Written by toy_man

3 Nov 2006

It all started when my wife came home the other day and started telling me about a guy that came in to her school to deliver books, As it turns out she knew him from her college days, She told me that she had gone to a party and ended up drinking and having a good time and had met Jason. Then she told me he asked her if she had remembered the night they met. It appeared her and Jason ended up doing some heavy petting at the back of the hall, this was the first time she had told me about this event but admittedly this was a new event, talking about our past. He had unbuttoned her blouse and played with her tits and she had rubbed his cock through his pants before she knew what was happening she had to get back to her strict dad who expected her in by 11:30, she left Jason there with a case of the blue balls, he then moved up country to work and they never met again until today, She said that she was really embarrassed when he asked her if she might be willing to take up where they had left off, Telling him that she was married now and it was out of the question. My cock got quite hard from this conversation and I told her so. She then told me her pussy had been wet since he had left her desk. I put my hand in her panties and her pussy was indeed hot and wet. We ended up fucking on the sofa with me asking her if she wanted to fuck Jason. This really turned her on and she was telling me she really fancied him.

Our chance came sooner than expected as later that weekend we were out in Cardiff bar hopping when she spotted and pointed out Jason. I must say I wasn't shocked to find that he was a good looking powerfully built guy. My wife gestured and he came over to our table and sat down, seeing the fire in my wife's brown eyes I couldn't resist the urge and just came out and asked him if he wanted my wife to finish what she had started all those years before. My wife looked all embarrassed but then she reached out and kissed him on the cheek and told him that she was up for it and that I wanted to watch. We didn't waste any time heading back home and as soon as we were through the door Jason and my wife starting kissing with him running his hands all over her body. She backed off and undid her blouse and pulled her bra off and stuck out her boobs and asked if he remembered them. With that Jason started kissing and rubbing her boobs. My wife started unbuckling his pants and put her hand inside his trousers and said I certainly remember this! In an instant she had his cock out and was on her knees wanking the longest thickest cock I had ever seen. Jason starting moaning and my wife started jerking his cock. Just before he came she took his cock to her chest and he shot copiously all over her tits. This was almost too much for me to take. I walked over and rubbed his cum over my wife's tits while she sucked his cock some more. When she had finished she told both of us to undress and she would meet us in the bedroom I told Jason I wanted him to fuck my wife hard and all I wanted to do was watch.

My wife came into the bedroom from taking a shower and immediately went over to the bed and got on her hands and knees and invited Jason to fuck her with his huge cock. He walked over and started rubbing his cock along her wet pussy and asked her if she had thought about fucking him and her answer startled me. She said she had and that she fantasized about fucking him at least once a month. He started easing that fat cock in her tight pussy and I could see he was having trouble getting all of his cock in her. She started telling him how good it felt and how she could feel his cock stretching her pussy out. He stroked her easy a few times with about half his cock when he asked her if she were ready to get fucked by a big man. My wife just whimpered and let out a low scream when He held her hips and pushed all ten inches of his cock in her pussy. I think she must have cum immediately. He let her settle down before he began to pump her in Ernest. I have never seen anyone get fucked like she did that night. When he finished fucking her from behind he laid her down and got between her legs and fucked her until she was begging him to shoot her full of his cum. When he finally left I laid her down on the bed and stuck my hard cock in her loose pussy and shot my cum almost immediately. Since that time my wife likes to meet him in out of the way places and let him fuck her good and then she comes home and tells me about how good he fucked her. The last time she mentioned he wanted to introduce her to a friend, but I don't know if I'm ready for that, unless it's filmed for my viewing of course.

Toy Man