Written by johnlikesfun

9 Sep 2005

Strangers no Longer

The bar was quiet the only sound was the blues music playing softly in the background. He had finished early at work and was relaxing enjoy a couple of beers while he read to days paper. The paper stretched out in front of him as he sat at the end of the bar quietly absorbing the headlines and stories, which covered the paper. His head was raised by a break in his concentration, the sound of the bar door opening shattered the quiet of the bar. Turning his head, he first saw her. Long coat trousers high heels and the most enchanting face he had seen in a long time. He watched her as she walked trough the bar their eyes meeting for a short while until she had passed by.

He returned to his paper but the colour of her eyes and the red of her lipstick stuck in his mind as he tried to read the paper. The thoughts becoming more distracting, he look round to see her remove her coat and order a drink. The shape of her breasts shown by her tight jumper, his eyes staring at their beautiful form a little too long raising his eyes he meet hers smiling at him he turned away in embarrassment.

He glanced round several times to be meet by her face smiling, her lovely brown eyes smiling at him also. She was sitting enjoying her drink his mind was stunned by her looks and the way she held her self as she had walked through the bar.

She sat upright straight back her legs crossed the drink in front of her had the red satin of her lipstick on the glass. Again, he caught her this time he smiled, she beamed a wide and open smile back at him her eyes wide and so inviting.

She opened her mouth asking how he was, his mind raced with shock, he just replied fine thanks.

She turned away he sat reading his paper and thinking of those eyes and her presence. He turned to see her move towards him asking what was so interesting in the paper he tried to find a reply but just came out with his name, she smiled and introduced her self and started a conversation. He would stare into her eyes but his eyes would wander to those lovely breasts their shape enhanced by the tightness of her jumper. Each time his eyes would move back to her face, she would smile. Chatting for a while he ordered them another round of drinks, they talked about them self, who they were and what they liked and enjoyed in life.

After a while she caught him looking at her breasts again as his eyes came back to her face she leaned towards him and he heard her whisper, you really like my breasts. He felt silly and stupid now and could not look at her, he felt her hand on his cheek turning his face to her, I am glad you like them she said, why he replied. Her face beamed the biggest brightest smile he had ever seen, because she explained, I want you to play with them later.

He could not understand why the whole bar did not hear his gasp, a mixture of shock, pleasure and amazement. This beautiful woman had just asked him to play with her breasts. He thought, a joke, a wind up or is she just insane but now the thought of holding those beautiful breasts in his hands had him captured. She moved her stool closer to him, her perfume filled the air round him as she leaned slowly to him and kissed him gently on the cheek. The touch of her soft red lips made his heart skip and a wave of pleasure ran through him. He just sat and said the first thing that came to his mind, would you like a drink he said, smiling her eyes wide and welcoming she accepted. The conversation was all about the city and its population and how large it is. He sat drinking slowly wondering what would happen next, she looked in the eye smiled and said, lets drink up and find some where more private and comfortable.

He was still in shock as they walked from the bar and before he knew where he was, he was sitting in her car with those beautiful brown eyes staring at him. He leaned towards her captivated by her beauty their mouths meet. Their kiss started light and soft but the passion of the kiss grew as their tongues danced round each other. He felt her suck his tongue deep into her mouth and he kept pulling it back and then letting it dart again deep in to her mouth as her arms pulled him close, he folded his arms round her pulling her to him tight as he did he felt a faint sigh of pleasure from her. To him it seemed as if they kissed for hours until she gently moved away and started her car driving away down the road. His mind was now racing he did not know this woman or where she was from but that kissed had filled him with a passion he had only felt a few times in his life.

As she drove she pointed out places and building to him almost like a tour guide, she pulled over and again they held each other close and the kiss this time was deeper more passionate and lustful. Then before he knew what had happened he was stepping through her door into her house. She stood in the room in front of him and removed her coat his he just let fall off. He watched as she walked to him, smiling her arms extended he fell into her embrace and kissed her again. He could feel her firm breasts push into his chest her warm lips on his her tongue dancing with his. He felt his excitement increase as they kissed holding each other close. Her lips moved over his face and neck licking kissing and nibbling. Pulses of sexual pleasure started to surge through his body his mind was spinning again as he heard her whisper in his ear, it is not only breasts you are going to have today. He followed her across the room to the sofa where she sat him down and stepped back. His cock was already growing in his pants causing him to squirm slightly as he felt it tight against his pants.

