Written by Unknown

21 Jul 2007

i arrive at her house im throbbin and drippin already theres cum seeping trough my trousers i have a quick rub and feel then knock the door she greets me with a long kiss and looks straight down at my bulge and smiles and smirks to herself i see she s wearing black stockings as planned with seems at the back my favourites shes wearind a little sexy flirty dress i cant wait to spread her legs and see that moist juicy pussy and to see her suspender belt and the tops of her sexy black stockings she tells me to sit down and sits opposite me in a chair and croosses her legs we look at each other up and down and start to talk she doesnt take her eyes of my throbbin hard bulge and keeps licking her lips i know she cannot wait to get it out and grab it and start to suck and slowley lick it all over slurpin and moanin and groain why she enjoys it i cant wait to get her gaggin on it why she sucks it hard and fast she keeps uncrossing her legs opening em more and more what a tease but i love it i see the tops of her stockings and the sight of her suspenders gets me throobbin even more really want to explode and know i will all over her juicy tits i can see she has a shaved pussy i just know shes goin to be crouching over my face pulling her juicy pink lips apart for me to stick my tongue right up inside and tongue fuck her and lick and nibble on her wet clit makeing it throbb so her juices start flowing!

what happend next i want it to happen again and angain and again! x