Mark was thrusting really hard, intent on making me cum. I could never resist him ... I let my body merge with his and felt the first shudders of my orgasm. His cock was so hard and began to explode inside me ... I wanted his cum to mix with mine ... we both came and with load gasps and moans. The others all seemed to come at the same time and everyone collapsed into three piles. Mark lowered his glistening body down onto mine .. feeling his weight on me. He kissed me deeply and I returned his kiss. He was the most amazing man I'd ever had the pleasure to meet. XXX