He watched as she pulled her jumper off exposing her breasts held in their bra, she stepped forward and he felt him self gasp with pleasure as she straddled his lap and sat down, the beautiful form of her breasts in front of his face. Her lips sucked on his as she kissed him again he pulled her close and felt the soft ness of her skin as his arms wrapped round her body holding her tight to him. Their tongues dancing round and round he could feel the warmth of her bear skin flooding through his shirt driving the passion with in him to higher and higher levels. She was above him her hand slowly cupping her own breasts massaging them as he watched he could feel his cock straining in his pants as it grew with sexual excitement. He felt the material of her bra brush over his face as she gently rubbed it over his face back and forth slowly letting his feel her firm warm breasts, then it was gone she sat on his lap her breasts naked her nipples pink and erect before his face. He moved to suck one she gently stopped him, not yet she said as her fingers started to squeeze her nipple. He watched his body aching with sexual tension his cock now hard in his pant again making him squirm. Her hands slid down her breasts and tummy and gently took his in her hands and guided them towards her breasts: he could feel her soft skin as his moved towards her breasts. Then he was there they felt firm yet soft, warm his fingers, and thumb closed round each nipple squeezing the hard erect nipples. He heard her moan softly as his fingers massaged her breasts and nipples. He felt her hand behind his pulling his face to her nipples his mouth opened and he sucked her nipple into his hot wet mouth, he ran his tongue round and round her nipple. He then sucked her other nipple into her mouth and sucked her nipple hard he again heard a soft moan form her he sucked harder as his fingers played with the other nipple her body squirmed round on his lap making his cock harder and harder. He could feel her squirming round on his lap as he sucked hard on nipples one after the other his hands massaging them as he sucked.

Then she jumped of his lap and looking him the eyes, she kneeled in front of him her hands undoing his trousers. He felt a great relief as his hard cock sprang from his pants looking up to him she smiled and her head moved down he felt her warm breath on his cock end sending waves of pleasure through him. He felt the first touch of her tongue as it slid slowly round and round his cock end. His body was shaking with pleasure his mind in a whirl then he almost yelled with delight as he felt her hot mouth round his cock and slowly taking him in deeper and deeper. He felt her sucking his cock into her mouth the feeling was driving him crazy with delight as she slowly moved her mouth up and down his hard cock. He felt her mouth close round his cock end and felt her tongue licking and circling it repeatedly, the sensation driving him close to the point of coming. Again she took him deep into her mouth he felt her lips and tongue as she sucked him in deeper and deeper.

He felt her mouth go looking up she was standing undressing in front of him her naked body straddled his lap and she slowly lowered her self down. He felt her hand grip his cock as she guided it towards her pussy entrance he felt the first touch of her hot pussy walls as they closed tight round his cock. He felt her sliding down onto him as her mouth closed round his, she started to fuck him slowly each stroke taking more and more of his cock into her. He could feel the tension building in him his cock was hard and deep in her then she stop and just squirmed round on his lap his cock deep inside her. Kissing him with a huge passion his tongue deep in her hot mouth, then she started to ride him again sliding up and down the full length of his cock. He could feel the pressure building with in him his body was aching with sexual tension and pleasure. Then he felt it a great release as his cock exploded his hot come into her she rode him taking all his cock had to give her. His mouth opened and he yelled as he came her arms round him holding him tight to her.

He felt her kiss his face and mouth he kissed her back then he heard, now you have to make me come, as she stood over his face and lowered her come full pussy onto his face. His tongue open her pussy and he received a mouth full of his and her come licking and kissing drinking all their juices he could. He found her clit and sucked into his mouth licking it and feeling her jump with each lick and suck. Tasting his, own hot come mixed with her pussy juice was divine. He licked and licked her clit sucking it hard into his mouth as one finger slid inside her and found that sweet spot. He felt her body jump and squirm with each touch until she clamped his head tight between her thighs and shock all over moaning and screaming as her own climax exploded through her body.

She fell on him he pulled her close kissing her mouth and neck with tender kisses she kissed him back their mouths meet and a long slow kissed developed, she pulled away from him and looked into his eyes saying, I have picked the bar the last two times you can pick the next one when we play this again.