Written by jay19782005

12 Sep 2005

My name is Jay I used to work in a call centre for a book wholesalers, I also used to have the most boring life on earth and the least money of anyone I knew .

I've always liked Porn and my wife knows this, we got married young and I never regret that decision and Porn erotic fantasies etc. have always been part of our married lives . We use our previous sex lives in our love making . I'm 6'2 white with a fairly okay body, Emmy my wife is Black 5'7' and hot, nice medium bouncy tit's and a great round tight ass .Enough with this crap let's get to the story.

It was a bad month I'd just been fired from my Job and Emmy was also between Jobs, that wouldn't be catastrophic in itself however we had just bought a house earlier that year, a computer, top of the line video camera and a car . So if you take all this in to account you could fairly say that we were up shit creek without a paddle . Time came and we were getting the 'final demand' letters . We sat down one fateful evening in front of the TV and tossed ideas in the air, all stupid,

until finally I shouted 'Well, we could always whore ourselves'

There was a short silence, Emmy looked at the TV which had a Porno playing, she grinned and turned to me

'You know that's not a bad idea, I read this article about people selling stuff on E-bay like panties and even homemade DVD's, they post the items under stuff like broken plates and advertise it on the adult chat sites to get around the E-bay sellers rules '

As you can imagine I was shocked and had a lot of questions in my head

1)where the fuck did she read about this

2)why was she so excited

3)why was I getting horny

I was quiet and thoughtful, for the rest of the evening, Emmy sat looking at the TV deep in thought . We smoked a couple of joints so I could chill and get my head around bringing our sex life to the public and eventually I was okay with it all . Let's get to work .

'Okay how are we gonna do this, we need to get something to place the camera on and stuff' I took a DEEEEEP toke and the world felt right

'Baby, that ain't gonna sell' she said, her hand working my cock 'we need to go a bit harder . Nobody's gonna pay to see two people fucking, that's what mirrors are for'

'Well what do you think we should do, little Miss Expert 'I was almost fully hard and completely contented,

'It's gotta be nasty to sell, people want things that aren't your everyday and I've got an idea' she had her dirty girl voice on . One hand working my cock and the other one holding my balls .

'A Gangbang starring me, and a few guys' Emm was wriggling me out of my shorts, and had taken off her own pants . 'people would pay to see me being fucked and filled in every way'

I was seriously aroused at this stage, I didn't know what a dirty slut I'd married. All of this filth coming from her mouth . She had me right where she wanted me, desperate financially and sexually . She spat on my dick and climbed on top of me whilst I was still sitting on the sofa . Emmy let out a deep moan as she slid all the way down my pulsing cock .

'I'll find the guys, you book the hotel room' she was slowly grinding and shoving her titties in my face 'and make sure you bring enough film, cause we gonna do a full length feature . We're gonna have loadsa fun'

I wasn't sure what she meant by full length feature, I was so high and horny that I didn't care and couldn't be bothered to ask . Buy this time Emmy had put her feet on the sofa and was pounding her pussy on my dick . I just kept my hands cupped around her ass and let her do her thing, wring out my dick for all it was worth . She came loud and hard not stopping to draw breath

Finally Emm got up off my dick and led me upstairs, god she was hot, after fishing around in the bedside cabinet she threw me some lube . I was in for a treat she knelt on the bed and took the doggy style position, whenever Emmy wanted anything bad enough I got to fuck her in the ass, so she must want her way .

My cock was slick with Lube and hard as an Iron bar, her ass was spread by her hands and I could see the pink of her smooth pussy, that wasn't my target . I eased in, Inch by Inch, slowly all the way until I was balls deep in hot black ass . I didn't take long for us to work up a speed, Emm looked over her shoulder at me she appeared to be cumming and this set me off my stokes became harder and savage as I plundered the depths of her butt . She grabbed a pillow and hung on until finally the inevitable happened . Torrents of hot cum spewed from my dick flooding her ass and starting to seep out as I kept fucking . I pulled out admiring my work, the nice round black booty with my jiz oozing out and trickling down her legs .

