Written by mrnmrssmith

10 Oct 2006

On a damp and chilly night, a quiet and self involved couple decided to drive down to a local coffe shop to get a couple cups of hot cocoa after the wife got a yearning for something warm to fill her belly with. Decked out in warm clothes, they jumped into their car and drove the four blocks to the neighborhood café. Seven minutes later they pulled up to the store front buildings of Washington St and Lincoln Blvd where the coffe shop was located. The husband parked their car into the side lot and they walked in.

The coffee shop wasn't too crowded by any means. They figured that it would be occupied by groups of people trying to escape the uncomfortable weather conditions of their small town. Going out for hot cocoa was a popular thing to do in the midwest on these kind of nights. Inside was an attractive, asian woman with some caucasion features, in the far back corner reading a buisness law text book and steadily jotting down notes. She was dressed in a long tightly fitting overcoat, tan in color, that fell down to the floor. The front buttons stopped at her waist and the right side of the coat fell to the side, exposing long, smooth, and finely chisled legs. Halfway down her calf her brown leather stilleto boots started. At the end of the boots were 6" heels. Edward thought to himself that it was quite stereo typical to find an asian woman with her nose buried into a law book at 9pm on a Friday night. He did have to admit that he found her very attractive. Beside her was a tall and tanned latin looking gentelman reading what appeared to be a horror novel. They were a very good looking couple as they sat there together turning the pages of their books. Sarah thought it odd, what the man wore since the weather conditions of outside were so cold. The man sat there wearing a tight fitting tank top that showed off his body suit of tattoos. He wore baggy jeans and a pair of Timberland boots.

Edward and Sarah panned across the café. Across from the couple, along a wall were two men sitting at a table across from each other holding hands and sipping on warm cups of coffee. They were caught up in their own little world of word exchanges, smiles and light laughter. Sarah thought that is was adorable that these men were so comfortable with their lifestyle, that they could come to a public place in the middle of town and publicly display their love for one another. Everytime they smiled you could see genuine passion in their eyes.

Samuel leaned in closer to James and whispered in his ear, "I've been thinking papi, and I think its time we go through with what you suggested a lil' while back."

James asked, "What are you talking about baby?"

"You know that thing you brought up a few months ago. About swapping partners? Well, I've looked into it and there is a pretty big calling for it. I've looked online and this café is actually a meeting place for swingers on the first Friday night of every month. Today is the 4th. Happy Anniversary papi!"

James pulled away slightly and looked into Samuel's eyes and smiled, "Wow, I never thought that you would decide to try it. You've always been so reserved about our sexual exploration."

"I know, but its our three year anniversary and you're very special to me. I love you!" and with that, James reached over and kissed Samuel passionately as Sarah and Edward found a seat by the door facing both couples.

Mr Smith looked up from his novel in time to catch the warm kiss exhanged between the two men. He felt a slight bulge growing in his jeans, he reached across the table and slightly tapped Mrs. Smith. He then discretely pointed to the gay couple and told her, "I wonder if they are visitors for tonight princess." Mrs. Smith looked in the direction of her husband's pointer finger and stared for a few moments with Mr. Smith. James looked up and noticed the Smiths watching the kiss.

Mrs. Smith turned to her husband and smiled showing her perfectly straight, glistening white teeth, "I hope so, not only are they gorgeous, but they look so passionate and sincere. They're probably great in the sack!" With that said, Mrs. Smith turned back to her law book and her note pad.

Mr. Smith stood up, being careful not to show off his growing hard-on and headed to the gentlemens' table. On arrival to the table, Mr. Smith asked the two men if there was anything else that they would like before they closed the coffee shop for the evening. The Smiths had moved to the town of Lovely Blossom a year prior and had immediately bought the unsuccessful coffee shop knowing that they could turn it around. They had done well with adding a pool table covered in red felt and unique water-washed pool balls. Along the back corner next to where the Smiths sat they added over sized sofas big enough to sleep in. They darkened it up a bit and made it more appealing to the lifestyle of the population of Lovely Blossom.

Just the month before they posted on their swingers profile online, a once a month night for swingers to stop by and enjoy themselves in the coffee shop. Tonight was the first night and they weren't sure what the outcome would be. They had stated on the profile that they didn't want to make plans or arrangements with any potential couples or singles. They just wanted the interested parties to show up and see where the wind would take everyone. Samuel looked up at Mr. Smith and shook his head no, "I think we're good sir. But do you know who we give these papers to?" Samuel had brought very recent medical reports with him. In these reports were him and his boyfriend's health records, with emphasis on STD check-ups. The ad that he had seen online requested a clean record that covered the last 3 years. The ad also requested a brief description of sexual orientation, preference and desires. With some difficulty of retrieving and hiding these documents from James, Samuel brought the required documents with him.

