Written by playfulserf

18 Jan 2007

It was a Saturday morning, my wife had just gone to work and I had decided to watch a blue film and have a bath.

I had only just put the film in the player when there was a knock at the door.

We I answered it, it was the builder Rob, who was due to pop around in the afternoon to provide a quote for the fitted wardrobes that we wanted, accompanied by his girlfriend Janice.

Rob apologised for being early, explaining that his Jancie had accepted an invitation to a beach party and that they had popped in on the way there.

I didn't mind, invited them in and offered them a cup of coffee.

Whilst I was in the kitchen Janice picked up the newspaper and found the cover to the DVD. When I came back into the room, the DVD was playing, Rob apologised and asked e to forgive his girlfriends curiosity as she had never seen a porn film.

When first scene ended with a woman wanking the man off over her friends face, Janice asked if she could watch some more and immediately stood up to remove the big coat that she wearing. I must admit that I thought it wasn't cold enough to be wearing such coat when she arrives, especially as she was holding her arms close to her chest as if she was really cold. Now I knew why, underneath the coat all she had on was the skimpiest of bikini's.

In the second scene one woman sat and played with herself as he watched her friend being fucked. It ended with the woman sucking of the bloke and sharing a cum swapping kiss with her friend.

This was too much for Janice and as the third scene started she started to play with her own pussy. I think Rob was a shocked as me especially when she suggested that he should fuck her there and then, adding that I wouldn't mind watching a live show rather than the film.

I didn't know how to react and just said 'go for it'. Rob who I presume was about ten years my junior and in his early thirties and Janice, who even younger and probably about 21-23 soon had their hands all over each other.

Janice was really responsive to Rob's touch and when he removed her bikini bottoms and teased her pussy to an orgasm she was moaning and writhing on my sofa like a lady in the porn film.

I must admit my cock was now like a tent pole in my pyjamas. Janice stood up to kneel on the floor and noticed that I was looking a little frustrated. She suggested that I knelt beside her and got a better view as she sucked Rob's cock.

As Rob's hard cock stiffened further in Janice's mouth, mine was throbbing away down below. After an age Janice took Rob cock from her mouth and asked me if it looked good. What could I say, her performance was 10/10.

Janice then announced that it was my turn, but before I could take my cock out, it became apparent that she wanted me to suck Rob!

Rob was just as shocked as me, but when Janice said 'suck Robs cock and you can watch him fuck me' I didn't even think about it and before either I realised what I was doing or Rob had chance to object, I was sucking his cock in my mouth.

It felt so good and so big, my lips felt stretched as I took it into my mouth and began to realise why woman liked giving head.

I was only allowed to suck it for a minute before Janice wanted it inside her. They fucked cow girl and reverse cow girl giving me and excellent view and then Rob held Janice's legs in the air as she lay on my living room floor and took his cock.

As their fucking became more frantic I heard Rob ask Janice if he could come inside her. Janice must have mouthed her reply because I didn't hear it.

Rob continued to fuck her with more urgency and soon made her cum. I thought he would carry on and shoot his load but he stopped to suddenly withdraw his cock.

Janice asked me to show my appreciation by allowing her to wank Rob off over my face. She pulled back his foreskin and told me to suck him off until he was ready to come.

I can still hear her voice, encouraging her boyfriend to spunk for her and pleading with him to cum over my face. My eyes were already shut and when Rob pulled his cock from my mouth my lips quickly closed. I'm sure Rob shot the first his load before Janice could take over and fully empty his balls.

When I cleaned myself Rob wanted to see where we wanted the wardrobes. Janice came upstairs with us and soon as we entered the bedroom she noticed that Rob's cock had dribbled. She immediately took his cock into her mouth to suck it clean and soon after they were enjoying a 69 on my marital bed.

Rob was soon fully hard and spreading his girlfriends legs so that he could fuck her. They had swapped positions a couple of times when Rob withdrew and requested that I lay on the bed.

Rob folded a pillow and as he placed it beneath my head he made a comment to Janice about letting me suck his cock and that said that he wanted her to kneel over my face and lick her pussy.

As Janice knelt over me my tongue went to work teasing her pussy. Rob watched for a while and then slid his cock across my mouth and into her pussy.

With my tongue enhancing Janice's pleasure she was soon moaning with sheer pleasure as we both pleasured her pussy. It was soon obvious that she was having an orgasm.

Janice begged Rob to fuck her harder, I could feel his balls slapping against my head as he gave her his full length. I began to sense that there fucking was becoming more urgent. Janice was grinding her pussy across my tongue and into my mouth.

Janice's tightened her grip on my ankles and her thighs squeezed my ears as she started to climax. As we continued to double her pleasure Janice says we gave her a multiple orgasm.

Her whole body stiffened as if paralyzed before shaking violently.

This brought Rob Ti his climax and with a final thrust he shot his load deep in to Janice's pussy.

I felt Janice's left hand push between my mouth and her pussy and felt Robs wet cock slap against my face as he withdrew.

Janice's right hand grabbed the bulge in my pyjamas and tugged at my cock as she sat up and fingered herself with her left hand.

It was not long before she had me spunking my load, coating the inside of my pyjamas with my own cum.

Janice raised her body and continued to frig her wet pussy.

When I left the bed Janice walked over to me with her hand still pleasing her pussy. Standing on front of me she took her hand from between her legs and holing it in the air she showed me the mixture of love juices that she had extracted from her pussy.

As Rob looked on, she placed her fingers into her mouth and sucked them dry.

Janice then approached me and as she slipped her hands around my waist she closed her eyes and pecked me on the lips.

It must have been by instinct that my eyes closed as my mouth responded to her kiss. As my mouth opened her tongue delivered a load a cum. As our cum swapping kiss became even more passionate I could feel Robs spunk trickle down my throat.

In case your wondering Rob's quote was to dear, so if your interested in giving is a quote – get in touch