'Don't worry Baby nobody fucks like you do, You're a one man army and you're the man I love……' she trailed off laying on her front , while gently playing with the cum as it hit her pussy


Saturday came and it was time to make our movie, we drove to our location Emmy had already gotten dressed in a white basque, white hold-ups and no panties, she also had a mask to cover her eyes so as it would be difficult to see her face . All of this was covered by a long coat .

'I chose the guys from an e-group, they're all young and desperate' She told me matter of factly .

To be quite honest I was desperate we hadn't had sex for a week, she said she needed the rest to be ready for the movie . We arrived at a crumby drive in hotel and Emmy rushed in to the room ready to take care of our new line of business, I unloaded all the gear and rolled a joint while she sent out a whole bunch of text messages telling the guys to turn up at 2 o'clock

Emm sat watching porno's on the hotel TV and took a few hits on the monster joint I'd rolled ,

'What if some of them, don't turn up !' I asked half in hope and half with the nerves that we might face financial ruin if we didn't get this done .

'Hopefully at least five of those horny little fuckers will, half wouldn't be bad, but they're all inexperienced and desperate for a fuck they'll go to any lengths'

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck oooohhhh Fuck . She was serious . Then the first of them arrived, I was like a rabbit in the headlights .

'Don't worry, I'll take care of everything . Just point the camera at the action don't say shit and try to enjoy it ' she said as she walked towards the door .

The guys came in one by one and by 2.30pm we had seven nervous guys toking on a joint oggling my wife . Emmy had her mask over her eyes and a look of hunger on her face .

'Okay boys lets get rolling' this was my cue to turn the camera on . I drained my joint and focused on the business of saving our ass from the poverty line .

Emmy was now on show in all of her glory and It was then I realised that it was almost exactly what she'd been wearing on our wedding night . Her tits pushed up out of the top of the basque and her ass framed by the white fabric of her lingerie . She gave the order to strip, then she lined them up and sized them up . They were all told that they would all get laid, but they would have to do it her way . This statement made some of the guys hard, they weren't the best looking bunch but some of them were packing meat of a good size .

Emmy got too her knees and hollered at me to come and capture the action as she went down the line getting the dicks wet and hard .

Emm threw a guy on the bed and literally impalled herself on his cock she then started to ride him whilst beconing the remaining guys to her mouth one after the other . Making sure that all of their cocks were rigid and wet with her spit, the nerves in their faces were all gone now . Some of them had even gained a certain confidence and started telling Emmy what a dirty bitch she was and she was lapping it up . I was getting into it as well, my cock had grown fully erect and I had to unzip my fly to stop it hurting . Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next, emmy looked up at the guy in front of her and told him to go around back and fuck her in the ass . This happened in a flash as he sped round to her rear end and slid his cock between those lovely brown buns, my erection got stiffer .

It wasn't just me who had their arousal heightened within two minutes I could see the look of ecstasy on the anal invaders face it as he gasped that he was gonna cum,

'Cum in my asshole you dirty fucker, I want it all IN me' emm screamed, taking a break from cock sucking . Her request was met as I saw his face screw up and then relax the guy underneath was not far behind as he started to blow his load into her pussy . Emm's breaths became heavy as she was cumming hard after those two blasts in her pussy and ass

Emm then composed herself and got out from in between the two guys who moved towards the side . Emm looked up to the next guy who was really dorky looking but was hung like a mule and asked whether he would like pussy or ass, the reply rather ominously was ass . As this new threat to my wife's ass moved into place the other two guys laid on the bed getting a good dick sucking . Emm's butt was raised and spread, the new tool started to work it's way in past her gooey sphincter and started to saw back and forth his rhythm unsteady as he got very excited . The two men on the bed were nearly at the point of no return .

'On your feet and make a queue around the back I want all of that cum in me' as she said this the 'big' man's cock erupted and as he pulled out I managed to get a close up of the spunk trickling from both of her holes . The second from last guy wasted no time in getting around to shoving his prick balls deep in one motion into her . Emm's head was turned as she spurred him on, he came quick which was just as well, as the last man literally ran to replace him and almost immediately shot his wadd . Emm looked square at the camera and just said 'Cut'