"Yes sir, I will take those, enjoy the rest of your coffees and I will have my wife advise you of the outcome of her research." And with that said, Mr. Smith walked off and headed to the table where the new couple had sat down. Samuel and James went back to their kissing. James occassionally looked up to see Mrs. Smith watching them every few moments.

The couple was happy to see the man in the tank top approach their table. They were in need of some hot cocoa due to the chilly night. Although they couldn't complain due to the café having the heat at a very comfortable and tolerable setting. The couple had recently moved to the quiet town of Lovely Blossom from New York. Edward had been offered a great job as an accountant for a big manufacturing company in the next town over. Sarah was thrilled to get out of the big city of New York and move to a smaller more personal town. They were one of those couples that were very private and who didn't fit in with the gossip style of the big city life. The two of them had met each other their sophmore year of college in New York and had instantly fell in love.

Mr. Smith reached the table and asked the stunning couple what they would like to order. Edward asked for 2 cups of steaming hot cocoa. Sarah had changed her mind and asked Mr. Smith to change one cocoa to a cup of decaf coffee. As they ordered, they felt the tempature of the café rise enough that they both had to remove their jackets. Edward removed his leather trenchcoat and revealed the body of a god. He wore a fitted polo top that showed every cut and rip of his muscular body. Sarah took off her thick suede, Donna Karan jacket to reveal a body that obviously spent a good portion of everyday in the gym. Sarah stood at about 5'9 and couldn't weigh more then 125lbs with double D breasts barely tucked away into her v-neck cashmere sweater. She wore a pair of skin tight jeans that were covered to the knee by a pair of black leather boots with 3" heels. She, along with her male companion were a very hott couple. Something the Smiths liked to call a knockout team.

Mr. Smith walked off and stopped back at his table just long enough to pass the folder with the gay couples information to his wife. He then headed behind the counter to fetch the order for Edward and Sarah. Mrs. Smith stood up and headed to their office. Once in their office, she sat down at her desk and faced the two-way mirror that overlooked the entire coffee shop. She could see out, however, no one could see in. This had been her husband's idea for swingers' night. She placed the folder on the desk and began shifting through paperwork. James, the Alpha male in the relationship was bi-sexual, the paper also said that he carried a nice package, but there was no further description nor picture. She knew that if it were true however, then Mr. Smith would appreciate it very much. Samuel was also bi, but chose to lean more toward men. In his notes he claimed that something about a man's cock penetrating him anywhere was one of his favorite desires and his most inner intimate preference. His first picture showed him holding a ruler next to his cock with a hard-on measuring at 8.5". The second picture was a tape measure wrapped around his cock measuring in at almost 7" wide. Ouch for the ass that beast dominated she thought to herself.

Outside Mr. Smith was returning with Edward and Sarah's order. Arriving at the table, he could see that the man was rubbing the upper inner right thigh of his female companion. "Could these two be here for swingers' night as well?" he thought to himslef. He had never seen this couple around the area. So it was quite possible that they were indeed there for the games and from out of town. As he set down their drinks, Mr. Smith asked the couple if there would be anything else for the night. The couple said no, that they were fine. Mr. Smith introduced himself and and asked the couple for their names. They went by Edward and Sarah Carpenter. The three chatted for a few minutes, as the Carpenters revealed to Mr. Smith that they had recently moved to the small town for buisness. Mr. Smith politely excused himself as he disregarded the thought that they were there to participate in the nights festivities. It was pretty obvious that they were just patrons wanting cocoa for the night.

Mrs. Smith came back into the common area of the café with a big smile on her face. She met Mr. Smith halfway in the room and whispered a few things into his ear. They kissed, then she proceded to the table with the male couple. She handed them a check and lightly spoke a few words. Smiled again and walked over to the Carpenter's table. She laid down their check, licked her lips at Sarah and walked away, Sarah called her back so that she could pay for the bill. Sarah pulled out her Prada wallet and paid the $6 dollar bill. As she was placing her wallet back into her purse she unknowlingly missed the opening of her bag and her wallet fell to the floor. Nobody noticed and Mrs. Smith left the table. Sarah Carpenter was aware of a certain sexiness and confidence present within every step that Mrs. Smith took. She found it appealing and somewhat attractive.

