Written by chocolatebuttons

8 Feb 2007

I had a phone call from a swinging friend of mine to say that he'd been invited to a bukakke meet and would I tag along as he'd never been to one before. Neither had I but I figured, there's a first time for everything. We arrived at this house in the middle of the countryside just off the m6, we were greeted by the owner of the house' partner who had rented the cottage to the director, who gave us both a drink, we then got chatting to the large number of men that had also arrived, some bringing their partners, including an older couple who had to be in their mid fifties(old people do like thier fun). As I walked into the kitchen there were four women standing around chatting...Two were very scantily dressed, obviously the lead (petite brunette, good body, but very flat chested) and her co-star (stunning blonde, beautiful blue eyes, petite body with fake breasts), whilst the other two had boyfriends in tow. Before long, everyone was summoned to the living room, rules were stipulated before everyone got to action. Before I knew it, there were clothes everywhere as men undressed and started to be sucked off by the two women that were there to take part whilst others watched. I by now was only interested in the blonde as she knelt right at my feet on a matress as she took turns to suck four men stood around her. The idea of the evening was to get the brunette as messy as possible for the first shoot and then have sex with them for the second shoot. One by one men either took thier place and had either girl suck them before cumming all over the brunette or they didnt want to waste what they had nd save it for the second shoot. I took me a matter of time before I undressed, and as i pulled my trousers down, not yet erect, the blonde turned her head around, looked at my growing cock, looked at my face, winked and said 'is that for me' before ignoring the three blokes surrounding her and making a beeline for my cock. Now i'm an exhorbitionist, i love being on camera and performing infront of people, so this was like a dream come true, but I couldn't cum, i never do with blow jobs, but she really went for it, after a couple of minutes I moved aside to give someone else their just deserts, but she knew and I knew I'd be back. a lot of men got stage fright, began to wilt and came over the brunette and the cameras stopped rolling to give men time to recoup. So both girls were in the middle of the room on their own. I knew this was my first chance to have both girls at my balls so I stood up and headed for the blonde, who pulled her partner towards me, so I had both girls at my cock and balls whilst about 20 people in this room watched me for a couple of minutes before others joined in, I once again made a beeline for the blonde, who went at her job like a woman on a mission, after about 10 minutes, she said 'be a star and go come on her face, you can have me properly later', and slapped my ass...so off I went to the brunette, who wanked me off all over her face for the camera. As soon as I sat down though, I wanted to go again but the girls went to clean themselves up and get changed. I chatted with some of the men that were there including my mate James who hadn't cum yet. Eventually, after everyone had recouperated, it was time for the sex shoot. Condoms were laid out and most of the men stood around waiting for things to happen. Myself and Simon( on of the guys I'd been chatting with) stood around the blonde, rubbing her nipples as she sucked both of our cocks, another guy joined us before Simon put a condom on and got on with giving her a seeing to...Now both girls were quite small but i couldn't really hear any noise from either party so I knew it was time to have some of my own fun. So i put a condom on and once again made my way to the blonde. As Simon was ready to cum, he made way for me. As I pushed my cock into her, she let out a gasp and I stopped. She turned round to see who it was and smiled at me as she tried to ease me in. Once there, she wrapped her arms around my neck and closed her eyes as I slid my cock into her. After about 4 minutes, she stopped me and said ' as much as i'd love you to carry on, you cant monopolise me' so I said 'I'll come back later' before making my way to the brunette. Now as the camera was focused on her, I knew I'd have to perform. I quickly changed condom and the uy thatwas feeling her pussy moved aside and I once again pushed my way in. I pushed her knees into her chest and pushed my cock as deep as it would go. She winced, but the camera man just gave me the thumbs up and told me to keep going. So I began drilling my cock into her, and hearing her moan, i started to rub her clit at the same time. I dont know whether it was me thrusting, or the rubbing but suddenly she started howling, the other men in the room all gathered around. One by one they started cumming on her face again as the saw this brunette being impaled by this thick cock...she suddenly took a face ful of cum and started wriggling on the matress before letting out a moan and pushing myself away, brought her knees to her chest, the cameraman patted me on the shoulder and said 'well done, not many have done that since we started', I suddenly felt a sense of pride, but after going at it with the brunette, I went back to find the blonde as she was sucking another cock and being fucked from behind...the guy she was fucking moved away and I found myself putting another condom on before turning her onto her back. She pulled me into her and I knew that it was our turn for some fun, she began stroking a couple of men around her, but her eyes were focused on mine, as we both had on goal...I grabbed her breasts, i'd never felt a fake pair before, but they were breasts and as her eyes rolled in her head, i rubbed the nipples between my fingers. one of the guys she been playing with moved over to the brunette to cum on her face but me and the blonde still went at it, suddenly I noticed there was a bit of an audience, three women with partners( Including the older couple) and one sat there on her own, staring at this petite blonde writhing with pleasure with this huge guy. The older woman behind me, began rubbing my back and ass, but it didn't really spur me on as the blonde began to pant and hold me from going in too deep. SO i brought her knees to her chest, the older woman stopped and watched me drill this blonde, the blonde let out a gasp and the camera moved from the brunette to the blonde to capture her moment. The camera looked at me and mouthed ' you again' I just smiled and carried on. She gasped and pulled me into her, held me there as she grabbed her breasts and came all over my cock. Her cum dribbled down my balls. Seeing this, the old woman reached down and rubbed her cum into them before tasting her fingers. The guy at her face, motioned he was ready to shoot and came all over her face after a frustrated tug, her shot his load over her nose, which she wiped off with her arm.

