Written by swingin_cat

12 Jun 2007

The weekend was here – and what a glorious weekend for weather it was set to be! Chris had hit on an idea: 'Tell you what Sue – let's leave the shopping for later in the week. The suns out, and it's a day too good to waste. Let's take a trip out to the park up the road, where we can sit out in the sun and have something to eat and drink'. Sue quickly agreed. Anything to get out of the weekend shopping!

The lawn on the park was awash with bodies, all of whom had the same idea of sun-worshipping. Some women were in their bikinis, whilst others were casually dressed, in a skimpy sort of way. The guys lounged about in nothing more than shorts: if only the beach was a little closer to home – that's what must be on a lot of their minds. Finding a space, Chris and Sue sat down on the grass. Chris whipped his tee-shirt off, leaving just his shorts and sandals on. Sue wore a short denim skirt, complemented by a casual sleeveless top. As they were about to each open a can of drink, Sue suddenly noticed a girl a few feet away from her, who had stripped down to her bra and panties. 'Well, if she can do it………..so can I!', she said to Chris. Off came the top to reveal her white lacy bra, quickly followed by her skirt. There she sat on the blanket, in her bra and white virginal cotton knickers. There was one reason they were there, and that was to relax. Sue lay down on the blanket, soaking up the sun, occasionally getting up for a sip of Coke.

Chris was quite proud of Sue's bravado in stripping off to her underwear. As his eyes took in the surroundings, he suddenly noticed two girls a little way ahead of him. One of them wore a short black skirt. As she uncrossed her legs, and he noticed a bare patch with just the top of a pubic bush showing, it became clear that she wasn't wearing knickers. He couldn't believe what he had seen. He whispered to Sue 'Hey….that girl in front of us isn't wearing knickers'. Sue looked up discreetly, and realised that Chris was telling the truth. Of course, the girl wasn't aware of the attention she was creating (or at least didn't make it look obvious). Sue thought for a moment, then said 'Must be nice to let the air get to those parts on a nice day……..how would you feel if I put my skirt back on and got them off?'. 'Wow Sue! But, not here?' he replied. 'Of course not, silly! Let's get changed a minute and I'll take them off in the loos'.

Dressing back into their clothes, they headed in the direction of the toilets, which were situated in the middle of the park. 'I'll wait out here for you', he told Sue. She went into the toilet, and immediately came rushing out again, grabbing Chris by the arm. Pulling him into the ladies, as there was no one about, she closed the door in a cubicle, locking both herself and Chris inside. 'I'm beginning to feel really naughty now', she whispered. Pulling her knickers down to her knees, she sat on the toilet, legs wide apart, and let a long stream of pee loose, right before Chris's eyes. The bulge in his trousers was enough evidence to show his arousal. Still sat on the toilet, she unzipped his trousers, and took his knob in her mouth. She knew how to go down on a man, and how to make him enjoy it. Suddenly, she stopped. 'Wait a bit…' she whispered. 'Can't make you cum too quickly now, can we?'. With that, she pulled her knickers off, wiped herself dry and placed her knickers in her bag. Settling her skirt whilst standing, she said 'Right – back to the spot we were sunbathing at'.

They got back to the lawn where they started off, and once again made themselves comfortable. This time (and for obvious reasons), Sue decided not to strip off. As she slid her shoes off, she sat back down on the blanket, methodically and carefully, so as not to let too many people know her secret just yet. She turned to face Chris, who was sitting next to her. Her legs crossed, so that he was able to catch sight of her neatly trimmed pubic area. She knew it turned him on, and she was starting to feel quite turned on by it too: her vagina was juicing up inside. Eventually, she lay down on the blanket. Noticing a couple sitting opposite them, her knees raised, so that the neat line of her buttocks could be seen. As she straightened her legs to lie down, she could feel the front of her denim skirt riding up slightly. When she looked up, she also noticed the couple looking at her, the man giving a wry smile of agreement. The man then turned to his partner, whispered something, and then kissed her whilst his hand gently rubbed her crotch through her jeans. However many people witnessed this sight was anyone's guess, but Sue and Chris certainly did, and knew that Sue's decision to go without knickers had turned the couple on too.

A few minutes later, the unknown couple had got up and left. Sue whispered to Chris 'Hmm…I think you'd better come with me now!' Up they got, and Sue led Chris back to the ladies toilets. Checking that no one was around, she once again led him into a cubicle, and closed the door behind them. She unzipped his jeans, and rubbed his penis slowly to full erection. 'Fuck me Chris……..fuck me, please' she urged as she hoisted up her skirt. With that, Chris lifted Sue up, her legs wrapped around his waist, and slid his penis into her now glistening wet vagina. The thought of her bare upskirt show was more than enough to take, and it wasn't long before he had emptied his semen inside her.

As they tidied themselves up, and left the cubicle, a middle-aged woman walking past them gave a dirty stare – as if she knew what they had been up to! 'Look forward to more sunny days like these' said Sue, 'when I can do it all over again'. Chris smiled, and replied 'So do I, Sue………so do I!'