The Carpenters finished their drinks, put on their coats and bid the café owners a good night and left the establishment. Behind them, after exiting they could hear the blinds closing and windows locking. How odd, they hadn't noticed the two men customers leave. They dismissed their thoughts, jumped into their car and drove home to settle in for the night. The Carpenters entered their home and got ready for bed. Mrs. Carpenter slipped into a sexy off-white nighty that fell off her shoulders in a seductive manner and stopped an inch and a half below her snatch. The article of clothing was vaguely see thru, revealing nipples and in the right light displayed the perfect sillouette of Sarah Carpenter's nakedness. Edward threw on his cotton pajama pants and the both of them crawled into bed. Sarah immediately jumped back out of bed to go and grab her purse. "I feel a migraine coming on, I better take a pill." Sarah retreated to the closet where she kept her purse, she immediately returned to the bed with her coat in her hand exclaiming to her husband that she must've dropped her wallet at the coffee shop. "I'll be right back dear, don't wait up, shouldn't be long at all." and before Edward had a chance to say anything, Sarah had her coat over her nighty and was rushing down the stairs to their car. Edward knew she could take care of herself and decided to go to sleep.

Sarah pulled up to the coffee shop and noticied that the blinds were shut and all the lights were off. She decided to give it a shot and walked to the front door. When she reached the door she grabbed the handle and pushed down on the lever with her thumb. Sarah felt the door latch disengage and the door was free to be opened. Opening the door she walked in. She heard noises within the café, but she couldn't quite make them out. Then clear as day, she heard them. Moans coming from the back wall where the couches sat. Her eyes started to quickly adjust to the darkness and she could see four bodies laying on two fold out sofas. She turned around and locked the café door from the inside. Faced the wall and quietly approached the sofas that held the four bodies.

Mrs. Smith lay on her back, with candles illuminating her surroundings. She lie there completely nude with what must've been one of the sexiest bodies Sarah had ever seen. Mrs. Smith was a finely sculpted woman with pale skin that showed defined lines in every muscle, her breasts were at least Ds with a perfect shape. Above her head squatted the male that had been facing the door when she had walked in earlier that night with her husband. His hands rubbing and groping at Mrs. Smith's breasts and his cock slowly sliding in and out of her mouth. Mrs. Smith's hands stroking his fat shaft as she sucked his giant prick. Sarah swore to herself that this man must've had the fattest dick she had ever seen. Between Mrs. Smith's legs was Mr. Smith fucking her pussy with his fat 7" cock, thrusting in and out of her with such brutal force that she was surprised Mrs. Smith didn't snap in half. Mr. Smith was leaning forward kissing the man who's cock was deep down Mrs. Smith's throat. Behind Mr. Smith's doggy position was the other of the two men. He was kneeling at the end of the sofa bed eating out Mr. Smith's ass. The sight was surprisingly arrousing to Sarah Carpenter. She felt her juices dripping down the inner portions of her thighs, her pussy feeling a warm sensation. She crept up slowly to the coffee bar, leaned against it, dropped her coat and slipped her hand under her nighty. Sliding two fingers up her pussy, She began fingerbanging herself.

On the foldout sofas, Mrs. Smith laid there with Samuel's 8.5" cock slowly driving in and out of her salvating mouth. Her lips spread wide-open from the enormous girth of his piece. Mr. Smith had a really fat cock that was above average too, but Samuel's was almost a freak of nature. Between Samuel's beast violating her mouth and Mr. Smith's fat cock penetrating her pussy she thought she was in sheer bliss and then it happened...

...from the counter she heard a female moan. Mrs. Smith shifted her eyes in the direction of the sound and saw Sarah leaning against the counter playing with herself. Sarah's eyes were fixed on the 2 couples screwing each other.

Sarah could see Mrs. Smith's eyes shift to her location and surprisingly Sarah did not shy away, in fact it turned her on. When Mrs. Smith motioned for Sarah to come over with her index finger, Sarah without reluctance made her way to the group.

As Sarah headed toward them Mrs. Smith removed Samuel's cock from her mouth and told him to go fuck her husband. Mrs. Smith then told Mr. Smith to move down to the foot of the bed and make room for Sarah after handing him a condom. Mr. Smith knew what she wanted from him. When Sarah got to the bed, Mr. Smith placed her facedown on the mattress and shoved her face into his wife's pussy. Sarah immediately began to lick Mrs. Smith's shaved wett pussy with such intensity, such passion, and such romance that Mrs. Smith felt herself orgasm for the third time that night. Mr. Smith unrolled the condom onto his dick leaned over the foot of the bed where Sarah's applebottom ass teased him playfully as she ate his wife's suculent cunt and he began the insertion process on Sarah's tight-ass pussy. Not more than a second went by before Mr. Smith could feel the thickness of somebody's prick forcing its tip passed the lips of his asshole.

With a little force but some compassion Samuel was able to drive his cock into Mr. Smith's ass. His ass was sweet and tender, with an unfamiliar tightness to it that caused Samuel to discharge a drop of pre-nutt. Samuel could hear the moans escaping between the soft latin lips of the male host and decided to shut him up. The only two people who still had articles of clothing on were Sarah and James. James had never removed his boxers and Sarah still laid there in her nighty. Samuel told James to go shut up Mr. Smith with his mighty python and stripped off James' boxers as he pinched his nipple and sent him on his way.