Now it was me and her, with the whole room watching and as I thrust into her, i knew I'd never have it this good again (unless I go back of course) So now, I fucked her, no more messing around. I put her thigh high boots on my shoulders, grabbed her by the wrists and fucked her. She winced, as she came again and again, by now the brunette had knelt by her mate and was stroking her hair and face...I just kept on fucking, like it was just me and her...I whispered to her 'so do I cum on your face or her face', she said 'if you cum on her face i'll be extremely disappointed cause I've earnt this and I want some fun to'. So I pulled out took the condom off and moved up towards her face. The brunette, sensing a camera oppotunity leant formard but the blonde pushed her away as she caressed my balls and licked at the end of my cock, I began stroking it, realising that I was here wanking in front of a crowd of people, it spured me on, so faster and faster I went until I knew I was ready, I signalled to the camera man, and he swung round to watch me unlesh five streams of cum all over this pretty blondes forehead, nose, eyes and chin. I wiped my cock on her lips and she took me into her mouth before sucking me dry. She stood up and stroked my face before disappearing to clean up. I looked around. All the men had dressed and were watching the show. I felt proud that I had occupied everyone elses focus at a porn shoot when there were actually porn stars there. Right then I knew that I wanted to be a porn star, to have this focus all the time. I Stood up and got changed. The camera man came and stood next to me and said 'I have never seen one bloke get so much focus at one of these, especially as you made both women cum' He handed me his details and said ' I may have some work for you'. The older woman, gave my ass a squeeze as she walked by and the blonde entered the room. 'Wow' she said 'Its been a while since I was fucked like that, did Mike give you his details, I mentioned earlier that I wanted you to be more regular as everyone else was a bit standoffish, but you I wanted more off. Do you want to stay the night?' 'I'd love to but I came with someone and he's expecting a lift home, but I'll be back, you never know we may end up working together' I replied. She gave my hand a squeeze, kissed my cheek, and sautered off into another room. James looked at me, and said 'your a legend', I just smiled, knowing that I'd been the star at a porn shoot, without being a porn star was enough for me. I'm now writing this story the morning after the night before, and I keep going through events in my head. I didnt get any sleep because of it. That's why I had to write this here. Now if you read this, you dont have to believe me, but I've also met couples on here that can vouch for me. I can also prove this in person, more importantly, the girls in question are on amateur facials and if anyone would like to attend this porn shoot, its is a regular even and I can give more details.