Written by Unknown

2 Jul 2007

I had setout for the beach early today,

the weather was glorious, with forcast hot!

Id found my spot at the top of the dunes,facing out onto the beach, i put up my beach tent, towels and settled down to a quiet snooze, for a couple of hours, in the morning heat steadily rising.

About 2hrs had passed, i awoke hearing the deep thudding of a windbreak being put up.

As i opened my eyes, glancing to the noise to the right of me, i could make out a sexy brunett,with her blond boyfreind sorting out camp for the day, putting my sunglasses on could clearly see the sexy girl stripping very provacativly, not four meters away, her boyfreind joining her.

Frank and saph waved and said hi, they are both fit figured, and lookd good as they got the suntan lotion on, both rubbing each others bodies over with slow definate strokes, almost erotic, they are both smooth shaven,the oil lighting up their tanned bodies, with a shine, noticing that franks cock had swollen as saph smoothed oil over it slowly, and firmly.

waving back, talking about the usual weather stuff, during my chat to frank ,saph sat down and preceeded to apply some more suntan lotion to her inner thighs, and up to her prominant shaven pubis,rubbing herself slowly into her inner thighs, and pouting lips, noticably swollen and prominant.

I put on my suntan lotion as we chatted,

My cock had swollen,i could fell the stirings, as saph blatently

stroked her labia causing them to shine with her moistness on her finger tips. sitting on her towel facing me.

Frank smiled to me as we both let our glances shift down to saph

who was obviously enjoying the attention, both of our shaven cocks had swollen more, i sat down and tried to hide my hardening member, frank pinched his afew times, before lying down ,his cock was at half mast,sticking up proudly as he laid

back next to saph, who was ten feet to my righthand side looking stunning.

I laid back the heat was awesome, the sun and my new guests. were making the temperature rise quickly in the dunes, the front view being shielded by the tall grass , hiding the beach bathers view from the beach.

I decided to hav a swim to cool me off a bit!!, having a job to get my cock to go down as i walked across the beach,

The water was fab, refreshing me from the stunning heat.

Returning to my tent, i looked across to see saphs hand stroking franks hard swollen cock.

my cock twitched imedietly, i stood drying myself,cock growing harder as they both played with each other, giggles turning to gasps, making eachother jump, followed by sharp intakes of breath, quite steamy stuff.

I had to sit down as my cock had grown large, and needed some attention, putting some more oil on around my cock,making it throb harder,no one could see our game that was evolving.

Stroking my foreskin slowly up and down,and aware that frank and saph had moved round to get a better view of me, they continued

to blatently play with each other, each of us watching each other, legs spread allowing each other full views.

saph broke off to light a cigarette, resuming by running her fingernail along her swollen love lips, down one side, then up the other, pulling her dark lips apart, to reveal bright pink softness within, her finger dipping into its warm depths before raising it to her lips, tasting her heady love juices.

Frank was wanking his cock quite slowly, as i was, watching saph

play with herself, twisting her nipples with her free hand, quite fiercely i thought, but she threw her head back and gasped

plunging her fingers deep inside herself,as her orgasm neared.

Suddenly the moment was broken, "here you are" said a young womans voice, it was an old freind cathy who is a slim willowy blonde, fit as , comming to join me,.

we sorted towels, moving round with the sun, ended up that we were looking straight up frank and saphs legs, both had calmed a little, but franks cock was still quite hard, cathy oiled her body aware that the couple in front were playing wih each other, stroking and teasing, without thinking cathy had spent quite a while massaging her moist shaven quim, seeing frank and saph, started to rub her clit rapidly.

we were facing each other again, all of us wanking ourselves, saph moved her head down to franks raging cock, seeing saphs open pussy,cathy dived down to lick saphs molten quim.