James crawled up into the bed, stepped over Sarah carefully, faced Mr. Smith and squatted down. He grabbed two handfuls of his monsterous cock and shoved the giant mushroom head into his mouth. Mr. Smith bout gagged. He didn't believe that it was possible, a cock that spanned probably over a foot in length and was damn near as fat as his own dick and the dick that currently pounded his own ass put together. It was unbelievable the combined size content of the cocks in the coffee house. James began to face fuck the shop owner as his lover wildly fucked the living shit out of the man's ass. James felt a wett tongue begin licking his asshole and looked back to see Mrs. Smith going to town with that gorgeous mouth of hers. He thoughtthat it was nice of her to return the oral favor that he was so courteous in giving to her husband prior to his man beating that ass up.

Sarah was confused, but in a euphoric state that she had never experienced before. She was in the presence of some of the most beautiful people she had ever encountered and she was having overwhelming yet pointless sex with them. She felt a twitch inside her body and then it happened, she came, juices squeezing out all over Mr. Smith's hips. Sarah was a squirter, something that Edward loved. "Oh my god, Edward!" she thought to herself. She felt a bit guilty, and didn't know how she would explain her long absence from a shirt trip to retrieve her wallet. She forced herself to push it to the back of her mind for the time being. She decided that she would worry about it on her drive home. For now she just wanted to focus on her pleasure and another orgasm.

Samuel looked up and saw the look of enjoyment in his man's face and felt a sense of pride for being able to do this for James. Plus he was enjoying himself tremendously. Mr. Smith was a great fuck, with every push and pull of his cock from Sarah's twat he would shimmy his hips in a manner that would grind Samuel's cock and hips. Samuel felt it coming up and shouted, "Who wants it?"

From the front of the bed he heard Mrs. Smith shout "I do daddy!" Samuel pulled out of the punished ass of his anal victim and found his way passed the orgy to Mrs. Smith's mouth. Samuel placed just the tip of his massive head just passed her lips and began to ejaculate inside her mouth. Almost instantly James felt himself letting one go as well and didn't bother to ask for permission.

Mr. Smith felt the warm nutt of the giant tree stump rip thru his mouth splashing against the back of his throat and running down his tonsils. But it didn't stop there, the giant beast continued to spit a few more times, filling Mr. Smith's mouth entirely with warm gizz. James had grabbed Mr. Smiths head like a quarterback on a football about to be sacked, then proceded to moan the entire time and then let out a gasp of relief once completed. Mr. Smith grabbed the back of James' head pulled him face to face with himself and swapped cum mixed saliva with the producer of the load. All the while never skipping a beat from fucking Sarah, who released another orgasm yet again.

Mrs. Smith continued to suck the ass juice covered cock after she swallowed all of Samuel's nutt. His load had tasted so good that she wanted to see if she could get more out of his pipe for her cum guzzling husband to enjoy. But it was of no use. Samuel, started twitching and stated that he was too sensitive for anymore. So he retreated to a chair to observe the orgy playout. She pulled Sarah away from her husband and stripped off her sexy little lingerie and then began kissing her and sucking her beautiful 34 double D breasts. Sarah was absolutely gorgeous. At a nice 5'9 with straight long, black hair and huge brown bedroom eyes, it was obvious that Sarah was of a hispanic decent. A very beatiful bloodline Mrs. Smith thought. She felt slightly jealous allowing her husband to fornicate with the very girl that fit his preferred bitch. But she quickly disregarded it knowing that she was the only whore for her king.

Mr. Smith sat on the edge of the bed with his back to the ladies, ripped his condom off and pulled James into his lap. The two men kissed as Mr. Smith slid his fat cock up James' ass. James let out a yelp as his ass was invaded for the first time ever. "Come suck your bitches cock!", Mr. Smith yelled to Samuel. Samuel got up and headed over. James couldn't stop moaning from the pleasant feeling that he was receiving from the two men. Within 5 minutes Mr. Smith was busting his load up into the bi-man's guts. Mr. Smith pushed Samuel off of him, grabbed the two ladies and headed upstairs to the Smiths' loft. On his way to the stairwell, he told the two men where the guest room was located and that they better be refreshed for the morning. "Coffee shop doesn't open till noon on holidays you big cocked stallions! So be energized for part two." and off the three went.

At the Carpenter's house Edward couldn't sleep, so he found his way to the couples computer and logged in. He did some web surfing and found nothing interesting. He then checked the computer's history to find some familiar interests. As he scrolled down the list of recently visited websites he found www.swingers-personals/mrnmrssmith.co.uk. "What the @*%$!!!" Next to the computer laid the couple's medical records. He sat there, confused.