Written by bootylick

2 Mar 2006

Just recently, I was on vacation visiting some friends, Tom and Janet. The three of us went out to party and ended up having a few too many cocktails. Janet is skinny and has nice round perky breast. Her dark hair, fair skin and blue eyes have always made me smile, but for some reason tonight I couldn\'t take my eyes off her. Maybe it was because of the drinks, more likely it was because I hadn\'t had a good fuck in quite some time.

After the pub Janet and I were up late listening to music laying on her floor and before I knew it I was on top of her kissing her and feeling her soft tight skin. Then without hesitation she bagan to slip up my skirt. I was instantly wet and couldn\'t believe how good she felt.

I never been this close to a woman before. Her smell was intoxicating. I had to get her naked. I ripped off her shirt and brgan sucking her hard nipples. That\'s when it happened she began to push my head firmly but slowly down her body. I slipped her slick panties down around her ankles and began to softly kiss her pussy. Slowly licking my tongue up, down and around her clit. Her pelvis was thursting in my face.