Written by kaamdev

8 Jul 2006

It was 5:00 am in the morning and I wake up thirsty, got outa bed 2 quench me thirst. As I walk back 2 the bed in the resort luxurious room. Found both me Scandinavian travel companions sleeping peacefully, I was hired as their travel escort. I feel aroused imagining Miya's & Majo's mons and lovely cameltoes thick lipped yoni, half me age, with tall voluptuous bodies, under cover @ the moment.

So I put my drink down on the bed side table and slipped under the covers 2 escape the chilly Himalyan weather, moving closer to Miya, Just about dawn it is almost routine 4 the past 3 weeks, that either she wud wake me up, brushing her tits all over me face or just clinging 2 me tight or do the popsicle, waking me up 2 play. I place my hand on Miya's leg [Majo had her share of multiple Os, as being bossy & hyper sexed of the two, she also had her share of 'injectiono paradiso' of what she wud call]. I slowly slide my hand up her leg and thigh until I reach her panties, I place my fingers under the elastic and pull them down exposing her pussy, me and Majo just shaved previous night. I start slowly rubbing up and down her labia majora with my fingers before I bury my lips deep inside Miya, sliding them in and out. Pushing in as deep as they can go.

I move my body closer as I place my tongue on her clit and lick up and down, nibbling and sucking while I go still using my fingers inside her, She start to move her hips, at the point I noticed that she is woken up with a warm triumphant smile [she liked being desired b4 she gets horny], and begun responding to my sensuous touch. I do not stop I keep licking her and finger fucking Miya. I remove my fingers, both of us licking them in turn. I stick my tongue in her, twirling it around and sliding my tongue in and out, now I hear her moan growing louder so I keep going getting faster and faster with my tongue,

I slide her shirt up over the lovely round firm breasts and use my hands to caress and play with them pinching softly on the medium sized nipples, grabbing her 36c boobs and licking up kissing all over, I pull my tongue away and move up so our hips are together and I rub my erect cock against her, my manhood hardness grinding against her yoni. I move my lips towards hers, sticking my tongue in her mouth so she can taste herself. I passionately kiss Miya, long and deep, then I move my head down and start sucking on her nipples again, squeezing both her tits. I bite down the nipples gently, rolling me tongue around her nipple rings making them harder,

I grab my hard throbbing cock and rub it up and down her pussy before sliding it inside, She just loved eaten in the early morning not interested in playing flute, of what she is really good at. Me pumping in and out feeling her wetness with my dick, I pump in and out going harder and faster. Listening to her heavy breathing and moaning, I watch her face and look into her deep grayish blue eyes. I move my lips to her left ear and whisper "I love you loov" Miya whisper the same words, being aware of Majo turning in her sleep. I move my head down to her neck and start kissing and sucking on the neck, sucking her earlobes. My humping pumping gets harder and faster as I push my dick in as far as I can each time, she let out a small moan.

I start to slow down as I can feel myself ready to cum. I don't want to cum before her big O, so I put my wet fingers on her clit and rub, getting my fingers all juicy with our love nectar. Miya responded by grinding against me, demanding I go harder again. I start pumping in and out of her faster and harder, banging hard into her as she kept insisting by calling me name, "harder harry baby harder", starting 2 moan loudly, her pussy tightened around my my thick 7*7 boner. V kept pumping deeper inside until she came, her juices squirting out all over me pecker and my fingers. Her moaning driving me wild. I start building and building up until I can't hold it. I let go, shooting hot streams of cum deep inside Miya. Her pussy muscle's squeezing every last drop out of me. I pull out and go down on her, licking up all our juices. I finish doing that then kiss her passionately, massaging her tongue with mine. I hold Miya close in me arms, and lie next to Miya, looking into her eyes with warm affection. Miya liked her tits 2 be hold caressed as part of after play ritual. I drank the Banana Milkshake served 2 me. How gr8 was our traveling together… before I hit the La la land Majo folded was moving closer 2 me 4 a cuddle. Day after their 2 more friends Jimmy and Rachel Khaan were 2 join us back... 2b cont., feedback:: hbbs2005@hotmail.com